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Dark woods covered in a blanket of mist, the feel of old moss in an old wood, the smell of furs and the sound of fire cracking well seasoned logs

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She awoke to the sound of hoofs, of fire, of farmers being mutilated, an uncanny resemblance to an old memory. She stumbles out of the small mud-caked house, looking around to see her village burn to the ground. A yell of a female voice catches her attention, causing her to look off to her right. There she was, her mother, an arrow embedded in her leg as she tried to crawl forward, grasping at a misplaced harvesting sickle. Her hard brown eyes look up and lock with Kass’s, a look of desperation plastered on her face. “Kassie, run! Find your father and sister and get out of here!” she yells, trying to push herself up; some other injury she had sustained prevented this, causing her to collapse again. 

Kass looks at the woman, tilting her head in confusion…hadn’t she already lived this before? “Mom?” she asks, stepping forward to try and place this memory, something that seemed to be in another life. The moment she started to step forward a hulking beast emerged from the smoke, a silhouette of death and carnage in the shape of a Modinir raider. A large axe was gripped in its hand, the hoofed foot falls moving at a slow and steady pace towards the woman lying on the ground, struggling to live. It was at this moment where Kass remembered what event this was; she drew her blade, rushing forward to try and intercept the centaur, to stop him before the inevitable happened. “Mom, no!” she yelled, attempting to stop the axe from falling down. This was not the case; the axe seemingly phased right through her, a short scream coming from behind her before the silence. 

Kass stands there, dumbstruck as the world seems to fade into the dullness of Harathi plains, a laughing resounding in the space around her. “Even with me gone you still push the right buttons to remind yourself of your failures. Tell me, was your short reunion with her a few days ago worth it? Did you get the closure you sought?” Out of nothingness a black figure would appear, the details of his person shrouded in a black mist. Kass issues a snarl, raising herself to full height. “Ya ain’t real. Yer gone. Now git out ‘fore I kick ya out.” The entity makes a noise that can only be attributed to laughter. “Make me.” She pushes off the ground, letting out a warcry with her blade poised to pierce the creature in the heart; moments before the point range true the being morphed, the face transforming into something much more familiar. The moment she had struck she had just realized she had impaled the one person in this world that truly understood and loved her for who she was. 

“Raiden!” She screams, trying to wrap her arms around him, to try and console him and beg for his forgiveness, but was only met with darkness, her mind spinning as she tries to process what all was going on. A pair of arms wrap around her, pulling her into a warm embrace that she knew all too well. “Kass, I’m here, it’s alright! It was just a dream…” She let his words pour over her, closing her eyes again as she leans into him, suppressing the urge to cry. “Ya don’t have my permission ta die, ya hear me?” she says quietly, trying her best to not think on the things she had just seen. 

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