hanging out with BiteTV @SoundAcademy 

I deserve the most boring tumblr award.

Overwhelming day, tomorrow should be interesting, either hanging out with the guy of my dreams, or seeing my friends band + an old crowds band play at the sound academy downtown.

I’ve been in such a funk lately. Everyone us breaking up, I got freaked, thought it was happening to me, then became maaad distant. Hearing his thoughts on how he feels about us, me, everything…it made me cry so much. Not cause it hurt…its just the feeling of utter stupidity that I could ever doubt his feelings. He tries so hard just to show me, why do I ever shut him down?

He’s so awesome, never thought a year+ later we’d be dating/ he would have me feeling 1356731099x more for him than I did when we first felt the spark.


I wish those days like I wish the plague 🎶 #LacesOut #USS #UbiquitousSynergySeeker #SoundAcademy #TheEdge

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Or I, I, I will lose my mind. #alesso #calling #edm #soundacademy #toronto #favourite

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