playal0ng asked:

What musicals are you in to?

You played pirelli?! I wish I had a high enough voice to do that part :( company is one of my all time favourites, not to mention godspell and most rodgers and hammerstein musicals. I like alot, just not andrew lloyd webber musicals :) x

soundlad replied to your post: What musicals are you in to?

this is where we differ. i like some of andys. evita is a gem! its not that high. im only a high baritone, you just have to have a good falsetto if you wanna do the big high note at the end of the contest!

See my falsetto doesn’t sound like falsetto, it sounds like a female voice - it jsut starts around middle C, so I have trouble singing alot of male songs :| luckily I want to be a choreographer rather than a singer anyway :) and as for alw, I can’t stand alot of his shows but there are a few odd songs that I love like tell me on a sunday and unexpected song :) x