Oh god they finally gave my precious Midori and her contrabass an intermission card. This episode of Hibike! Euphonium could not get any better. 

Dude look at her taping her fingers. I normally just do my fingertips. THIS IS EXTREME TAPING WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HER. GO BIG OR HAVE BLISTERED FINGERS HONEY.

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What's the difference between stoned matty and not stoned matty? Can you even tell? 😁

he generally has at least a mild high at all times but there are some interviews where he’s noticeably more lucid and others where he’s much less so. often he’s more hungover than high in the non-lucid ones though. here are some -

literally every single lolla interview: like our band what is our band about ; feeling hungover ; i’ll juggle you mate ; saw a lot of boobs ; i’m not french

he and george def smoked some og kush right before sounds & spirits

he said he was drunk for hot raisins which makes me feel slightly better about it

he’s not clearly fucked up but in a really annoyed funny mood so likely hungover in spotlight report 

less funny, still annoyed so again assuming hungover on zmtv

the guardian at glasto for sureee high off them dabs just look at that giggle

Added a Dragon Sound Index

Just wanted to let you guys know I added a Dragon Sound Index page.

What’s it about?

Well, there’s a game known as Dragon Tamer Sound Spirit for the Nintendo DS. Where you use sound in order to determine your Dragon and it’s stats. Usually songs are used, but get real, It’s all about doing the weirdest sounds to see what comes out!

So I have listed Dragons I’ve obtained in-game and what sound I used to obtain them.

FFXIV fandom, I wish to humbly provide praise for an overlooked but amazing aspect of character creation.

Which is to say male elezen voice #11.

If you’ve only heard it in character creation, you may be wondering what exactly is so remarkable about male elezen voice #11. This is because the really amazing voice clips it has are not ones demonstrated in character creation. Character creation makes #11 sound, well. Normal.

It does not feature the clips from their /happy or /laugh emotes. The laugh you hear is the more toned-down /chuckle.

But if you’ve ever encountered a male elezen with voice #11, you’ll be aware, because those two emotes previously mentioned are… unforgettable. /happy is a single, extremely loud, extremely boisterous “wwwWWWAAAH!” like your elezen is some kind of overgrown Waluigi. The /laugh this voice has is a gloriously grating peal of cracked-voice chuckles. It at once sounds mean-spirited and unappealing and it is perfect. It is a singularly horrible laugh. So horrible that it is my favorite.

So everyone, please take a moment to appreciate male elezen voice #11.

I send you greeting and bid you keep a sound spirit within you – in other words, gain the blessing of all the gods, for he is assured of their grace and favour who has become a blessing to himself.
—  Seneca - Moral Letters to Lucilius - 110
The Sound of God's Grief in Charleston

As Christ was being baptized in the Jordan River, the heavens opened above him. John the Baptist, Christ’s slightly elder cousin, forerunner of the faith, testified before the gathered assembly that he saw the Holy Spirit descend on Christ as a dove.

Ever since John’s testimony, the dove has been a symbol of the Spirit of God.

Present in the epistle written to the Church at Ephesus is an expression of the Spirit’s capacity to grieve. It is one of the clearest characterizations of the Divine, that God intimately experiences suffering alongside God’s creation. It reveals an imminent God not content in transcendently traversing human concern, but who is vulnerable enough to share in the human experience, weeping and grieving in solidarity with us.

As worshipers gathered together to study the scriptures and to offer their petitions before Almighty God at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, a gunman entered that sacred and sanctified space.

Inconceivably, nine of the faithful present were felled.

As a result of the horror now inflicted in Charleston, families mourn, and a church, city and nation remain in utter shock. Prayer circles now form on sidewalks, and prayerful petitions now reveal palatable pain as tears descend down like rain to the earth below.

Yet, this massive grief is not restricted to our terrestrial plane. Indeed, the very Spirit of God is grieved! Dare it be asked what the sound of God’s grief is like?

im at that point in my life that im just proud of every little accomplishment like “oh a 22 out of 30 not bad for putting it off last minute” “way to answer the phone and actually say something” “man i took like five selfies and only deleted three of them” “yes ive successfully folded my laundry”

the big picture is nice and all but sometimes you have to notice the little things


“Well howdy, Raita! What brings ya over today?”

“Hello, Pumpernickel. You see, Garrett’s visiting an-”

“Garrett?! Is that right now? He finish that special trainin’ o’ his early or what?”

“Ah, no, not quite. He, ah… he came back with a ghost-type.”

“Oh… well I sure hope it ain’t anythin’ serious. Ya know anythin’ ‘bout 'em?”

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this is going to sound mean spirited but i wonder if people know that you don’t have to comment on every single thing you reblog

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im the maid of breath and honestly im not really sure what that says about me! its prty sweet that i share parts of my claspect with two of my faves, john and aradia.

It sounds very free-spirited and exciting to me! Maids tend to really embody their aspect, and breath seems like such a fun aspect to embody :> And yeah, John and Aradia are both really cool, so you’re in great company :) 

800 years we have been down
The secret of the water sound
Has kept the spirit of a man
Above the pain descending
Above the pain descending


Today the struggle carries on
I wonder will I live so long
To see the gates being opened up
To a people and their freedom
A people and their freedom

—  “Irish Ways and Irish Laws”