See nah, thats not what im getting at.

Of course not all white rappers are like that I CANT EVEN BELIEVE U EVEN THOUGHT I SUGGESTED THAT (fuckin hell its like when women talk anout men and the man she’s talking to says ‘not ALL men are like that’ oh fucking woop de ficking do, jeez). White rappers are made so people continue to have a certain perspective of the hip hop industry.
I dont think you understand that a lot of things are corrupt to make us feel a certain way.
If u do we shouldn’t be having this convo.

Ever wonder why lil wayn is so much more famous than immortal technique?
ever wonder why ab soul doesnt want the ritches that comes with being a hip hop artist? coz it’s turned into a speculation, a reality tv show.
They show u what they want u to see, tell u shit they want u to hear.
Not everyone is in the game for the right reasons but the people who are… They’re on their own grind, making it big independently and actually trying to make a difference. They’re the preachers that guide us and make us ask questions.
U think that just because people treat it as a massive joke that Tupac dying wasnt due to conspiracy?
U really think Eminem was discovered by Dre?… Idk what to say to you.

The biggest players in hip hop are white people, they own everything (at the MOMENT) even the biggest, blackest rapper/producer has to answer to a white dude.
As for the culture part… Isnt that what i said?
There’s a lot of politics involved in hip hop in particular and i bet u any money u already know why that is.
Its not like any other music scene we’re talking about crazy intelligent people here that have an extremely strong moral code.

There is seriously so much more i can write an ESSAY but i’ll just say. When i realised when i REALLY started understanding hip hop after i listened to Ab Soul Longterm2 and i thought ‘I cant believe i can even understand some of this’ and finding more and more hidden messages from other artists.
Speaking of artists tho. Thats the conflict the the movement. artists vs business men. I dont think you can be an artist if you’re making big money in rapping/MCing. You have to sell your soul first or u’ll end up like Lupe Fiasco.

I think it comes down to… just depends if you’re passionate enough to know the truth about some things then the truth will find u.