i’m withdrawing from the d-eath n-ote fandom entirely bc this exists tbh i’m blocking all of the dn rpers  &&  burning the manga lbr i was nvr going 2 finish reading it anyways


Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!!

Kageyama Tobio wished upon a falling star.

He would learn, in due time, that stars do not grant wishes, for stars do not fall: they float, many millions of miles away, and there they always stay, keeping themselves very much to themselves.

No, the little ball of falling light on which Tobio cast his wish, was a fire demon.

And fire demons don’t grant wishes either.

But they, at the very least, will listen.

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tbh i hope y'all will get to this level of self love in 2017 and finally be able to achieve the ultimate life goal aka building a fireplace with your own initials and designing plenty of montages of yourself