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Diese Menschen sind mal ein gutes Vorbild. Unter allen LeFloid kennern kann man auch sagen die sind die Verbildlichung von -2KleineWunderAmTag-. Ich feier die gerade total. Sie machen ja wirklich nicht viel, ich meine ein paar Links posten, könnte ich auch. Aber errinert euch an die Zeit wo ihr noch 5 Follower gehabt habt. Dann bekommt ihr aus dem NICHTS eine Nachricht …ding ding, sie haben Post… nichts ahnend klickt ihr drauf und es fühlt sich an als wäre gerade eine zweite Sonne am Himmel aufgegangen. Ihr freut euch den ganzen Tag über und niemand weis wesahlb. Und jetzt stell euch vor ihr bekommt auch noch ein Lob für das was ihr tut, ihr werdet von irgendeinem grossen Blog verlinkt und !!BÄM!!

Versteht ihr was ich meine? Man kann jemandem mit sehr wenig Arbeit eine riesen Freude bereiten. Und das ist gerade DAS was jeder von euch machen könnte!! JEDER!! Und damit meine ich jetzt nicht! Links von unbeannten Musikern posten und sie ein wenig pushen. Sondern irgendjemandem den Tag versüssen… Wir alle hätten die Mittel dazu, und es braucht vielleicht auch nur ein “noch einen schönen Abend” oder ein “kann ich ihnen behilflich sein?”

Das dazu

und somit sage ich Peace and bis Donnerstag :P

(Schuldigung ich weis dass das eigentlich gestern hätte kommen müssen…)

Win Tickets For The Raveonettes ♫
On December 13th the danish rock duo will visit Train Live with their first official LA-album “PE’AHI” and you can win two tickets here on SOUND OF AARHUS.


Dance With Dirt 
Bonzai Stage - 01.08.2013 [4/5]
Writer: Steffen Paust
Photo: Peter L. Nielsen,

After an opening act of dimensions in the form of Robudo, Dance With Dirt stood for the opening of the Bonzai scene. In many ways a great location for the North Jutland rock boys and the little yard was also almost filled to capacity. With a visual expression that most resembles a collage, it appeared to be a messy affair, but it turned out the best looking of them all had a rock monster living under his skin. With both a cigaret in the corner of his mouth and swinging hair they turned up for the rock ‘n’ roll music, so every single teenage suddenly found themselves with air under their feet.

It is clear why the boys won KarriereKanonen last year as there certainly possess a lot of talent under the skin of the 4 boys. Most surprising is Magnus’ vocals that repeatedly hit the mark - not only sung in a great way, but you also believe in every single word he sings!

Halfway into the set came three singers on stage, and here the visual expression was completely messed up. With each their own clothing style, each in strong colors. No hard feelings - they could sing, but the visual expression remained a mess. However, the boys had been including an acoustic version of the song “Amputations” into the set, which turned out to fit the audience extremely well.

Unfortunately, it felt like the many fans in the back of the yard never got fired up, although the front was a party for a bunch of bouncy teenage boys and girls. The Boys on stage, nevertheless, served a beautiful show with world-class vocals despite of the early audience and the visual clutter. All in all a concert at 4 of 5 stars from Sound Of Aarhus.

Spot festival presents seven names to the program!

In fact, just last week you could experience two of the new names on the new SPOT poster!

First, Christian Hjelm visited Aarhus, and later Vinnie Who.

Besides these two, also the former lead singer of Blue Foundation, Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg, is added to the poster.

It is now four years ago, she stopped working with Blue Foundation and she is probably the Danish singer with the most YouTube views, which i.a. counts over 40 million views on a remix of the song ‘Eyes on Fire’. Her style is still a mix of physical and virtual instruments. For those interested, her second single from the upcoming album, was recently released!

In addition, Aarhus also gets a visit from Mexican Natalie Lafourcade, which has sold platinum and topped the charts in the home country.

Danish Orgi-E which also could be seen tonight at Atlas, guests SPOT.

Slowolf, a newly started solo project from the former drummer Andreas Asingh, stops by Aarhus. Stylistically, the music moves around in a world of 80’s synth and hip hop.

Last but not least, also Danish Ginger Ninja stops by to perform. The band has previously visited the festival three times, with success every time, which has also resulted in foreign concerts.

All in all, seven great names ready SPOT Festival 2013!

Watch on

Happy Sunday in Aarhus!
Even though its windy and snowy outside, we have an artist to keep you dancing around!

Danish Tomas Barfod released this fantastic tune only 10 days ago- Made in only 24 hours as part of his Soundtrip-travel!

Tomas has played the drums since he was only 10, and been at the clubscene for many years. After some years in the electronic clubscene live music was slowly catching in on him again, and he startet WhoMadeWho with two fellow danes, where he plays drums and produces. In addition also as a member of the danish Filur with Kasper Bjørke!

He has been in the top of both UK Clubchart (#2 Filur – I want you) and Beatport Chart (#7 March on Swanlake). Remixing artist like Brandy, Shakira, Franz ferdinand and producing Japaneese artist Ken Heirai (earning them a 4 x platinum record – 1 million sold)

His live show is gonna premiere at SPOT Festival May 3rd here in Aarhus!

Of Monsters And Men + Support: Ásgeir Trausti
VoxHall - 13.08.2013 [4/5]
Writer: Steffen Paust | Photo: VoxHall

A sold out Voxhall was litterally blown away in mica and singalong this late Tuesday night. The fact that the venue were sold out also testify that this booking was one of the really great from the local venue!

Without intro Icelandic Asger Trausti started quietly out on his acoustic guitar. Even though the temperature quickly rose to the extreme inside the venue, he nevertheless chose to wear a little hat and big sweater - not the most optimal choice, but who knows, he’s from Iceland.

With just 20 years of age he made his debut in 2013 with the debut album “Dyrd In Daudathogn” which actually achieved to become the fastest selling debut album by an Icelandic artist - EVER! In front of artists like among other Björk and Sigur Rós. 

Unfortunately it felt as if he did not manage to show the crowd his huge talent this night. No discussion, the man has talent - but his setup of the songs started simply too slowly. We almost felt colder than before he went on stage. The talk spread quickly, which also resulted in that I learned “how and where it is best to buy a used car” as more people behind were talking louder and louder as the quiet songs continued. However, towards the end he finally pulled of his major hit “Leyndarmál” which then got the audience a little progress. Unfortunately a little too late!


With powerful vocals, the audience was bossed around in the hall the next hour but in a positive way. After a little repetitive start they served an extremely strong intro to ‘Mountain Sound’, which with its “Sleep until the sun goes down” fit very well with an audience that most of all recalled a crowd so full of energy that they just woke up before sunset that night.

Visually, Voxhall had invited into a dream. There’s nothing else to say than thumbs up to the responsible. With effects for virtually every number the audience grew just the last half meter, which made it possible for the band to continue the songs even when stopping the music, using only the audience’s resounding vocals. With heavy bass drum beats they led the way to their biggest hit “Little Talks” which also proved once again to be a superb number! Even Gaffa’s reviewer was clapping with both feet and hands.

Unfortunately, it felt as if the talk was spreading towards the end again, which otherwise included a cover version of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Skeletons”. All in all a good night. Nanna and Ragnar has really begun an everlasting relationship. Visually and Sound-wise, they acted superbly. 4 out of 5 stars from Sound of Aarhus for an evening that both featured a very quiet start, confetti and singalong!

Tonight at HeadQuarters you can experience some of the most talented artists from the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus. 

This saturday RAMA festival starts at Musikhuset Aarhus, but before that you can enjoy the pre-event tonight on HeadQuarters! The artists on stage tonight:


The girl started her relationship with music at a very early age - and the love is still pumping in her veins. She is inspired by the nature at its most elegant and pure shape. Your senses will enter a world of different shades. When listening to her tunes you find yourself questioning “Who am I and why am i put here on earth?”.  


This band is your break from the orderly predeterminate guidelines of everyday life. Kasper Staub (keys, electronics, etc.) and Jacob Toftegaard (keys, electronics, etc.) play each other’s songs and tunes from the space in between the old-and new-fangled keys and machines with a clear direction towards the indeterminate. The duo’s hot electro-acoustic sound universe avoids the usual genre names, but is based on improvisational minimalism and love for good music.


This band is electronic psychedelic dream pop with water in the ears and feet in the ocean.

With the generous help of samplers, synthesizers and various effects Kravlegaarden produces wispy textures, dreamy drones, magnificent pop, whistling silence, long loops, curious samples, meditative melodies and saucy songs.

Julian van Kranendonk:

Tonight Julian will perform some of his most recent songs for the audience. The genre is reaching all around, but overall it’s going to be something you can dance to. The list of genres for those who become entrenched in this; psytrance, dubstep, breakbeat, Drumm n bass, pop etc.

Recognizable numbers from him: Train Surfer from his forthcoming EP. Noctilicious - as heard on DR K. Sweep - from the previous web-released album, “Physical Punch” which can be found here:

The scheduled program for tonight:

20:00 - 20:30 Liva

20:50 - 21:20 Bankebrett

21:40 - 22:10 Kravlegaarden

22:30 - 23:00 Julian



Just recently we made a post about the release from Flødeklinikken - and now they are here! 

They visit VoxHall this friday, and we cannot wait to see them perform here in Aarhus again. This is the perfect way to start you friday night out, and if you haven’t seem them live before - here’s your chance! 

This time they perform at VoxHall, a venue that really suits their way of performing live, and we can easily guarantee that this will be a blast. 

Visit our tumblr for more information about the event:


On March 29th the seven members from ‘Flødeklinikken' guests Voxhall in the city center! 

This is on top of their new album ‘Syv Sind' which was released today on Target.

The album has been met with great reviews which include 5/6 stars from Soundvenue!

Although it immediately might sound daring to make a hip hop band, the band managed to get it all to a higher level with a varied album, full of good songwriting and love for all ten numbers. The album contains 13 tracks, but only 10 songs, and three so-called “skits”. The three skits lasts only 33 -, 56 - and 59 seconds.

Only one featuring performance found its way on the new album, but with that said, it’s also from a successful gentleman. Shaka Loveless (“Tomgang" and "Ikke Mere Tid”) is to find on the song “Circus" where he sings the chorus with Sarah.

If you take a look at the whole album all together, it is indeed a great pleasure for the ears. Definitely an album you want to hear again, again and again!

In addition to ‘Barbielund' all tracks can be heard from today on Spotify!



Northside completes the program!

Earlier today, the remaining names to Northside in 2013 was announced on the radio. Here at SOA we wrote down a little 


The Danish Grammy-winning rock boys from Copenhagen was formed back at the boarding school in 1991. The name they got from Led Zeppelin’s old song of the same name!

Recently, the band released ‘Trespassers’ in 2010, which debuted at number # 1 on the charts and received in June 2010 platinum with 30,000 copies sold.


The young Fallulah broke through in 2011 with the single ‘Out of It’, which simultaneously was chosen as the theme song for the national television series ‘Lykke’. She moves around in the pop world, but has added her own twist in the form of indie rock and Balkan beats. She has previously appeared at the Roskilde Festival and has simultaneously been appointed Soundvenue Selected!


It is not more than one month ago that MØ - with the real name Karen Marie Ørsted - released her first official video for the first single ‘Glass’. She has previously performed at the festival CMJ in New York and created in this context some international attention. With the track ‘Pilgrim’ she was both mentioned by English The Guardian and American Pitchfork. On January 31, 2013, she also played at Studenterhus Aarhus! We look forward again to see Karen in action!

Kristina Renee:

Kristina is not the type who choose the music - it chooses her and she jumps with. Her first release of 2012 ‘For Now’ is a nice blend of electro-pop songs, especially her strong vocals binds the songs together. Definitely an interesting booking from Northside!

Floor Is Made Of Lava:

The Danish rock band is originally from Esbjerg way out on the west coast - and was formed in 2006. They have worked with prominent names such as Troels Abrahamsen which produced their debut album. The band is inspired by bands such as The Who, The Stooges, Bruce Springsteen and Oasis!

Frightened Rabbit:

The boys from the Scottish indie rock band Frigtened Rabbit guests also Aarhus! Originally formed in Selkirk. Recently they released ‘Pedestrian Verse’ which differed from the other albums, as it was written while they were on tour. If you like indie rock, you will surely love the new initiative from the Scottish boys.

Left Boy:

From the Austrian capital Vienna, guests also the young rap talent Ferdinand Sarnitz better known as Left Boy. Only a month ago he released his latest single ‘Black Dress’ which can be heard on Youtube.

Deap Vally:

Rock duo formed in Los Angeles in 2011! Over the past year, the girls live demos and videos have circulated online. Deap Vally officially released their debut single, ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’, on Ark Recordings on July 30, 2012. ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ received an overwhelming positive response in both the U.S. and the U.K

The William Blakes:

Issued in 2008 their critically acclaimed debut album. Yesterday the band released “An Age Of Wolves” which unfortunately only received mediocre reviews yet. However, the band is known to be fantastic on stage, and should therefore also be seen on the North Side!

Tom Odell:

The British singer-songwriter released his debut EP in 2012 and we are still waiting on his debut album, scheduled for release in April! Certainly an exciting booking for the festival!

Peter Sommer:

The latest publish by the Danish national treasure Peter Sommer was his 2013 album ‘Alt Forladt’. In addition, he is also known as one part of the duo ‘De Eneste To’ with Simon Kvamm! The single “Hvor Løber Vi” was on January 7th, 2013, elected to the P3’s Uungåelige. If you’re into deep lyrics and great guitar playing, you should definitely see Peter Sommer. It must be said that he also guests Train, Saturday March 7th!

Overall, 41 amazing bands ready to welcome you to this year’s Northside!