i’m grumpy and sad bc I miss my boy so much and he’s busy being the boss at camp so he doesn’t have time to text/call me :c

buuut on the bright side he’ll be back on sunday after two veeery loong weeks and next monday is my birthday and i think he already has a gift for me and i’m so excited! also this afternoon im going shopping with my mom for my bday presents! yay



I know you all are sort of frustrated about which way I want to go with my blog and if it should come down or not - trust me, so am I.

Truthfully speaking: I have no idea what’s going to come. It’s not any of you, I’m just not feeling it, you know? Like it feels like I’m not even focusing on Harry. Sure, life isn’t ALL Harry and I very much like to talk to you all about YOUR dreams and fantasies and your life, a lot, but it feels like - not to sound dramatic - it just doesn’t matter. Like, my opinion or talking doesn’t matter. And oh my lord I tell you all ALL the time you matter and I should really take advice from myself, and not to sound rude - but you guys don’t understand my brain.

I had such a good day yesterday, like I was OVER the moon happy just to be with a friend who GETS me and will sit and talk and chill the fuck out for hours. It was refreshing. Then I get on tumblr and something just slightly off happens and I’m sad. I don’t really want that…

I want to come on here and feel like I did yesterday. And I did, at one point. But right now, it’s falling apart. And I really want to get it back.

So with that being said, without deleting (yet,
That is, might be a LONG time for that), because I want you all to come talk to me about your life - I am taking a break. From Harry, from this blog in general.

If you want to talk, PLEASE! Come to me on my personal : @allieweasley. Or IM me here. Because I value all of you and I know some of you really need me, so I want you to be able to have me around.

I’m probably going to get SO much shit for this - but I really honestly don’t fucking care. I’m speaking what’s on my mind. This is my blog. I’m allowed. I’m allowed to feel and be myself.

Anyways - I’m going to leave you with something that ALWAYS makes me feel good and something I turn to when I need it, it never leaves me.

This is my “Hazza Dreams” playlist on Spotify. I’m forever adding to it, so feel free to follow but this is where it’s at right now.

Most of the songs help me get inspired to write. Like, smutty sexy songs.

Some of them are just love / fluff songs.

And then a whole new category: silly songs for us to sing to at the top of our lungs while we are drunk, because that’s something I really wanna do with H. I’ll let you figure out what those songs are ;)

So sorry for such a long ass post, but this has been on my mind for OVER a week, now.

I love you and will see you soon.
Keep loving on our boy, would you? Cos he deserves all of it. xoxox



Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

anonymous asked:

I love these 2 new fellas so much omg I can imaginr the hero thinking "omg hes gonna eat me" ,but then the monster fella just likes to loom over him and then just shower him in licks/kisses

Yes that is pretty much what happens, only our tall friend gets easily flustered and our hero is too confused to do much of anything