soundless voices

echo chamber

too stretches,
the prolonged breath,
time takes
between our meeting,
knitting dreams,
of you that are
just an echo
of an unrequited want,
The plasticity of soundlessness
till I hear your voice
bends and contorts,
the shine from the stars,
And all my nights
are a range of darkness,
with the faintest
glimmer of you.

© SoulReserve 2016

Your sign as a Yamashizuku song
  • Aries: Tengoku to Jigoku
  • Taurus: Boukoku no Nemesis
  • Gemini: Synchronicity
  • Cancer: Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~
  • Leo: Chou to Hana to Kumo
  • Virgo: Haitoku no Hana
  • Libra: Meisou Rhapsody
  • Scorpio: Bad End Night
  • Sagittarius: Party x Party
  • Capricorn: Kaizoku F no Shouzou
  • Aquarius: Shikiori no Hane
  • Pisces: soundless voice

here i am, a rabbit-hearted girl – a fanmix for Alice & her friends

Post-series look as Alice (just Alice) recollects memories of her past lives and the friendships she has found in this one.

Nana de laberinto fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby) - Javier Navarrete
Remain Nameless - Florence + the Machine
Ash Tree Lane - MS MR
Dirty and Clean - Stephanie Schneiderman
The Moss - Cosmo Sheldrake
Into the Dark - Melissa Etheridge
Soundless Voice - Valshe
Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) (Jamie T’s Lionheart Remix) - Florence + the Machine
Alice (Underground) - Avril Lavigne
Young Blood - The Naked and Famous
Pumpin Blood - NONONO
Real Life Fairy Tale - Plumb  
The Breaking Light - Vienna Teng (featuring Alex Wong)
At the Beginning - Richard Marx & Donna Lewis

Edits: tiniestdormouse

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