hey folks, i’m tyler joseph and i wear my sunglasses inside like a cool kid. i’m one of the guys in that one band that sounds very emo but is really super emo. i do the singing sounds for it, and i also often play piano and the ukulele. but now you can catch me workin’ at absolute vinyl records. highkey wishing we had a taco bell here in town.

now if you’re thinking “man, that tyler guy sounds pretty lame.” you’d be right. but you should still befriend me on aim @ not.sentimental !!

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BF rating oh boy oh boy!!! My boyfriend is super tall and crazy handsome with really blue eyes, I call him a Greek god sometimes 😍 He blows raspberries on me when we kiss and he thinks the sounds I make when he tickles me are hilarious until he's laughing as hard as I am. He's not embarrassed about correcting my pronouns in front of other people and when he was a cashier, he'd brag to all his customers about me. He's the love of my life and makes me glow 😊

11/10 no doubt you guys sound so cute aah

-mod aleks

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I mean I just got dick from a really hot guy in one of my classes thanks to said a+ advice, so I think it went pretty well

Ngl it’s sounds but when you guys say that my advice worked I feel proud, like my hoeness is the one thing im proud of I’m glad it’s good

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You guys sound so funny! Have you ever considered streaming? :)

probably?? idk my mic sucks and cail said that she streams sometimes apparently

i love how the poe dameron fandom is like *chinhands* at all times and all the headcanons are about how wonderful he is

i heard poe dameron never kills a bug, he catches them and releases them into the wild and checks on them later

i heard poe dameron knows the number of every single droid at the resistance base and always asks how they’re doing

i heard poe dameron learned the favorite song of every person in his barracks and sings for someone different every morning while they’re all getting ready for breakfast

i heard poe dameron has had the same bb droid since he was born because he would never hurt the droid’s feelings by selling it

i heard poe dameron calls himself the best pilot int the galaxy but always gives credit for successful missions to the rest of his team

i heard poe dameron will stay up all night listening to someone else’s problems even if he just got back from a mission and hasn’t slept in days

i heard poe dameron always waits to hear everyone else’s opinion before expressing his own 

I heard poe dameron gives his belongings away to anyone who needs them

i heard poe dameron got a stormtrooper to defect and rescue him and then gave the stormtrooper a name

that’s why his hair is so big. it’s full of kindness.


What you said to the New York Times once was, it was after your incarceration, you said, “You can’t go from a $2,000 a night hotel suite to a penitentiary and understand it and come out a Liberal.” And I just wondered what you meant by that? Well, the funny this is, and I appreciate your point of view, things that you said 5-7 years ago or things you said in an interview that made sense to you at the time, I could pick that apart for two hours and be no closer to the truth than I’d be giving you some half-assed answer right now. I couldn’t even really tell you what a Liberal is, so therein lies the answer to your question.

dark zodiac poetry

aries: those who love you also fear you

taurus: one day you will find peace within your insanity. one day

gemini: i wish you wouldn’t kill parts of yourself solely to please others

cancer: you can love and love and love all you want, but those who are dying can not be saved and you of all people should have known that

leo: if you let anger continue to control your life, you may never have one

virgo: you can not be anything less than perfect. it is in your blood and in the way you were raised and anything less is a shame. it is shown in the grades you shed skin to achieve and in the way you think twice before making a sound

libra: you should watch your back. not everyone forgives you for your ruthless words as easily as you had thought

scorpio: your psychotic mind will get you nowhere

sagittarius: you think you know pain but soon you will learn it is not as clean cut as you think

capricorn: i had hoped you would have known better than to mess with demons crueler than yourself

aquarius: the world starts and ends with you. you are there when daylight shines through the horizon and your eyes reflect the golden hues, and you are there when the sun meets its doom and shadows fill the sky as light from the stars crack and appear through the dark ever so often - so much like your own heart

pisces: i wish i could make you understand that if you continue to share pieces of your heart with everyone you meet, soon you will not have anything left of yourself

(just based on personal experiences)