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Okay this is a weird question but what gender are you? I always thought of you as a guy in my mind but I'm not sure and I wouldn't want to be rude in some way, you know?

hey, thanks for asking!!

i am a transgender male; i’ve pretty much identified as a guy since i was around 12 years old, so for the past 13 years?

if any of you have ever heard me stream, i obviously don’t sound like a guy, and appearance-wise, i can pass for a guy only on my good days. but yeah. it’s a pain on most days, cuz i’m a girl no matter where i go, but at least here, on the wonderful thing known as the internet, i can get at least a little respect for my identity.

at least i hope i do.

“you’re young! don’t just settle down!”

no settling down with a nice guy sounds just nice and neat and unnffff i crave a family of my own tbh but i wanna be the stay at home dad who cleans all day and cooks and does arts and craft but also fights homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny and etc

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how are your parents so okay with you traveling to another country? how do you get her to trust you and that youll be safe

I grew up travelling a lot with my family, and took trips with friends here and there and one for school once too, so I guess they were just confident with it? When I started planning to go to Europe last year with friends my parents were just like “that sounds fun you guys will have a great time!” haha which is somewhat surprising I guess! I didn’t get a single worried email or hear any fears, I’d probably be freaking out if my child was going away but I guess I’m technically sort of somewhat an adult now myself so it’s allll good??

I don’t know tbh if I was my parents I’d never let my child leave home. I’ve seen Taken.

this guy literally sounds like he’s gonna jizz his pants over how fast his car can go

it was the most uncomfortable few seconds ive ever experienced


Hey everyone!! I’m going to be at the taylorswift concert on May 30 in Detroit, MI! I’ve spent a lot of time on my outfit and sign and it would be super awesome if you guys could reblog this so maybe Taylor could see it! I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years and it would be amazing if she could see this.

I’ll be sitting in section E, row 15, around seat 19.

Thank you guys so much!!

Nice Comeback

I’m a 1st AD, and at the end of a long week I was having to use a little more force than I normally would to keep the set moving.

At one point I walked past a group of guys (sound dept, grips and sparks) and one of them asked the age old question that women are constantly asked, in that arrogant way that guys think is cheeky or charming:

“What’s wrong with you today, is it the time of the month?”

Predictably, the group chuckled.

Unfortunately, I had kinda had enough of this stupid question so I said, in a sympathetic tone, “Actually yeah, I’m having the WORST period at the moment, honestly I’m losing half of my uterus as we speak. It’s like the Niagara Falls of Hell down there right now.”

OK, I realize that this was a bit gross, but judging by the extreme awkward silence, I honestly think none of those guys will ever ask a woman that question again. (I’m in the film industry, I can paint a vivid picture!) 

“we didnt like how it sounded”
guy at the arena: they sounded great at rehearsals!
“we didnt get to rehearse properly till day of”
5h: rehearse an entire tour a few days
“we all decided it was best..”
mike: it wasnt the girls’ fault!