Real creepy questions you should totally ask me ! uwuuw
  • 1:Have you ever confronted the terror that lives just outside your field of vision?
  • 2:Do you still remember the beginning?
  • 3:On what day did you stop breathing? What time?
  • 4:Is he behind you right now?
  • 5:Are the whispers more clear than usual?
  • 6:How many people have you hurt?
  • 7:Is your reflection really you?
  • 8:Will you know the truth about your forefathers?
  • 9:The alarm sounds. Do you wake up?
  • 10:Is he still breathing?
  • 11:Do you honor the body?
  • 12:Are you awake yet?
  • 13:Can the man in the shadows touch you? What about the being behind the curtains?
  • 14:What did you drink today?
  • 15:Would you, at any point in your life, consume the flesh of another human?