every time i see that post about the deep web hitman going around all i can think about is how i actually spend a lot of time every week browsing the deep web and i found a reasonable hitman that charged $20,000 for a regular person and $50,000 for a person with connections that made them more well-known than the average joe and how when i clicked on his FAQ he said it was part of the contract that if he were to be caught, he wouldn’t give away who ordered the hit and he demanded $10,000 up front and now that i’m thinking about this i wonder if this is why i landed that interview with the fbi a couple years ago they probably knew


Jack, congrats on 14,000,000 subscribers!!

Man I can’t believe it’s been a year since I found your YouTube channel… Anyway, I just want to say thank you. For everything you’ve done. You’re the reason I opened this (art) blog. You’re the reason my days don’t seem boring as much. You’re the reason I smile.

 You’re my inspiration.

 You’re such a great person and you deserve each of your subscribers :D 

(also, one of my new year’s resolutions was to finally learn how to animate. This is the first gif I’ve ever done!! I’m pretty proud of it!!)


character posters: yuri plisetsky, yuri!!! on ice

for parker, happy birthday ♡




Rick and Morty Exclusive Season 3 Opening Scene posted by Adult Swim Austrailia

So recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of hate on Tumblr and Twitter. Previously, there has been a lot of hate from other fandoms against ARMYs and BTS. The ARMY fandom is not new to this drama of course. BTS and ARMYs have been putting up with a lot of hate since debut (or maybe even pre-debut to be honest). BTS has in fact received so much hate that Big Hit had to take legal action as of last year. We always pride ourselves on the fact that (most of us) don’t fight back anti-fans with hate, we either use facts or just simply report them for harsh comments against BTS. Rather than fighting antis, we try to use that energy to raise BTS higher up and have people beyond the ARMY fandom recognize their talents. However, recently there has been a lot of hate on ARMYs by other ARMYs on Tumblr. Often times this hate is unwarranted or based off of assumptions. A few of my friends (and a lot of ARMYs on Tumblr in general, including myself), are afraid to voice their opinions about anything because it always results in hate typically in the form of harsh anonymous messages. No matter how big or small your blog is, it’s important to remember that actual people run these blogs. It might seem like that one anonymous message is not a huge deal and that your words may not have an impact on the person you are sending it to, but believe me it will. Often times that one anonymous message starts greater attacks on that ARMY because people for some reason think that it’s okay to send such messages. Words hurt more than you might think… I’m not saying that ARMYs never mess up or never say problematic things, but I just hope that we can all be more careful when sending messages or even just reblogging posts with comments that might attack the original poster. It is one thing to kindly send an ask if the person actually did something wrong, but to attack another ARMY with harsh words? I don’t think we want our fandom to become one that spends all of our energy fighting one another rather than using that energy to give BTS the success and recognition they deserve.