Soundbath tomorrow, Sunday at 7:30pm @yogasmithseattle Join us for some #goodvibrations #seattleyoga #soundhealing #restandrestore (at Yogasmith)

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“The deeper I looked, the more deeply I discovered this incredible and ubiquitous Code (the Golden Ratio) to be embedded throughout the structure and function of the body…it only followed that the more one could harmonize with this grand principle, the more efficient and effortless life could be.” -Dr. Robert Friedman

Tune into Source Vibrations sound healing programs, designed with the intelligence of sacred geometry.
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Calibration is inspired by the insight that life is a play between two opposite and complementary parts, each a partial expression of a more primary unity. Tuned to the correspondence of the third eye, pulsing tones and gentle pads coalesce in harmonic proportion with a theta binaural beat program.

For binaural beat technology, please use stereo headphones.