Moment of appreciation for David who has willingly listened to me work through bits of story and character for the last 13 years and does it with joy. Moment over. Thank you for your time.

About Me

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Name: Marie Tueje
From: London, UK
Occupation: Sound editor / sound designer

What do you care about professionally?

What I love talking – at length – about is; sound in the cinema; interactive sound in gallery and museum spaces; sound design as a design discipline; sound design as a creative process and; freelancing. I am interested in experience – real and imagined – and how we make meaning; learn and understand ourselves, and our environment, through experience. 

Why sound?

Sound (music, audio, noise – whatever you want to call it) is a way that I can express my thoughts and feeling – be it in a random visceral, or, a more thoughtful and intellectual way.
Sound is the medium – it’s the path of discovery for me, and I use it creatively to try and relate to observe, understand and, sometimes, manipulate the world and everything in it. I have always enjoyed drawing and writing, but the aural world is the one that has proved the best breeding ground for my creative imagination.  

What is your dream personal project, if you could develop any audio project?

Well, I keep a list of ideas – of things that appeal to me at any one time, and that I might return to and flesh out at some point in the future. One of the most intriguing on that list is ‘Do You Remember The First Time’, which is more a music psychology endeavour really. I’m interested in hearing from people with experiences of hearing a song for the very first time. It comes from the fact that for me, out of all the songs and pieces of music that I do truly love, there are only a handful of which I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard them. That’s something I’m really interested in tapping in to; remembering a moment that you can’t forget.

Philosophy. It sounds like a highfalutin word. It isn’t really. Call it concepts, if you prefer. Bayern didn’t sign him because he won two Champions League crowns and three Liga titles in four years at the Camp Nou. Rather, the club brass believed that some of the club’s concepts on the pitch needed to be updated. They thought he was the right man to do it because that was something Pep had done in his years at Barcelona.

This myth about inheriting a team of superstars at Barca and simply riding their coattails is just that: a myth. The season before he took over, Barcelona had finished third, 18 points out of first place. Immediately, he set to work changing the team. Dani Alves was bought from Sevilla, Gerard Pique brought home from Manchester United, Thiago Alcantara, Sergio Busquets and Pedro promoted from Barcelona B. They won the Treble in his first season and he continued his overhaul of the team: Out went Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez, Eidur Gudjohnsen and Samuel Eto'o. A year after that, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was gone and so was Yaya Toure.

The point is that Pep never adopted the “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” mentality. He tinkered with his team and not just in terms of personnel, but tactics too. His 4-3-3 often became 3-4-3, sometimes 3-5-2 and occasionally you couldn’t tell what he was doing. But it was all part of a plan, an evolution, an experiment in the use of players and space.

In defense of Pep Guardiola, by Gabriele Marcotti

sententiousandbellicose said: That’s a good sound philosophy to have. I’m really interested in reading this because I love Erin and Hotch, so you’ve got at least one interested reader.

Woo-hoo, one interested reader!!!!!!!  I really love both characters and though I dont think something like this would ever work in canon, they have enough of a connection, a spark, that given the right set of circumstances it could work somewhere else.  I find Erin so endlessly fascinating and when I started playing around with these two years ago it was like hate sex and some dub-con stuff.  Then it was just smutty one shots.  But this is a big project to take on.  Do I have it in me, I dont know.  But the support is appreciated : )

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