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Nightingale and Canary - visualised in 3d particles


Jacaszek, Goldengrove

To brige some time while everyone is waiting for me to finish and release “Ombra - Revisited”, here’s a short preview of what I’m still working on:

As I mentioned earlier, there will be a “standard” and a “special” version of that release; while already the standard version will include a wealth of bonus tracks, the special version will come with an additional album called “Your Second Shadow”.

“Special” in this case means that there is really a special concept behind it: each single album will be * UNIQUE *, which means everyone who’s ordering it will get a different version of “Your Second Shadow”, of which only * ONE * copy does exist.

What You hear NOW is a mix of three ambient tracks (and one drum loop) which come from the pool of tracks of which each individual version of “Your Second Shadow” will be compiled (there will, actually, be more than 30 hours of music in this pool…).

More info soon!

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An example of how my live show might start.  And that’s Live show in that it’s words and music created with Ableton Live software plus instruments plus peripherals.  My goal is to drive listeners out of their linear minds.  And to give them a good time.  This first upload is more words than tones. 

Restaurant Sound Scape

For our second sound scape we had to recreate a busy restaurant scene. Since it was a busy one, the first thing that came to my mind was that I would need a huge variety of sounds as there would be a lot of things going on. We recorded a lot of the sounds on our own with the school pocket recorder. We went into Burger King and stayed there for a while recording cuttlery, cups, people talking, background music, plates etc..

What was important for me in this sound scape was that the different audios are heard at different times and that it doesn’t sound the same all throughout. So for the beginning I started it slow again with some fade ins and just a few sounds. Then it started increasing and more people were talking, doors started closing and opening, babies talking/crying and so on… 

To make it sound real and not have a monotone sound, I used a lot of panning

By doing this, I can decide how intense the sound is going to be from each side (Left and Right). The picture shown is how they would all be equally on both sides (stereo), however I changed a lot and made some sounds come from one side, while the others came from the other side, because that’s how it would be in the restaurant. 

During the middle of the soundtrack I put even an ambient background noise to make it sound even busier. However sounds like slurping, cutlery, laughing people were put in separately as the sound scape was about being creative and mainly about how creative you can get. 

For some of the audios I used Reverb to make them sound like they are coming from another part in the restaurant and not exactly in front of the one listening. For this I had to click on “Ambient”. Other filters can make audios sound like they’re in a hall/church etc.. which would cause a different sound of the environment. 

As well I wanted to put something a little of a personal touch, and since me and my friends always go out to eat when we have our birthdays, I decided to put in an audio of people singing happy birthday (in the background) followed by clapping. I got these from since we hadn’t recorded these and thought of it after. 

These all then faded out and came to an end of the soundscape.
I enjoyed doing this soundscape more than the other, because I started getting used to the programme and there was a lot more things to use. I think I could have improved some of the fades since some of the the background music we had recorded were too short and didn’t continue.

Forest sound scape

For my forest sound scape, I thought of things you could firstly find and hear in a forest, for example birds whistling, trees and leaves rustling because of wind, maybe people or animals in between (to give it more life), and other things like crickets in the background and other weather sounds. 

Since I wanted to base it on tension seeing that the most movies or sounds that have effected me were tense ones, I wanted to create a dramatic environment in the main part of the sound scape. 

I started it off slowly and started introducing a few sounds you would find in the forest - chirping birds and other small animals. 

Then I started adding a few other sounds like wind and sounds of leaves crunching. And getting slowly to the main part of the soundtrack I introduced a character (a dog) which the soundscape would revolve around. I wanted it to be sort of a story, without a visual image. 

I used some of the recordings we did, like me running and wind going through trees, birds etc… However for most of the weather effects and background noise, the majority were downloaded files of thunder, lightning, very strong wind and a lot of others. This “dog” would be running through the forest to get away from rain and find shelter, but on the way he gets hurt because of running so roughly and carelessly in panic. This shows when he enters a sheltered place, where I used low pass filter to make the storm sound like it is coming from outside and is further away. 

During this there is a louder heartbeat playing which shows how scared he was and out of breath he is. This even causes tension and doesn’t make it sound boring.

Then to the end of the soundscape, the rain slowly fades (I lowered its intensity every few second) as well as his heart beat which starts beating slower and slower. 

I used a few fade outs to make it a perfect ending of the dog “dying”. 


When starting the soundscape for the restaurant I found it a little bit easier to do in a way. I first started out by going to the website Sound Bible for sounds because I first wanted to gather a lot of sounds and then just put them in the right places and where I thought they would fit the best. I felt like I can do so much more than I did in the last soundscape because I kind of felt more knowledgeable in what I was doing.

One thing that I used a lot was the fading in and out effect and also the cross fade which helped me a lot to keep the back ground talking of the restaurant and also I tried to make sure that it wouldn’t sound repetitive so I used to  sound of the background talking so I shifted between them so it would be more interesting.    

For this sound scape I searched for people talking, children crying, utensils(knives, Forks) etc…..