my sister started singing “ugh let’s try something else NUMBER TWO” one day so i decided to make a full-length shitpost out of it

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the court I present to you 8 minutes and 37 seconds of incomprehensible screaming and white noise presented to you under the broad label of “music”.

Featuring all of your favorite songs and artists ruined by some jerk with access to garageband.

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Real talk now, this mashup features at least 96 samples, and keeping up with them is hard. I might have actually missed a few. Ah well.

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anonymous asked:

what's the most annoying asks you get in your opinion?

wow this is a very good question i’m about to vent here i go

1. “you should remix/sample _____”
or anything remotely similar to this. Especially if it’s some unfunny meme shit, i’m not a teenage soundclown wiener.

2. “you look like lapis lazuli/ramona flowers/that girl from life is strange”
this doesn’t really upset me i’ve just heard it soooo many times

3. “are you and your wife poly/looking for more partners”
I literally do not know you, why are you trying to find out if i’m datable

4. “please beat the shit out of me/punch me in the face” etc
this one just makes me feel weird. Like i get it, you’re a bottom, but like. Stop that please

5. any ask in which someone casually mentions something esoteric and assumes that I just know what they’re talking about

6. “Your music isn’t really my thing, but-”
This is never ever ever necessary. The rest of the message will always be perfectly fine if you just leave this part out. I don’t mind if you don’t like my music, but why would you ever feel the need to open a conversation with any artist like “The art you spend all your time and effort on is unattractive to me, but-”

7. “your mixing/mastering/etc could be better”
hey that’s really cool thanks for the feedback hey how about i stay over here where the music gets made, by me, and you can stay over there with your thumb in your asshole and your discography of 78 dark ambient tracks which you’ve never uploaded anywhere