SoundFuse: Michal Menert and SuperVision at Bottom Lounge

Fresh off the heels of his new album release Even If It Isn’t Right earlier in the week, Michal Menert arrived in Chicago with plenty of new material to showcase for his enthusiastic followers. He had a trick up his sleeve this time and it came in the form of a live drummer; his friend of many years, A.C. Lao came along for this string of Midwest shows and seemingly added a new dimension to the mix. Although he didn’t have his new stage set up with him, having Lao more than made up for it. Instruments over a light show any day, right? They were joined by Texas native SuperVision, creating a Pretty Lights Music showcase at Bottom Lounge for the evening. It was only fitting that two of the more original acts from PLM would be together under one roof. It didn’t take long for things to heat up at this one.

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Tonight’s Show
Starting in less than an hour:
Umphrey’s McGee on the Sunshine Stage at 6pm CT. Godboner Meets Gene Ween at 7:45 and then  another set of straight up Umprehy’s at 9:45pm.
Photo by the homie J Frazier with Soundfuse Online Magazine.

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