signs as sounds

aries - crackle of a fire
taurus - peacefully chirping birds
gemini - the sizzle opening a fizzy drink
cancer - rain hitting a window
leo - the voice of someone you love
virgo - crickets chirping
libra - wind chimes
scorpio - thunder
sagittarius - crunch of snow from your shoe
capricorn - grandfather clocks
aquarius - genuine laughter
pisces - naturally flowing water

Day One

‘40s!bucky x reader 

A/N: I started watching Outlander and it inspired me to write this. Also, I have no idea if it holds up to the books, I just needed a new show to watch and found it online and thought, “hey, why not? Scotland’s beautiful, I like supernatural, historical, sexy shit, let’s give it a try!” I stayed up until 5 in the morning binge-watching the first five and a half episodes. 

Warnings for this part: Angst, light fluff

Warnings for the series: NSFW/Smut, angst, fluff

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“Fuck you.” You spat the words out as Bucky pinned you to the mat. “I wasn’t ready.” 

“You think an enemy is going to say, ‘Oh, you weren’t ready? Here, let me get up and we can start when you are.’ That’s not how that works, (Y/N).” His face remained cold as you struggled underneath him. “From my position, I could get away with a number of things. I could slice your throat, put a bullet in your skull, break your arms, legs, both; I could even rip you of your dignity and fuck you right here without you being able to move.”

Buck.” Steve stepped up into the fighting ring. “That’s a little too far don’t you think?”

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Chekov: So, what’s the plan? We go in there and just pow, pow, pow! - And pick up the hostages?

Sulu: What was that noise?

Chekov: Phaser fire.

Sulu: No, Pavel, I think you mean pew pew pew.

Chekov: That sounds like fire works.

Scotty: Technically, they are like pa-choo, pa-choo, pa-choo.

Uhura: Ok enough with the sound effects. Besides it’s more like blam, blam, blam.

Chekov: What?

Sulu: No way.

Scotty: Wrong.

Kirk: Guys focus.


I really like the feel that the last story had, with a bit of a horror, So I’m going to do another along those lines.

“What do you mean it escaped? Where is it?” The administrator’s throat frill twitched in irritation.
“We don’t know. It managed to slip out of its containment cell somehow, we don’t know how.” Slurn’s color paled in submission.
“There’s a lot you don’t know about this thing you were supposed to be studying. Why isn’t it showing up on life scans?”
“By all rights its should be. It did when it was in containment.”
“Can it cloak itself somehow?”
“It never showed that ability before. We have workers combing the ship. From what we have seen of the settlement the specimen was taken from, humans are classified as non aggressive omnivore agrarians. So its probably scared and hidden itself somewhere sensors are just not catching it. Maybe a cabinet or under some heavy equipment.
“Its visual system appeared to be predatory.”
“It appears to have descended from a more predatory species, but has lost basically all other traits. Vestigial claws, reduced dentation. It’s probably terrified somewhere.” Slurn’s color returned with his confidence. “It’s just a matter of time.”

Ranken was irritated. He was probably going to get a reprimand for this creepy pink thing pulling this nonsense. He grunted as he lifted himself from the floor of the storage bay. It wasn’t under this land craft. He pressed the activation button on his communicator with a clawed thumb. “Service bay 17 is clear.” Something shifted behind him. He turned quickly, but saw nothing. A tool clattered to the ground somewhere in the room. Guarded, he began to lift the communicator to his snout, but didn’t manage to activate it before the storage rack beside him suddenly lurched away from the wall, raining heavy parts and containers down upon him before collapsing itself to pin him to the floor. Dazed, he could see the human scampering quickly over the debris. Its long dark skull growth hung low obscuring most of its face, but as it approached him he could see that it had bared its teeth at him, and held some twisted sharp piece of metal in its paw. He tried to free himself as it moved closer, brandishing the metal like a weapon. He couldn’t get enough leverage to move. It perched above him, and looked down with…pity? Was that what was gleaming in its eye? The metal pressed into him firmly and not nearly quickly enough to be called merciful. As his vision blurred and darkened, he watched as it slipped silently back into the shadows.

“Dead?” The administrator reddened in surprise
“The search teams found him under a parts rack that collapsed. We’re guessing he knocked it over on himself while looking for the human. Something impaled him, and tore itself free as it fell. He ended quickly.” Slurn was disappointed to have to give this news on top of everything else that happened that day. The reports back to homeworld were going to be a headache.
“Do you think the human had something to do with it?”
“The creature is a non aggressive primary herbivore, it only has a flight instinct… No fight.”
Slurn was interrupted by a terrified voice whispering over the comm channel. “The human is here.”
“Talik did you catch it?” The administrator replied.
Talik responded, “No sir.” His voice wavered with fear. “It killed Fen and disappeared.”
The administrator balked, “What do you mean it killed Fen?”
The returning voice was a jumbled gush of panicked words, “It came out of nowhere… Just.. Dropped from somewhere.. And it was screeching and blood… Blood was everywhere… And it.. Fen fell down… And it rolled off..and I can’t find it. Its somewhere in here… I don’t know where..”
“Where are you?”

“Engineering… Under my workstation.”

“Under your…” The administrator cut off. “Get out from under there and catch the damn thing. Its soft and half your size.”
“But.. Fen sir.. It took his.. Oh egg.” The comm went dead.
“Talik… Talik…” He started to yell into the com receiver, but there was no answer.
“You don’t think…” Slurn gulped as the comm clicked. A bubbling kind of bark came from the com. A maddening jibberish of sound, followed by some kind of crooning. “That’s the human.” Slurn said, “I’ve heard it bark like that before.”
“What does it mean? Can it be translated? You said it has a language.”
“We were still piecing it together.” He began to tap at his personal device, activating a translation program. “ The first part was called a laugh… Usually reserved for merriment or to relieve social tension.”
“So its nervous?”
“Maybe.” The device chirped, and began to attempt to turn the creatures sounds into real language. It seemed to be speaking in a melodious way.. Sing songing.
“I’m coming to get you… I’m going to get you all… one by little one. You can run, you can hide.. But I’m going to find you.” More laughter followed.”
“Is it…?” The administrator found himself gulping this time.
“I think its… Hunting us sir.”
The com chirped again, “Goodnight, rectums.” said the human, just as the ships main power went offline.
They looked at each other in disbelief in the ruddy glow of the emergency lighting system.
“Egg.” They said in near perfect unison.

Main life support had been off for hours, and the ship had gotten cold… Very cold. Slurn’s legs were getting cramped in the small cabinet he found himself hiding. He had been there since the administrator had died. They thought they had been hunting the human, tracking movements and anomalies on the ship’s scans. The human seemed capable of moving from one place to another without traversing the space between. Perhaps that was how it had escaped in the first place. Slurn was about to mention this thought to the administrator, was leaning around a corner when he suddenly made a gurgling noise, dropped the single rifle they had found, and fell. Slurn looked down in surprise to see that the adminitrator’s face had been cleaved open. The human slowly came around the corner. A heavy sharp blade fashioned crudely from some piece of scrap from the ship was clutched in its forepaw. Its naked body was slicked with gore from its kills. The admin twitched, drawing both the attention of, and a fresh screech from, the human as it brought the weapon down into the administrators body once more. Slurn took the opportuinity and managed to grab the rifle from the floor. Fumbling with fear, as the human worked the blade from the body with a wet slurping sound, he fired it and cleanly missed. The human turned, narrowing its eyes at him as it bared its teeth. Its long head growths hung heavy and wet with the blood of his comrades. It started to come toward him, taking long fearless strides, and raising its weapon. Slurn managed to cycle and fire the rifle again, this time the energy pulse struck the human just above the heavy bulge of its right mammary gland. It fell back, clutching the wound. Slurn’s hearts leapt for a moment. It bent low, and paused. Had he managed to defeat the beast? Just as any creature Slurn knew would have been collapsing to the floor in shock from the wound, the human instead turned its face to him again. The look on its face communicated a message of murderous rage, recognizable to any species. Slurn froze for a moment as it screeched even louder at him than he had ever heard it screech before, and bolted at him almost faster than he could register. Slurn was suddenly , blindly, fleeing. The high pitched keening he heard, a sound not unlike the sound a new hatchling made to cry for its mother, he realized was coming from his own throat. He scrambled as fast as his feet could carry him, claws digging into the deck plating. Now he was in his bedchamber, hiding in the small dark space behind a rack of his own clothing, as he had when he was a frighten child. The human had started its taunting call again, that sing songy sound, as it moved slowly closer. Slurn drew and held his breath as the door to his chamber opened. It called into the room. Slurn’s hearts pounded… Part of him was sure it could be heard by the thing following him, but he found… He couldn’t hear it. Was it in the room with him? Did it move on? There was no way to tell. His lung burned, reminding him that he hadn’t breathed yet. He let his breath out in a single heavy puff. The Human laughed again… Inches from the door to the cabinet. Slurn’s muscles completely locked up in terror and exhaustion as the human slowly opened the door. The whites of its teeth and eyes bright in the dim room. The world faded away as he mercifully passed out from fear… The last sound he heard was the human quietly and breathily barking her single sound at him.


Humans are terrifying.

“I liked the building, not you.” PT. 9

A/N: Thanks to @ihaveabadreputation for just randomly making this banner for me and also unknowingly making it a perfect match to this chapter. 

ANYWAYs again this is not what I intended the whole chapter to be but obviously it’s long already, so might as well post it? Right?

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 7,681

I heard a laugh from Shawn but it seemed off.

“And now everyone thinks you and Brian are dating.”

I began to blush almost immediately. “Oh yeah, I saw.”

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I haven’t posted in a long time. I moved to a new place in June and for some reason it took over 3 months to get internet hooked up. 

I’ll have many photos to share in the coming months though. I’ll be camping for a few days in Algonquin Park next week and then I’ll be spending two glorious weeks alone in the Canadian Rockies in October. 

This is a shot from back in June at Oastler Lake near Parry Sound, Ontario.

Dylan’s Last Birthday and September doings

On September 11, 1998, Dylan turned seventeen. Our gift to him was a nod to his prodigious appetite—a small black refrigerator that he could take with him to college the following year. He loved it and insisted on carrying it right up to his room, the cord dragging behind. As soon as Nate found out, he showed up with a companion gift: a supersized bucket of fried chicken, all for Dylan.

That month, he volunteered to do the sound for a Halloween production of Frankenstein at school and rekindled his friendship with Brooks Brown. The two of them had drifted apart after the conflict between Eric and Brooks the previous year, but they fell back into an easy friendship while working on the play.
Dylan was proud of Frankenstein; he used a wide variety of unusual audio sources to develop the eerie soundtrack. The cast and crew recorded a surprise video to thank the drama teacher. In the video, Brooks, Zack, and Dylan clown around—saying they hope she’ll buy them beer, or pay them to pass down their senior year production know-how to the next crop of students. Judy Brown threw the wrap party, and took a picture of Dyl laughing at the video along with everyone else. - Sue Klebold, A Mother’s Reckoning.

Watch the entire CHS Frankenstein 2016 spring production   (I’m sure the script is basically the same and perhaps some of the props are reused from the nineties)

You can imagine Dylan creating the audio sound effects

“Don’t get fire within twenty feet of the pants,”  Dylan warned, referring to my ‘Frankenstein monster” costume.  “There were about thirty different chemicals put into that.” (This was true, actually.  Dylan and I made the pants using an old pair of jeans that we soaked in gasoline and paint thinner to make them look as horrible as possible.  After the final performance, we took them out to a field and flicked a cigarette at them.  They immediately burst into flames.)
–Brooks Brown, “No Easy Answers”

See Frankenstein Roast.

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I Said I Loved You

I think it’s best this one doesn’t have a summary… I’m so sorry

Thanks @elsiemcclay for being a great beta, and for thinking up the title because I suck at titles! This is a shorter-than-usual one-shot before the next YT AU thing, which will probably be followed with angst.

Lance skidded to a stop, looking with terrified eyes across the dining hall towards the red paladin staring back at him.

Keith’s expression was stone cold, betraying no emotion.

Lance raised his shaking hands into the air, dropping his gun on the floor. Keith already had his own weapon aimed and ready.

“K-Keith,” Lance said, trying for a smile. “Please, put the gun down. You don’t have to do this. Let’s just talk it out!”

“There’s nothing to talk about Lance,” Keith’s finger moved to the trigger. “You know I have no choice.”

“But you do!” Lance pleaded, wringing his hands. “We’re a good team, remember? We should be working together! I… Keith, I love you!”

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Daddy Evans

~ A/N: This is basically pure smut, not much plot. Hope you like it! Also I know Chris lives in Cali and not Boston but for the sake of this he lives in Boston. Also if you want a general feeling of the vibe during the sex scene, the song If You Let Me ft. GRADES by Sinead Harnett is perfect.~

Request: Can you write a Chris Evans baby makin smut!? Please and thank you😘

Warnings: Cursing, quick mention of alcohol consumption, smut, Oral-sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (cover your stump before you hump).

Summary: Chris and reader are contemplating a big addition to their household. Combination of fluff and smut.


You were so frustrated as you sat behind the wheel of your car, red brake lights illuminating your face. Your normal 45 minute commute home had stretched out to an hour and a half due to traffic and you were still 20 minutes from home. Traffic seemed to be at a complete standstill and that was not helping the long, hard day you had at work. You were sitting in your car, drowning your day in sad music when a loud ringing cut off your music. You jumped, startled by the noise and looked at the screen on your dash. You smiled at the picture of the man calling and read ‘Incoming Call From: Captain Hubby’. His deep voice rang out of the speakers and engulfed you in its familiarity as he said “Hey baby”. The two words were so simple and you probably heard them a million times over the past few years but they still managed to put a smile on your face. You turned the volume down a little bit, “Hey love, what’s up?”. Chris took a little breath, “Nothing babe, just checking on you. You said you were leaving work an hour a half ago, I just wanted to make sure you were ok”. You bit your lip at his thoughtfulness, trying to contain your smile, “Yeah babe, I’m ok, traffic is just a bitch. I should be home in like twenty minutes or so if I don’t die from pure frustration”. He let out a little chuckle, “Yeah ok love, just hurry and bring your ass home, I miss you”. You laughed at your husband, “I just saw you this morning silly goose”. He huffed, over exaggerating the sound purposely, “Ummmmmm, yeah that like, 9 hours babe, Dodger and I are getting lonely over here”. You laughed at his joke, you knew he probably really did miss you but his over exaggerated tone and his generally playful personality suggested he wasn’t being totally serious. “Well I’ll be home to spend time with Dodger as soon as I can”. He chuckled out a see you soon and you hung up, spending the next 30 minutes in excruciatingly slow traffic. 

As soon as you arrived at your shared home, you could hear Dodger barking from his position at the front window. As soon as you opened the door you were hit with a sea of love from your overly excited dog who obviously missed you, “Ok Dodger I missed you too bud, but let me get in the door first”. You took off your shoes and placed them near the door, walking past the foyer and into the kitchen where you could see lights. You placed your stuff down on the counter and crouched down to give your pup some love.

You heard footsteps on the stairs and figured it was your husband. He came in the kitchen with two candles, one in each hand and wrapped his arms around you, “I didn’t hear you come in baby”. He placed a kiss on your lips and completely pulled out of the hug, walking towards the table where there were plates and cutlery set out. You cocked your head at the sight, knowing Chris definitely doesn’t cook anything outside of eggs and toast, “What’s all this?”. He didn’t respond and lit the candles, two of many more that seemed to be everywhere. He left the room and came back with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, “This,” he handed you the flowers, “is for you my love”. You smiled at him and placed a kiss on his lips before questioning him, “What’s the occasion?”.You knew Chris was very sweet and romantic but flowers, candles, dinner and some smooth music playing just seemed like a lot for some random day out of the year. He laughed and responded in a faux defensive manner, “What? I can’t love on my wife now?”. You smiled at his use of the word, even after a year or so, you still get butterflies when he calls you that, “No, you can it just seems like you put a lot of work into this and I just want to make sure I’m not forgetting some special day or something”. He placed a kiss on your head, “Nah, just wanted to do something special for you. I know I’ve been away a lot recently with my press events so I just wanted to try and start making up for lost time”. You smiled, and thought how you got so lucky with someone so thoughtful. “Ok, babe I’m gonna go take a quick shower and I’ll be right back ok?” He nodded and finished, changing your normally empty formal dining room into a romantic dining experience.

After your well needed, but very quick, shower, you threw on one of your pajama sets that Chris bought you from some country you forget the name of, and went downstairs. Chris was setting the food on the table when he looked up at you and smiled, “Well don’t you look cute in that little pajama set”. He placed a kiss on your lips and grabbed a plate of something else from the kitchen counter and placed it on the table, “Wait Chris, did you actually cook?”. He laughed at your shocked tone and shook his head, feigning hurt, “Would it really be so bad if I did?”. You took a second to think, “Well seeing as the only thing you’ve ever cooked for me in the last few years were freezer waffles and toast, and you’ve burned both before so….I don’t know babe, the odds aren’t stacked in your corner”. He laughed, grabbing his chest, “Well you are right, I’m not the best. I had my mom cook something and all I had to do was preheat the oven and cook it. Thankfully I didn’t burn it”. You stopped him before he sat down and he looked at you, silently asking what was wrong, “Kiss me”. His whole demeanor changed, his eyes lit up and that smile you loved so much slid over his lips as he grabbed your face with one of his hands and pulled you into him for a deep kiss. His tongue darted out, licking your bottom lip, asking permission, and you graciously agreed, opening your mouth. His warm tongue slid into your mouth, and you let out the faintest moan. Chris must’ve heard because you felt the corners of his mouth turn up into a smile as his other hand slid up your arm and rested on the other side of your face. The two of you stood like that for a bit, wrapped up in one another, tongues dancing until one of you needed air. So he pulled away, placed one kiss then another and another and another until he was drowning your whole face in kisses and you were reduced to laughter, “Ok, ok babe, let me go!” He placed two more kisses on your face one on your cheek and one on your lips before letting you go. You would have loved to stay in his arms all night, but you were hungry and the food smelled so good.

The two of you sat down to eat and man was it good. You loved his mother’s cooking. You guys were eating in a comfortable silence for about 5 minutes before he asked you about your day, “All I can say is I’m glad today is over and this week is done with”. You explained to him your long day and even longer week and he intently listen and chimed in while you ranted about your coworkers because he loves hearing you talk so passionately. When you were done talking, you guys were almost done with your meal and you felt bad you had just talked his ear of for the last 30 minutes, “I’m sorry babe, I’ve just been talking about me this whole time, how’re you? How was your day?”. He wiped his face with his napkin, “No babe, you’re fine, I love hearing you talk about your day. I really didn’t do much today. I took Dodger for a run this morning and then I worked out finally,” you both laughed because since he finished his last movie, he hasn’t really worked out at all, “Yeah, it was rough, but I definitely needed it. Then I talked to my agent for a bit, he’s trying to put together another movie contract so I’ll probably have to take a flight later next week or the week after once it’s finalized. And then I sat on the couch up until my mom brought this over and I was back on the couch until I called you”. You nodded, “Well that’s good, I’m glad you got some time to relax, you’ve been so busy these past couple months with interviews and traveling. It’s good to just sit at home and do nothing in between”. He picked up your hand and placed a kiss on it, “It’s good to be home love”. You guys finished your dinner and he brought out some dessert and you two quickly shared it before he cleared the table. You offered to help him, but he insisted you didn’t need to help and that tonight was all about you. He placed a kiss on the top of your head before sprinting up the stairs You rolled your eyes at him, laughed and refilled your wine glass from dinner. When he came back he lifted the wine glass out of your hand, placed it down on the counter and pulled you into his arms. With one hand on the small of your back and and the other clasped around your left hand, he moved the two of you rhythmically to to the soft sound of Earth Wind and Fire, one of his favorite bands.

You laid your head on his chest and listen to the steady sound of his heart beating. Somehow the rhythm of his heart and the music matched up and you closed your eyes, relishing in the moment. Everything was so perfect right then and there. Standing in the kitchen in your pajamas dancing with the man you loved so much after a romantic dinner was something you could never even dream of. The warmth radiating off of your husband enveloped you like a blanket and you felt so peaceful.

After the song ended he pulled away and looked down at you, eyes filled to the brim with happiness, “God, I really love you Y/n”. His voice was barely above a whisper and if your heart wasn’t already overflowing with absolute love and adoration for the man in front of you it definitely was now, “I love you too Chris, so much”. He placed a kiss on your lips and you could taste the love radiating off of him. The hand on your back slid up the satin fabric of your button up and landed at the base of your neck, his hand ever so lightly curled around it and that lit a fire in you. You wrapped a hand around the hard muscle of his bicep and let the other wander to the back of his head, intertwining your fingers with his dark brown hair. You pushed your body flush against him and rose up on your toes, wanting to be as close to him as possible. The kiss became passionate and sensual as your tongues mingled together. There was nothing demanding or erotic about it either. You had no sense of urgency to move on from just the kiss. You were savoring every single moment and so was he. He pulled away first, needed to get some air and you started placing kisses on his neck. He breathed out on the contact of your lips on his neck, his hands running through your hair, “Y/n,” he managed between very light moans, “this is gonna sound really random but I can’t help but bring it up”. You continued placing light kisses all over his neck and collarbones as he continued to talk “I think we should try for a baby, like right now”. You stopped, pulled your lips away from his skin and looked up at him. He bit his lip in hesitation, waiting for your response. His request wasn’t very far fetched, you two have discussed kids for years, way before you even got married. You knew how much Chris loved children and you did too. From the moment you two got married that was something you wanted but the past year had been hectic with Chris finishing filming and award shows and his countless interviews. Things were finally starting to slow down. Your thoughts were interrupted by Chris’ nervous ranting, “you know y/n it’s ok if you don’t want to, I get it, that’s a lot for you to carry on. But I was just thinking that right now I’m here and I can be here with you and for you and I just,” he sighed, “I just thought that this was a good time. I completely understand if you want to take some more time to just enjoy us and-”. You cut him off with a kiss, pulling away but still stayed close enough to feel his breath fan across your cheeks, “Take me upstairs”.

The biggest smile spread across his face and he leaned down, slipping his arms under your knees the other supporting your back, lifting you up bridal style. You laughed at his cheesiness but honestly didn’t mind one bit. You ran your hand over his beard and kissed the side of his face that was still turned up in a smile. He side eyed you jokingly as he walked up the stairs, “What are you looking at baby?” You shook your head “Nothing, I’m just enjoying the view babe”. You guys reached your door and he set you down in front of the closed door. You looked at him questioning why he didn’t just open the door, “Just open it babygirl”. You turned the knob and were met with the smells of vanilla, cinnamon and rose. The floor and bed were covered in red rose petals. Your dressers, vanity, nightstands and basically every available flat surface that wasn’t a fire hazard were covered in candles that illuminated the room and made it smell absolutely amazing. You stood there for a good couple minutes just taking everything in. You turned around to look at your amazing husband and he was leaning against the door frame, hands in his pockets just watching your reaction, “When did you do this?” He pushed himself away from the frame closing the door behind him, “If I told you all my secrets it wouldn’t be as fun now would it?”. He stopped when he was directly in front of you and cupped your face in his hands,  “I love you so much and I don’t think I could create a better person to be doing this with”.

The two of you stood there just kissing for a bit until you decided you wanted more. You walked him back towards the bed and pushed him until he sat down. You climbed on his lap, one leg on each side and resumed kissing, his hands finding their way to your waist. This time it felt more passionate, there was a neediness behind it. You needed to be close, you needed his lips on yours, you needed his hands roaming your body. And he gave you just that. Chris pulled away from the kiss and immediately began working his lips over your neck. You threaded your fingers through his hair and sighed at the feeling. His fingers found their way to the buttons on your silk top and began undoing them, his lips working along your chest and collarbones. His fingers undid the last button as he kissed his way back up your neck, pushing the top off your shoulders. He pulled away to look at your newly exposed chest and he groaned, “Fuck you have the best boobs I swear”. You smiled at his comment, “Oh do I now?”. He chuckled a “most definitely”, and placed chaste kisses on the the tops of each breast as you shifted your weight to your knees, placing your chest at eye level. You knew his opinion on your boobs, he mentioned how great they looked just about every time they were slightly showing. He made it a point to let you know how much he admired every part of your body.

He slid his hands up from your waist and cupped a breast in each hand. You arched your back and pushed our chest further into his hands, needing more of his touch. He got the hint and slightly tightened his grip. Your husband licked a path down your sternum to your right nipple and circled it with his tongue. You moaned slightly at the sensation as he grasped your left nipple and rolled it between his thumb and pointer. You bit your lip as his took your nipple into his mouth, sucking on it gently. His actions sent electric currents through your body, adding to the heat pooling between your thighs. His mouth and hand traded places and you moaned at the sensation. He didn’t stay there long, he knew exactly what you needed from him and he was more than happy to give it to you.

He removed his mouth from your hardened nipple and began placing kisses down your sternum. He placed one hand flush against your back and turned, his other hand placed against the mattress to support the weight as your back greeted your duvet. He continued his descent down your torso and you couldn’t help but giggle at the feeling of his beard against your stomach. He looked up at you, with a smirk, knowing exactly what he was doing. He stopped at your silk bottoms and his face went from playful to serious.

He slipped his fingers past the band of the pajama bottoms and pulled them down off your legs. You instinctively spread your legs after your pants were off. Chris chuckled and whispered “So eager”, as he dropped down, face level with your heat. He placed a light kiss on your panties, the feeling making your jolt slightly. He placed his tongue flat against you, and you could feel the warmth and wetness through the fabric. You moved your hips towards his face a bit, needing more than what he was giving you, “Chris, please”.

He played more kisses around the band of your underwear and proceeded to pull them off with his teeth.  You sighed at the feeling of cool air against your wet, hot folds. Once the panties were past your ankles and thrown somewhere in the room, your husband placed his hands on the back of your thighs and pushed them down and open. He groaned at the sight, “You’re already so wet, baby”. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your public mound, and another right above your clit, his facial hair tickling the sensitive bud. He placed more light kisses along your labia majora. You groaned at the lack of friction where you needed the most and you could see Chris was enjoying teasing you. He continued to kiss up and down your leg before coming back and placing a kiss on your clit. You rose up on your elbows, thinking he was finally giving you what you wanted. Your hopes were quickly crushed when he started kissing your other leg. You let out a loud, frustrated sigh and Chris found it amusing, “Patience my love, lay back and just enjoy it”. You couldn’t help but give in, you loved feeling his mouth all over your body. You closed your eyes and laid back, relishing in the feeling of being adorned. He reached the base of your thigh and moved away from your body completely. You kept your eyes closed and didn’t say anything, trying your hardest to be patient, hearing the sound of clothes being removed. After a little bit of time you went to say something to him when you felt his warm tongue lick all the way up your slit. You let out a loud moan, your hands instantly going to grasp his hair. His tongue swirled around your clit before pulling in between his lips, sucking on the bulb. He then began moving his tongue back and forth over the sensitive bud. Gathering your clit between his lips  once again, he moved his head side to side rapidly. Your fingers gripped his hair tightly as you felt the familiar burn in your stomach start to build. Chris flattened his tongue, putting it flush against your cunt and moved up and down slowly. He increased the speed of his movements, flicking over your hole and clit with intensity. The feeling of his tongue against your opening and clit was pushing you closer and closer to your orgasm. You pulled his head into your pussy and moved your hips over his tongue. He stopped his motions and pulled away completely, “Chris?? What-“ your complaint was stopped short by a loud moan. Chris slid two fingers inside of your wet cunt, causing you to rise up on your elbows to look at him. His normal blue eyes were dark with lust and determination as the bore into yours. He looked at you, deep into your eyes as you slowly unraveled under his touch. His fingers were knuckle deep as he moved them in a come-hither motion. Your mouths was open and your eyes closed as the knot in your stomach began to unravel. “You gonna cum baby girl?”, Chris deep voice asked. You couldn’t speak, your mind blank so you just nodded and threw your head back. “Look at me as you cum”. You moved your head back and looked at him or tried to. Everything felt so good and your ability to keep your head in place was slipping. Chris’ other hand gripped the back of your head and pulled it up, “Look at me”. His thumb began moving side to side over your clit and that pushed you over the edge. You cried out as your orgasm spilled out and over your whole body. Chris worked you through your orgasm, keeping his eyes on yours. Your legs were shaking and he was still moving his fingers right over your g-spot, “Please don’t stop, I’m gonna cum again”. Your moans filled the room as pleasure took over once again. Chris pulled his finger out from your cunt and replaced them with his tongue. He worked over your pussy, lapping up all of your juices.

When he was done, he laid you down on your back and kissed you, the sweet taste of your cunt filling your mouth. He kissed all over your face, giving you some time to come down from your last two orgasms.

Your fingers stroked the soft strands of his hair as he showered you in kisses. Before you could realize, the swollen head of your husband’s cock was pushing into your tight entrance. The two of you let out a deep moan and your pussy stretched to fit his impressive length. You moaned out again at the feeling, Chris almost fully inside, his short, soft thrusts keeping the burn of the stretch pleasurable instead of painful. Once he was fully seated inside he pulled almost all the way out, only the tip remained, and slid back in all the way. A deep moan escaped your mouth as he built a slow, sensual pace.

His breath fanned the crook of your neck before he rode up on his forearms. Chris looked you in the eyes as he drew out the most lewd sounds from your throat as well as his. Your hands rested against his abs above you, desperately trying to brace yourself against something as Chris pounded into you. You felt the heat starting to build again, “Faster, baby” you begged. He placed a kiss on your lips as he sped up his thrusts. Your hands gripped his biceps as he continued to slide every inch of his cock into your dripping cunt. He slid his arms underneath you as you wrapped your arms and legs around his body. He kept his grueling pace as your walls began to uncontrollably clench around his dick. You heard him groan deeply at the feeling and he choked out, “You gonna cum again?”. You nodded, your brain failing to help you form words. He changed his thrust style and his pelvic bone began to rub against your clit. You were practically screaming as he worked you through your orgasm. Once you were done he pulled away and out of you.

Wiping the sweat that dripped down his forehead, he licked his lips staring down at you “You know what I want to see”. You grinned, loving every time he said that, as you flipped over onto your knees, arching your back and rested on your hands. Chris moaned at the sight of your ass in the air, all for him. You knew he was a self proclaimed ass man, and you loved giving him what he wanted. He was just taking in how good you looked when you looked back at him and shook your ass a bit. He took it as a sign you were getting impatient and he lined himself up with your entrance. You thought he was going to push in but he slowly slid over the hole, gathering the wetness there. He did that a few times, gathering your slick and pumping his hand over his cock. You had actually started to get impatient and pushed your ass back towards him and he chuckled, “Patience babygirl”. He began placing kisses up your spine when he made it to the back of your neck. He whispered out, “All the way down, baby”, and you lowered your head against the duvet, your back arching to a higher point. He stood straight up again and was back at your entrance, this time without the teasing. He slid in slowly, the angle taking him deeper and he didn’t want to hurt you. He slid all the way in all the way out a few times, letting you get used to the feeling of him at that angle. He muttered out a few praises, most you couldn’t hear, as he was most likely talking to himself. You made out “good girl” and “you take me so well”. You took his words as encouragement and you increased your arch as much as you could and moved your hips back and forth against him. He groaned loudly, “You like that baby?”. You didn’t respond, just continued to work against him, feeling that familiar ball of tension. He hits a particular spot deep in your pussy and you cried out loud, your eyes squeezing shut. He gripped your hips, steadying you, “Stay right there, don’t move Y/n”. You obeyed his request and stayed in place. His thrusts turned to strokes as he slowed down but increased the intensity. He was pulling all the way out and slamming back in and you were losing it. The duvet was balled up in your fists and you were not holding back on the noises. The room was filled with heavy breathing, loud profanities and the sound of Chris sliding in and out of your dripping pussy. You were right at the cusp of your 4th orgasm and he knew. Right as you were about to cum, Chris leaned over you and started rubbing your clit, amplifying your orgasm. Your whole body started shaking and your eyes screwed shut and wave after wave of pleasure overtook you like a tsunami.

Your legs were still shaking even after he pulled out and removed his hand. He was placing kisses all along your back as you came down. When your breathing returned to normal, he asked, “You ok baby?” between kisses. You nodded and whispered out a “yeah,” your voice hoarse, “you’re just too good”. He chuckled and asked if you wanted to stop, his kisses still falling all over your back, “No, I’m ok, really”.

Chris stopped with his kisses and stood up, “That’s my girl. Now turn around, I wanna look at that beautiful face while we make a baby”. You chuckled and swiftly turned yourself until you were laid on your back. Chris smiled down at you and he pushed your legs all the way back until your thighs met your chest. He stroked himself once or twice before lining himself at your entrance, “You ready babygirl?” you nodded eagerly and he slid in. The two of you groaned simultaneously as he filled you up once again. You were watching him move in and out of you while he was watching you. You looked up at him, feeling his eyes on you, and he smiled, “I love you”. He dropped down once again and started placing kisses all over your neck and face. You could feel another orgasm starting to form and Chris knew. He laid his head on top of yours and looked into your eyes. You could feel his breath falling over your face and you reached up, cupped his face in your hands and kissed him. You were getting close to your orgasm and you could tell that he was as well. His eyes were closed shut and you could tell that he pried them open to look at you. “Y/n I love you so much,” he got out between breaths, “There is no one I would rather do this with”. You kissed his cheek before he rested his head in the crook of your neck.

His thrusts started to get more messy as he neared his orgasm. You clenched around him and that drove him to the edge. He gave three more deep thrusts as he filled you with his cum, the sensation sending you into one final orgasm. Chris pulled out, not wanting to overstimulate you and rested on his forearms. You opened your eyes after he pecked you on the lips. You were met with a huge grin, Chris’ eyes back to their usual bright blue, “I swear I fall more and more and love with you every moment Y/n Evans”. You giggled and kissed him, “I love you too Chris”.

He moved off of you and laid on his back, pulling you into his chest. The two of you were lying in silence, Chris’ finger tracing shapes on your back when you smelled something bad. You couldn’t place your finger on it and you went to ask Chris what it was when his eyes flew open and he jumped out of bed, “Shit the candles!”

A Supernatural x “ IT ” Crossover (part 2)

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S U M M A R Y: Their next case brings the three Winchester siblings to Derry, a city in which children seem to disappear for a unknown reason…

A/N: imagine that the IT movie plays in 2017 and not in 1988.

Also this is a crossover between supernatural and the “ IT ” movie. Not the book. It’s been a while since I saw the movie so if I make any mistakes, please don’t be angry, I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it would go super well with Supernatural.

( This is going to have multiple parts )

Chapter 2 ( almost two weeks later )

“This is bullshit.”, Dean says angrily and stands up from his chair, the bags under his green eyes are showing that he wasn’t able to get much sleep last night, but when he turns around to face his siblings he sees that the dark cycles around their eyes are even darker than his own.

“Dean come ‘on.”, Y/N says, without looking up from her computer screen :“We need to do more research-”, but before she finishes her sentence the oldest Winchester interrupts her.

“More research?! More- Y/N we are in this city for almost two weeks now, and even though we are doing our god damn research one more child went missing. And we have not a single clue who could have kidnapped​ that boy , beCAUSE FOR SOME REASON THIS CITY DOES NOT OWN A SINGLE SECURITY CAMERA!”

At the loud voice of his brother, Sam’s head shoots up and the man with the long brown hair rubs his forehead in pain,:“Dude..calm down- I’m already having a headache.”

“What do we know about the victims?”, Dean asks without responding to his younger brother:“Any informations about them and their families?”, He sits back down on the chair next to his sister and looks at the computer screen. There are children missing and till he found them he’s not going to simply calm down and rest, not even for a second.

His sister points at one picture :“ His name is George Elmer Denbrough, he is missing since October- last year. His story is so sad, after what his brother told the police George just wanted to play outside in the rain. But sadly he never returned back home that day.”, She knitts her eyebrows and stands up from her spot next to Dean to grab her bag.

“Where are you going?”

“The library.”, Y/N explains, grabs the gun from the table and puts it into her backpack:“This city has some dirty secrets to hide, I can feel it.”

It’s a sunny and warm day outside, the sky is blue and the youngest Winchester sibling can hear music and laughter coming from the nearest park. She stares at the bright screen of her phone: “Okay so where’s this library..”, she whispers to herself and follows the little red dot that shows her in which direction she has to go.

“Let me go, please!”, A familiar voice exclaims and the Y/H/C girl immediately looks up. She turns around and sees how three boys are standing at the end of the road, one of them is violently pushed against a tree, while another one holds a shining object in his left hand.

As fast as possible she starts running into the direction of the three teenagers and when she reached them she pushes one boy aside.

“Let him go you asshole!”, She commands but the tall boy with the blonde hair just raises his eyebrows in confusion.

At the black handle of the pocket knife , the name “ Henry ” is written in large letters and Y/N looks at him in disgust.

“You’re Henry… you’re that guy who wanted to cut his name into the belly of that boy.”, She says and crosses her arms infront of her chest.

Henry who looks at her for a second starts smiling, as if he just won a gold medal:“The one and only-”, but before he is able to say anything else Y/N’s fist collides with his jaw and the he stumbles a few steps back.

What the fuck?”, Henry exclaims and looks at the younger girl in shock:“Who the fuck do you think you are?!”, His eyes show nothing but anger as he takes a step closer to her, his knife still in his hand.

“You’re new here aren’t you? Well, then I guess it’s time for you to realise that it’s better if you respect-”

“I don’t have respect for pigs like you!”, Y/N says coldly while she takes the gun out of her bag, Henry and his friend exchange a look before he turns to face his victim.

“You’re lucky that this bitch came to save you, Tozier.”, He spits into his face and walks away, Y/N watches him for a second before she puts the weapon back into her black backpack.

“You- You saved me!”, He exclaims and wipes the spit from his forehead:“ Thanks for that!”

“R-R-RICHIE!”, A male voice shouts and when Y/N turns her head she sees how 5 boys are driving with their bikes down the road. They stop a couple of meters away from them and the tallest one of them looks at Y/N with a surprised look on his face.

“Y/-Y/-Y/- Y/N?”, He asks and a small smile appears on his lips:“W-W-What are y-y-you d-d-doing h-h-here?”,he asks and the girl smiles back at him.

She holds up her smile:“ I was on the search for the library when I met Henry and his friend-”, she explain and Richie who stands next to her forms a gun with his two hands.

“But then she took out her gun and- bang bang bang!”, He simulates the sounds of a firing gun and starts jumping up and down infront of his friends who are now staring at Y/N with a shocked impressions.

“Wait a shot Henry down?!”, Stanley asks confused while the Y/H/C girl shakes her head.

“Of course I didn’t, I-”

“She punched him right into the jaw!”, Richie says and starts to aggressively hit the air around him with his fists:“ One time and two times and-”

“Richie stop it!”, Y/N’s voice is now deeper than usually and the brown haired boy with the big glasses swallows thickly, before he takes a step back. Y/N sighs and runs a hand through her hair:“Listen okay, I did not shoot Henry, it wasn’t even a real gun-”

“It looked and sounded really real!”

“It’s from my little brother, Stephen!”, Y/N lies:“He likes to play with fake weapons, so my dad brought him one. I guess it somehow got into my backpack, you know what would have happened if I didn’t acted like it was a real gun.”

Y/N looks from Richie to the other boys and she sees that they all seem to relax:“But you did punch him, didn’t you?”, Eddie asks and Richie starts to jump around again.

“It was incredible!”, He exclaims and smiles:“ She hit him so perfectly, she saved me!”

“T-T-Then I g-g-guess w-we c-c-could b-bring you t-t-to th-that l-l-library as a t-t-thank y-y-you.”

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Light Up the Dark

As promised, a Rowaelin one shot smut piece for you. I appreciate all feedback - this is the first time I’ve written smut so hopefully it’s not the worst thing you ever read.

Thank you to @paperbacktrash who continues to be my rock and Beta Bitch - I love you, soul sista.

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Aelin couldn’t breathe. No, not this again. Please no.

The iron coffin was suffocating and the darkness of the box weighed her down, pressing against her chest, making it difficult to gasp in much needed breath. Her magic flickered out, she was utterly trapped.

She thrashed wildly and pushed against the lid of the box. It gave a little and she cried out in triumph as a sliver of light rushed in. Her arms faltered against the weight and she was shut in the dark again. She lashed out with her fists and felt her knuckles split. Blood poured down her arms, too much, too fast. The coffin started filling with blood, a reeking stench she was all too familiar with. She pressed herself as close to the coffin door as she could, trying to keep her head above the blood. She sucked in a last breath and was dragged under by pale hands, Maeve’s hands.

She registered shouting from afar, a voice so dear to her she almost wept in relief. The darkness was chased away by the light, death chased away by such brilliant and magnificent life.

Aelin opened her eyes and she was met with her mates’ own pine-green ones. His brow was furrowed with concern and she registered he was on top of her, holding his weight off with one arm while the other traced featherlight strokes down her face.

She leaned into his touch and breathed his scent deep, letting it wash away the terror. Letting his whole being wash over her, reminding her that she was free and would spend the rest of her days waking up with Rowan, never again to be locked and stolen away.

“I’ll always pull you out of the dark, Fireheart.”

Aelin pulled him closer and she placed a shaking hand against his face, right over the tattoo he bore of his past grief. She traced the words lightly and his eyes slipped closed and he hummed softly in response.

“You chase away my demons when I’m awake, it’s only fitting you do it while I’m asleep.” She whispered, with less bravado then she had hoped.

Rowan, thank the gods, chuckled despite her uncertainty. “To whatever end,” he whispered nuzzling his nose against hers.

“To whatever end,” Aelin agreed, the strength of their promise to each other grounding her.

He opened his eyes and his desire was blazing enough that he could have been blessed by Mala himself. He rolled his hips against her and she felt him. Immediately, her blood heated and her magic awoke. An icy wind lazily caressed her neck, her back, soothing her fire.

She arched her back in response, a low moan slipping from between her lips. It broke Rowan’s control; so like the moan all those years ago, when she was keeping those fires burning at Mistward, at a time when he couldn’t act on those desires.

He snarled in response and captured her mouth with his, crushing his lips against hers. Aelin pulled Rowan closer, his body fully covering hers. Their magic played together, taunting and teasing as their kisses grew more savage, full of burning need.

Rowan pulled Aelin up and settled on his knees, holding her against him as his teeth grazed her lip, she shivered in response and leaned into him, running her tongue over his bottom lip. He ripped her nightgown off, the silken material shredding apart.

Aelin made to protest but Rowan cut her off, “it wasn’t gold anyways.” Aelin’s core turned molten and she pushed Rowan back down and climbed on top of him. “It’s a good thing you’re already naked, Buzzard.”

Rowan groaned as he ran his hands up her waist, and cupped a breast, fingering her nipple. Aelin gasped and leaned forward, running her tongue up his chest. She kissed the spot between his neck and shoulder and gently bit down, claiming him. Rowan rolled her back onto her back, barely restraining himself and kissed and nipped her neck and moved to kiss her collarbone.

Aelin pushed her chest against him and Rowan smirked, gazing up at her through his lashes, his hair flopping over his eyes, still mussed from sleep. Aelin could have burned through the bedding, burned through the bed and the stone beneath itself, for the wicked promise gleaming in his eyes.

Rowan captured her breast with his teeth and gently tugged. She whimpered as she pushed on, begging for more. He covered her nipple with his mouth, tonguing it as he rolled her other nipple between his fingers. As he removed his mouth, he sent a kiss of icy wind breezing over her and her nipple peaked and she shivered in response. “Rowan…” she begged, her fingers twining in his hair, pulling him back up to her.

Aelin licked up the column of his throat before taking his mouth again, her elongated canines brushing against his lip, she pulled his lip with her teeth and Rowan shuddered. His tongue brushed into her mouth, teasing hers. He pulled back again and started kissing down her chest, down her stomach before nipping at her hip bone. She raised her hips in response and Rowan snarled in appreciation.

Rowan trailed his tongue from one hip to the other and nipped her other hip, following it with a soothing kiss. He grabbed one of her legs and settled it on his shoulder before spreading the other leg to the side. Aelin’s breathing became more labored as Rowan’s head dipped lower and as he kissed and nipped her upper thigh, before kissing just above her core.

Rowan ran his tongue lower, over her centre and Aelin gasped with a jerk of her hips. One of Rowan’s hands came up to press against her lower abdomen, to hold her still as he unleashed himself on her. Aelin ran her fingers through his hair, tugging softly like she knew he liked and tried, tried to resist bucking her hips. “Rowan…” she gasped out, her hips jerking on their own accord. Rowan hummed deep in his throat as he continued to feast on her. He slipped a finger inside of her, massaging her and she felt herself approaching that cliff, the heat building and the sensation filling her, shaking her to her very core.

He sucked on her centre, pulling ever so gently on it and Aelin freefell. There was no end and no beginning, only her and Rowan and the depth of emotions and sensations she felt through their bond.

Rowan pulled back, setting her legs back on their bed before he kissed his way back up to her face. Aelin was flushed – that primal part of Rowan snarled in satisfaction as he beheld his sated mate, her hair disheveled and her eyes, the golden rings sparkling so bright he could have sworn her flames danced through them.

Rowan settled between her legs and Aelin pulled him closer to her, close enough for him to be nudging against her entrance. Aelin’s eyes flashed with desire. Would she ever get enough of her mate? She wrapped her legs around his backside and ever so slightly nudged him forward. Rowan groaned before sheathing himself to the hilt in one go. Aelin gasped out and fisted her hands in his hair, pulling him closer to her, biting at his lip and moaning against his mouth.

Rowan groaned as he paused let her adjust to the sudden fullness, her hands pulled the fine strands of his hair in urgency and he slowly drew back before driving back into Aelin, clamping his teeth over the soft spot between her neck and shoulder, not stopping this time as he claimed her, in that purely male way of his. Aelin’s legs wrapped around Rowan as she titled her hips to meet his thrusts, moans of desire mixed in with his name ripping from her mouth.

His mouth claimed hers again and he continued to move, the tempo precise but smooth, and easy. “You are mine.” He growled against her lips. The restraint snapped and Rowan knew, despite her nightmare, she wasn’t breakable, she didn’t need to be coddled and he hauled Aelin up against his chest, standing up and lifting her, hardly breaking rhythm.

He pushed Aelin’s back against the wall, and drove back into her, and Aelin’s nails dug into his back as she held on, unable, unwilling to let go. This, this was what she needed. Rowan was her tether. Rowan would bring her home, always, no matter what hell she was trapped in.

Pleasure rippled through Aelin again, and a helpless sound of need slipped out. Fire licked across her skin, Rowan’s ice soothing and taming the flames and Rowan’s mouth clamped down over one of her nipples, and Aelin went past words.

There was only feeling and their bond as she catapulted over the edge again. It was being-altering, world-ending, this joining of mates. And as Aelin came back to claim her other senses, Rowan let go too, and they didn’t break eye contact as he emptied himself into her. He shuddered against her, finally ducking his head into her shoulder, gasping for breath, needing that moment to pull himself together. Aelin stroked his neck, whispering those three cherished, soothing words, “I love you.”

Rowan met her eyes again and then kissed her nose, softly, before setting her down by her waist. She folded herself in his arms and he tucked her close.

“This is an extraordinary life that I never imagined being able to have. Let alone imagine you, being real. Being alive. Being here, safe with me. I know you don’t need my protection, you proved that time and time again. But I will always, always endeavor to protect you anyways.” Rowan kissed the top of her head and Aelin pulled back, her eyes searching his for some hint that he knew.

His eyes softened as she surveyed him and she grabbed one of his hands and splayed it across her stomach, “Would you mind extending that protection to another?”

Title: Fight Fire With Fire

Summary: Of all the things Lucy was expecting that night, a fire in the apartment across the hall was not one of them. Getting handcuffed to her bed also wasn’t part of the plan, but at least they’ll have a fun story to tell at their wedding.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T (rated for Lucy’s potty mouth and implications at the end)

AN: Happy birthday @soprana-snap! I’ve had this idea for a bit and figured you might enjoy it <3

In hindsight, letting Dan handcuff her to the bed was probably a bad decision on her part. Not only does her wrist hurt from him locking it too tight, but she also can’t do anything but watch in absolute horror as he rips away from her neck, eyes wide, and falls off of the bed in his hurry to get away from her. Her family always did say she had a talent for driving men away, but she never thought it was this bad.

Lucy stares down at Dan, sitting up as best she can to peer over the side of the bed, and that’s when the obnoxious, shrill sound of a fire alarm reaches her ears. “Oh, shit,” she mumbles to herself, suddenly feeling very exposed in her lacy underwear. Smothering a laugh, Lucy tries to stand before remembering the cuff on her wrist. She turns to ask Dan for help, only to find the man stumbling to him feet in a panic. He glances around wildly, fingers twitching at his sides, and Lucy’s reminded of a very stupid squirrel that can’t decide whether it wants to run into traffic or stay on the damn sidewalk.

“Dan?” she murmurs, nudging at him with her foot. He glances at her, shaking his head as he mumbles something she can’t hear, and spins in a quick circle. “Dan, what are you doing?” she asks again, frustration creeping into her voice as he freaks out. On any other day, she would probably panic, but this is the third fire of the week and she knows it’s just Warrod from down next door forgetting about his pot-roast in the oven again. It’s really nothing to worry about so long as he grabs the fucking key and lets her out.

He backs into the nightstand, knocking it onto it’s side, and Lucy flinches as her favorite lamp shatters across the floor, ceramic pieces splintering and creating a mess that she’ll have to clean up before Happy or Plue hurt themselves. “Fuck,” Dan swears, running a hand through his rumpled hair. He pulls his lip between his teeth, then stoops, scooping his shirt into his arms and yanking it down over his head. “I can’t—” He stops suddenly, shaking his head, and sends Lucy an apologetic look.

Sighing, Lucy purses her lips, eyes rolling as she glares at her boyfriend. “Dan,” she says slowly, smiling at him as best she can despite wanting to rip his head off, “just unlock me so we can go.” She covers her bare stomach with her arm, curling up slightly, shy now that they’re no longer in the heat of the moment.

It’s always been like that with Dan. She always ends up feeling uncomfortable whenever they aren’t doing something physical. Though, that might be because he rarely sticks around for anything besides that. They don’t know how to talk to each other, and Lucy’s finding it to be more draining than anything else.

She thinks Romeo may be right: she should just dump him and find something better than whatever this is.

Dan nods slowly, patting himself down as he searches for the key, then goes very still. “I don’t—oh shit,” he whispers, growing frantic as he doesn’t find it. Lucy slaps her forehead, rubbing at her temple and silently cursing the day she met Dan, suddenly wishing she’d never accepted his offer for a date at the sushi bar—which was actually the worst date she’s ever been on, but oh well. This is ridiculous and she can’t believe this is happening to her.

He lost the goddamn key.

Excellent. Lucy groans, curling in on herself and resisting the urge to throw herself out the window—something she obviously can’t do because she’s still fucking cuffed to her damn bed. She didn’t even want to do this in the first place, but somehow she let him talk her into trying now things—a horrible idea, really—and now she’s stuck to her bed, there’s a fire, and Dan looks like he’s about to piss himself or start crying.

She’s never going to let Lisanna set her up on a date again.

Lucy decides that maybe it’s not that bad. It’s just a small fire, and Dan can probably get one of them to cut her loose. They’ll all have a laugh over this, no one will ever let Lucy forget about this moment, and some sexy firefighter is going to have a lovely story to tell all of his friends over dirt cheap wine and stale donuts. It’s a simple fix, really.

And that’s the exact moment that Dan decides to bolt for the door without a word.

For a moment, Lucy can only stare, her mouth dropping open as he fumbles with her doorknob, yanking it open a moment later. Her cat Happy bolts into the room, disappearing under her bed, and Plue barks out in the main room, whining by the door as he urges her to hurry. “Dan?” Lucy shrieks, watching him slip out, the door beginning to close behind him. “What are you—Dan, what the fuck!” she screams, lunging to her feet. Panic wells in her chest as he glances back at her, hesitating for only a moment.

“I’m sorry, Babe,” he sputters, shrugging, “but I—” He simply shrugs again, then turns and slams the door behind him, leaving Lucy alone and stuck on her bed, a fire burning in her neighbors apartment.

“Dan!” she calls after him, tears burning at her eyes, more from the betrayal of him just leaving her in potential danger than the potential danger. It should be an easy fire to put out, but that doesn’t mean he can just leave her here. “Dan, you piece of shit!” Lucy snarls, yanking at her wrist violently.

It holds fast, the metal digging into her wrist painfully, a bruise already forming from her continued tugging, and Lucy bites back a sob as she drops back onto her bed, curling up tight and hoping she isn’t stuck in here until Romeo comes home later. The last thing she wants is for her younger brother to find her half-naked and handcuffed to a bed.

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SJM girl aesthetics


lacy pink bralettes, paint stained hands, messy ponytails, face flushed from the cold, chipped nail polish, tiny diamond earrings, constellations painted on the ceiling, iced tea on hot summer days, oversized sunglasses and lowcut swimsuits, the smell of freshly cut grass, a bouquet of flowers waiting for you when you get home 


gold nails and high heels, nude lips and highlighter that you can see from mars, infectious laughter, intertwined fingers, backless dresses, marble floors, crystal champagne flutes, the coolness of the pool, lying outside and cuddling under the stars, taking your heels off to dance, midnight swims


ink stained hands, lightning, eyeliner sharp enough to cut a bitch, blood red nails, the smell of fire, always being barefoot, old leather bound books, black coffee, the ash on the bottom of the pot, the moon covered by clouds, harsh laughter in silence, long unblinking stares, black silk and subtle gold jewellery, rubies, the reflection of firelight in someone’s eyes


the crackling sound of fire, hard wood floors, silk sheets, standing on the balcony in the cold night air, the hushed silence of the library, copper pots and pans, cold hands, braided crowns, the crunch of autumn leaves, late afternoon sun, fiery eyes, singing when no one’s listening, burgundy lips matched to her dress, rare but fiercely tight hugs


herbal teas, ribbons in her hair, cold feet still wet from the grass, flowers tucked behind ears, glossy lips, absentminded smiles and glazed eyes, the sweet smell of flowers, morning sun, daffodils, fleeting glimpses of coloured fish just below the surface of the river, apple orchards in the afternoon, blushing at compliments, singing songs in other languages under her breath, crying out of sympathy 


books worn at the edges from being read so many times, cozy sweaters and blankets, curled up beside the fire, mugs of hot chocolate, fiercely loyal relationships, late night phone calls, boots shiny from being polished so many times, sitting at the window during thunderstorms, witty comebacks and cheeky smiles, skinned knees and high heels, carefully painted nails with just one smudge, reading late into the night, never following the recipe when cooking, fighting for her friends, silly arguments about ridiculous things, trying to see shapes in the clouds, memorising constellations, lavender scented bath bombs


wickedly beautiful, lips matched to her nails, wandering around in lacy underwear, silk dressing gowns, shoe shopping with her best friends, always being the little spoon, quick to forgive, slow to forget, dancing in the rain, hot showers after a long day, hanging mistletoe above every doorway, perfectly put together outfits, shared smiles over inside jokes, gentle kisses, sleeping with her head in someone’s lap, absentmindedly playing with her hair, always quick to defend her friends, lying on the roof and staring at the stars


yellow gold, glossy eyelids and bold brows, brave even in the face of grave danger, sunsets over the ocean, gold crowns, jewel-toned dresses, hoop earrings, old worn maps, books scattered all over her desk, citrus scented soap, eyes that light up when she gets passionate, fiercely protective of people she loves, shiny nails, crawling into bed after a hard day, tiny tattoos, warm hugs, putting her faith completely in her friends, butterflies


silk dresses with makeshift weapons strapped to her thighs, hugs from behind, the early hours of the morning when the world is silent, tears sliding silently down her cheeks when no one is watching, beautiful flowers growing in empty wastelands, an old coin tucked away in her pocket for luck, calloused hands, whispered promises under the cover of night, epsom salts and dried lavender, childlike eyes, cunning mind, sweet smiles that turn to smirks when you look away, broken quills and spilled ink, the buzzing sounds of insects in the summer, abandoned but beautiful manor houses, strangely coloured butterflies, trees with an eerie glow, even when she is broken that look of steely determination in her eyes


wicked smiles, sleek and shiny hair, blood stained lips, the wind ripping her hair from her braid as she flies, roses with thorns, icicles shattered in the snow, silent streets, cats drawing out their claws, flickering lights, hauntingly beautiful voice, the scrape of claws against stone, an apple with one perfect bite taken out of it, eyes of pure gold, scales of a snake glinting in the light, calculated movements and snide comments, the shimmering haze of a mirage, the shriek of metal against metal 


spiced cakes, silent steps, turquoise silk that moves like water, voice as clear as glass, witty jokes, boots of softest leather, kohl rimmed eyes, ears studded with tiny earrings, thick hair tied back by leather with the shortest pieces framing her face, simple but expensive clothing marked by the gold accents, raw and honest, nicknames that only your family call you, a cool calm when she’s hunting, broken pieces of glass that catch the light, empty cups of coffee left everywhere, wrapping yourself in a warm towel after stepping out of the shower, the smell of freshly baked bread, tiled floors and roaring fires in the winter, brick chimneys, that first sip of hot soup that burns your tongue


flushed cheeks and bright eyes, sand blowing in the wind, dimples, rosy lips, yellow sundresses, cheeky comments whispered to the person beside her, infectious laughter, smooth round pebbles that are warm from the sun, the sun peeking through the clouds after it’s rained, the feeling of bare feet against a plush carpet, massage oils and herbal teas, salty ocean breeze, the hushed silence of the library, the feel of old parchment, freckles, photos and quotes pinned to a cork board, scented candles, the yellowing pages of old books, afternoon sun shining through wooden shutter blinds,  the sticky sweetness of honey

To the people who say we should not punch Nazis in the face

Philosophizing and discussing principles are all well and good, in a vacuum, but all ethics must have a practical purpose.

When we built this country we made a decision that personal freedom was important. There was an ideological axiom in play, but axioms must be grounded and functional. That is what gave us the Supreme Court, the decision about harmful speech, the famous “shouting fire in a crowded theater.”

Speech that invites riot, that harms a person’s reputation with completely false statements, that pursues a person with threats, that causes injury by evoking panic…these have been determined to be the practical limits of the amorphous philosophical “freedom of speech”.

But the practicality of a thing is measured by the world around it, which is always changing . To remain relevant, the practical arm of philosophy must also evolve. Fifty years ago…hell, thirty years ago, a man’s capacity to cause harm with racist speech was very small. Only his family and friends caught the brunt of it, unless a man was lucky enough to catch the one in a million break of obtaining a television show or some small fame. However, the world has shifted. Now we have televisions, radio, and of course, the multi-headed hydra of the internet.

That tiny sphere of influence, that crowded theater, has gotten far more crowded.

Now a man’s terrible speech can reach millions around the world instantly. It can utterly destroy how our country is seen by the world and other powers that already have difficult relations with us. One man now has the microphone to a concert-sized stereo sound system and is yelling “fire!” To an audience 7 billion people strong.

This modern technology has meant that we must adapt our philosophy, just as we do in connection with cyber bullying, stalking, online victimization. We must alter our high ideals so that they become tenable in the real universe. So what is the solution?

How can we inhibit the bad behavior without the removal of the rights we all agree we should have?

The answer is consequences. Because the law is slow to move and most men these days have become lustfully entrenched in the notion of anonymity and protected obscurity, they fear no consequences. This never happened until now. In the past, if a man wanted to make an opinion known, he had to do it in the open, because there were no keyboards and monitors, no YouTube and camera phones. So…It falls to the people, the society around them, to hear the things they say and indicate that the words are not allowed, because of the detrimental effect one man can have.

That is simply how it must happen until our law can be interpreted to meet the new age.

But a mindful person who understands why the philosophy exists, who embraces the concept of freedom but can apply practicality to themselves, knows that murdering a man for what he believes is not their personal right. This mindful person comprehends that actions must have consequences and the consequences of murdering a Nazi are the same as murdering someone else. This well-minded and rightly angered citizen refuses to be responsible for a breech of the philosophy. So instead of simply ridding the world of a Nazi and demonstrating that the philosophy of freedom is an unsustainable paradox, this person punches a Nazi in the face to teach him a lesson.

Seems fair. It’s precisely what happened when men only had real soapboxes from which to shout hate speech.

TL;DR In the modern era the audience is far larger and the world uses social media as a metric of how to interpret the USA. Racism and hate speech are no longer hidden things but have been brought to the surface by men who have become too comfortable with the anonymity of the internet - a thing which did not exist in previous centuries. The law is slow to apply itself with the practical adaptation of philosophy. Therefore, consequences fall to those listening. And those listening choose to punch rather than to kill.

Because principles are important.

Peter felt tears in his eyes, reaching out. He howled in pain, begging for someone to answer. Anyone. Please, he begged as the smoke filled his lungs. Please!


Peter jolted, eyes snapping open and glowing bright blue. He stared in surprise at the figure leaning over him, blurry from tears. Pale skin, dark hair, brown eyes.

“Leah,” he breathed, only realizing his mistake when he breathed back in, the scent familiar but not that of his wife’s.

Stiles frowned, looking oddly concerned. “It’s…it’s Stiles, Peter,” he corrected, voice uncharacteristic soft. Hesitant. “You started making noises in your sleep. I figured you’d probably rather me wake you.”

Peter nodded, forcing himself to sit up and clenching his eyes shut at the sudden burn he felt behind them as his mind caught up with everything once more. Leah was gone. Everyone was gone, burnt away to ash.

Stiles slowly moved to sit beside him, though he didn’t say anything. He eventually shifted to lean against Peter, shoulder brushing him solidly. Peter reached up, pinching at the bridge of his nose and trying to hide his trembling lip behind his hand.

“If you need to let it out, I swear I won’t breathe a word of it,” Stiles vowed quietly but no less seriously. Peter quivered, moisture gathering in his eyes without his consent. His lip curled in an attempt to keep the sobs at bay. Stiles reached over, brushing his shoulders and guiding him closer. Peter lost it, hiding his face against Stiles shoulder as he sobbed uncontrollably. Stiles turned to hold him more securely against him, hands bracing his shoulders and brushing up and down his back. Thankfully he didn’t offer meaningless platitudes, which Peter doubted he could’ve stomached. As his sobs wracked through his whole body, Stiles curled his hands in Peter’s shirt and his hair, clutching him to him tightly. He felt almost like a pup, protected and safe, and wasn’t that ridiculous? Stiles would sooner kill him than protect him and he was still arguably the closest one in the ‘Pack’ to him, by virtue of them being left to research together a lot. Peter whined, high and desperate. He longed for his Pack. His sister, his Alpha. Talia might not have been perfect and maybe they’d argued more often than not, but she’d done her best when it came to being saddled with a little brother sixteen years her younger and parents who didn’t want to deal with him. She’d practically raised him herself, even. And even though she’d never favored his methods in protecting the Pack, she’d always trusted that he’d acted in the Pack’s best interest and would have his back. He missed having someone in his corner unconditionally.

He managed to get himself under control but was still hesitant to pull away from Stiles’ hold. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt a kind touch and wasn’t that a sad thing for a wolf to say? He rested his forehead on the boy’s shoulder, wondering just how much damage control he’d have to manage after this utterly embarrassing breakdown.

Stiles softened his hold but didn’t pull away. He ran his fingers through Peter’s hair rhythmically and it soothed his wolf.

“Not that I’m comparing our situation, but sometimes it helps me to talk about the good times with my mom. From before she got sick, you know?” Stiles spoke, voice quiet but even. Calming. “Not with my dad really, cause he can still get really depressed sometimes if I’m not careful with what memory I bring up, but with some of the officers at the station or Melissa.” He brushed through Peter’s hair and the man cautiously nuzzled against the bare skin above the collar of his shirt, scenting the boy in a way he hadn’t done to anyone in years. It was nice. Stiles hummed, tilting his head just a bit and bumping his nose against Peter’s temple. That was even nicer. Acceptance, even if only temporary, was a relief.

“I know Derek can’t really be the best person to reminiscence with,” The boy continued. “So, you know if you ever want to talk, I would listen. And I’ll be honest, I’m still not a hundred percent certain about your plans, but I don’t think you’re our enemy right now.”

“Why, Stiles,” Peter finally spoke, voice just a little scratchy. “I’m hurt.”

Stiles snorted, rolling his eyes even as he gently cuffed the back of Peter’s head. The man smirked, pulling away to show it to Stiles who returned it.

“Dangerous and a potential threat, yes. But you’re not our enemy right now, at least. Are you?”

Peter shook his head minutely, reluctantly releasing his hold on the boy and fighting the urge to hide his face after such a reaction. Stiles smiled. It was Peter’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Thank you,” he murmured after a moment, glancing at Stiles before looking away.

Stiles nodded, running his hand across Peter’s shoulders and squeezing the back of his neck once before releasing him and reclining back into the sofa with a raised brow. Peter probably should’ve reacted against that, maybe it’s what Stiles was expecting, but instead he only felt a security blanket over him. His wolf calmed at the pressure, soothed, and settled down.

“So. Pixies.” Stiles tried to turn their conversation back to the point of research. Peter eyed the space beside Stiles and before the boy could react had crawled onto the space, curling against the boy and resting his head on Stiles’ chest. He was obviously surprised, muscles jerking in a mild flail, but he didn’t push Peter away, just curved his arm around Peter’s shoulders and held him close. His rabbit-fast heart was a nice sound.

“They need to use fire,” Peter spoke, eyes fluttering shut as he took in slow, deep breaths saturated with Stiles’ scent.

Stiles hummed, brushing through Peter’s hair again. He seemed to like that, not that Peter was complaining either. “How long have you known that?” he asked, curious but not judgmental sounding.

“First book I read.” Peter motioned carelessly towards the pile of books on the floor. “I just…don’t like fire,” he admitted.

Stiles nodded, understanding and not calling the man out.

“I’ll text them. You take a nap. I’ll wake you up once Scott says they’re on their way back,” he promised, already digging his phone out of his pocket and texting one-handedly. Peter nuzzled against his chest again before slowly, oh so slowly, letting himself fall to sleep, listening to the quick beat of Stiles’ heart, feeling the steady petting of Stiles’ fingers through his hair, and breathing in Stiles with every lungful.

When Stiles shook him awake a couple hours later, he hadn’t felt a single flame or smelt so much of a whiff of smoke.