lots of gamecube games still hold up decently visually like mario sunshine or wind waker

but god if super smash bros melee just doesn’t scream “awkward transition from 64 to gamecube”

also luigi’s soundclips are still just mario’s voice sped up and not charles, who was voicing him by this point


Based on this wonderful post

Crashboombanger’s been making these awesome soundclips lately of Starscream and Tarn being dicks and I thought I could draw some of it. I can’t do it justice, so go listen to the original, it’s great.

Also, I think this is the first time I’ve drawn Tarn. That sexy asshole is hard to draw, sheesh. And apparently, Starscream’s channeling Overlord’s lips in some panels I’ve only noticed this now, it’s cracking me up, what the hell am I doing