It couldn’t last forever and after 1,041 days FyeahYM2612 has finally come to an end.

I just wanted to share my fondness for this sometimes unfairly maligned-soundchip that was a key part of my introduction to video games. I would love to continue the blog but considering I only know how to upload these daily tracks manually, I have to move on.

I decided to end the blog with the most obvious video imaginable- the 100 most popular tracks based on the number of notes they earned. Please take in mind that popularity is not a reflection of overall quality and it only takes a single popular reblog for a track to earn an extra hundred notes! Fyeahym2612 also never featured every single piece of music to ever grace the system, its just a fun way to quantify 100 pieces of Sega music into a single video.

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Thanks to everyone who followed Fyeahym2612, perhaps I’ll create some kind of follow-up in the future.

new shit
dj larrey

trying to compose my own shit for once, and trying to get more familiar w/ the genesis soundchip; here’s a theoretical first-level theme for a cool action game of some kind

super incredibly wip, ill probably finish it in like a day or two idk

real reason osama was killed

ya boy just got done interfacing his midi keyboard with the vrc7 soundchip in his copy of lagrange point and was about to drop the sickest nasheed chipstep mixtape of all time which would have kickstarted the islamic gamer revolution

Labyrinth I - The Green Green Woodlands [PSG+SCC]
Jilly Shears
Labyrinth I - The Green Green Woodlands [PSG+SCC]

Load up that floppy disk, because we’re trying something completely different!

I recently downloaded Trilotracker, which is like Famitracker but instead of a music maker for the NES/Famicom it’s for the AY3-8910 soundchip and the Konami SCC expansion chip for the MSX line of home computers from 20+ years ago.

This basically means you can expect some MSX stuff from me now too, though this was pretty much just a test for using pre-existing waveforms. Once I get more comfortable I’ll try tackling making my own waveforms.

The Devil's Laboratory (Magitek Research Facility)
Nobuo Uematsu
The Devil's Laboratory (Magitek Research Facility)

there’s very little appreciation for the Gameboy Advance arrangements of classic FF tunes, and I guess that’s because there’s this perception that the GBA’s soundchip, comparatively underpowered next to that of the SNES, wasn’t quite advanced enough to accurately transcribe the majesty of Uematsu’s early works

this is particularly true for Final Fantasy VI’s soundtrack, which many consider to be the best soundtrack Uematsu ever produced. i don’t think the GBA version is completely without merit though- to be honest, i quite like it.

this track, for instance, underplays the percussion of the original, simply because the GBA isn’t powerful enough to match it, but makes up for it with very robust brass. just listen to those trumpets wail- it almost makes the song feel triumphant, which works well for a horrifying factory seated in the heart of the Gestahlian Empire