The Sounds of the Wind in Ten Languages

So I’ve been trying to get better at animation, but boy howdy is it difficult.

(Higher quality version of these gifs on Tapastic.)

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I see these animal sound posts going around a lot… And while they are really cute, not all are correct.

The spelling is often wrong. In German, the sound of frogs is “quak” and not “kwaak”, for example. So I’m almost sure there are also a few mistakes when it comes to the other languages.

My point: When you see some new vocabulary in memes and so on, it’s always best to check it first before you memorize it.



So apparently, deaf people sneeze silently.
And this article says the sneeze sounds we make are just cultural habits and we don’t even need them. 

Although it does also say “Very little deaf-sneeze research exists”.

Thanks a lot, government.

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This one is harder to practice than most international sounds, because you have to be unconscious to do it. But I think if you try hard enough you probably could.

The french one includes the sounds for inhaling (RON) and exhaling (PCHI).
I have a great amount of respect for any language that put that much thought into the sound snoring makes.

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Lolly, Dolly and Molly!
The first in a series of limited-edition prints I’m doing about character names. They’ll be available at Thought Bubble next weekend, then in the shop afterwards.

And to continue the translated titles, here are the Powerpuff Girls in other languages

Les Supers Nanas (France) - The Super Gals
Pindúr Pandúrok (Hungary) - Tiny Policemen
Atomówki (Poland) - The Atomic Girls

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It’s been one year since I started doing these sound comics and I’m so so so so grateful for all your support.

The response has been crazy and I can’t thank you all enough.
If you’ve ever reblogged, liked, followed or even just looked at any of my posts, then you’ve got a big ol’ space in my heart.

I really love doing this every week and this blog would be nothing without you

Here is a picture of a happy birthday cake.

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P.S. I’m told the German one should say GUTE not gut. My apologies!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Muppet Show! *arm flail*

Fun fact: Cochonne is the word for female pig, but also for a… ‘lady of the evening' 

For the next few weeks I’m doing nothing but international character posts. There are some good ones coming up yes yes yes. In the mean time, here are the one’s that have gone up already Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Pixar)

Come back for more next week!

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