Les Amis as out-of-context quotes that my friend said while watching Les Mis for the first time

Enjolras: “Oh look, they’re hating on the rich people!”

Combeferre: “So they sing about their love… And they haven’t had any conversations besides their song about their love. Doesn’t that stink? Oh, well. What you gonna do? It’s TV.”

Courfeyrac: “They’re all so pretty. Why are they all so pretty?”

Jehan: “Pretty neat things, them stars!

Bahorel: “The kid is like 8, and he’s still singing when he gets shot. That’s commitment!”


Joly: “It looks like a face mask! I, too, love exfoliating with human crap.”

Bossuet: “Ooh, that’s some deep shit. Sorry guys, what can I say, I love some crappy puns!”

Grantaire: “Aw, he’s singing about stars again, except they’re not pretty this time. He’s clearly having some life issues.”


Marius: “You know what I noticed? There’s no comic relief in this.”

Cosette: “I wonder what they made that out of. Pudding, maybe. Just a happy thought.”

Éponine: “Is the part where we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him? Cause I feel NOTHING.”

Montparnasse: “OH SHIT IT’S THECOPS!”

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I do not think Aliya Mustafina a legend because she gets medals she does not deserve always.

Aliya’s been on the lucky end of a few outcomes for sure but even if you take away all of her controversial titles (which would be kinda silly because almost everyone gets the benefit of the doubt sometimes) she’s still a very decorated gymnast - she’s an all around world champion with eponymous skills on 3 events and back-to-back Olympic gold medals on UB. Not many people can say that, and I think it certainly makes her a “legend”.  Personally, what I find most impressive about Aliya is that she came back from a devastating knee injury when she was at the top of the sport and won medals at the Olympics the next year and then continued on for another quad and another successful Olympics. Even if she had finished 4th in the AA in Rio, putting together an AA set like that after being out of competition for so long and successfully defending an Olympic UB title is super impressive and really only something Aliya has done. So while I get what you mean in a way, and I don’t disagree that she’s benefited from a few lucky outcomes and from the harsh judging of SCS in Rio, she’s definitely a gymnastics legend no matter how you look at it I think.

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Can I please have the 2k12 boys messing with or playing with their friends hair.

heck yeah m’non let’s do this -Mod Yaka

Leo would probably do the common 3-shake ruffling of the hair and mess with the tips of their hair. Kind of just rub the ends between his fingers to see how hair feels. He might sometimes just get lost in trance and will do it for quite a while. He’d probably comb their hair with his fingers, too.

Raph would probably mess it up a bit more, but not too much. Just enough for it to be noticeable and for them to grumble as they fix their hair. He might run his hand through their hair and focus on how the hair feels as it slips through his fingers. He’d make a slight grumble sound whenever he felt a tangle.

Donnie would ask to mess with their hair and then press on to maybe slide his hair through their hair. Front to back, back to front, side to side, diagonally— name it. He might put their hair in different styles!

Mikey would either leave their hair as it was with a slight ruffle or ruffle it like crazy. He’d put their hair in different styles and grab some strands of their hair and test them out— how long they can stretch out, flip it to the side, flip it to the front. He’d probably have fun trying different hair products on their hair and seeing how it comes out.

If their friend ever asked something along the lines of “why do you mess with my hair so much?” the turtles would probably reply with something like “I don’t have hair; I wanna know what it feels like!”