Oprah's A-Z Guide to RELAXING

Active recovery, Bunnies, Coloring books, Dancing in the dark, Exactitude (see also thingsfittingperfectlyintothings), Futzing (that is, merely trying), Gum, Hunky-Sounding guys explaining things (YouTube user: the French Whisperer), Inversion therapy (egs, legs up the wall), Jigsaw puzzles, Kicking back with a cocktail, Listmania, Music, Napping (yasssss), Observing your thoughts, Pressure Point Therapy, Questioning your go-tos (like venting, bubble baths with too harsh perfumes, or too many sweets), Reality TV, Singing, Tension-free travel, Useful tasks, Vacation planning (even if it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Do you have an itinerary for Thailand?), Wandering the aisles (or Window shopping), X’s and O’s 😘😘, Yukking it up (laugh!), and Zones of Privacy.

How do you relax?

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im calling it. grunkle stan (the one we've known for a while) dIES and author stan takes his place in the theme song.

Not sure about the death idea, but I know the updated theme song that I was allowed to see has no character removal, just.. something else.

Sounds like a Family Guy theory to me.


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AN:Hope this is okay? Not sure if i like it! GIF isn’t mine xo

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Warning: Language!

After coming back from a rather long mission, Pietro had been quite wounded. It was nothing majorly serious but he was still in pain and in a very foul mood.

You hear the sound of the guys coming back from their mission and wait for them eagerly at the door. It had been so long since you had company, other than Jarvis. But he was not really that much fun. You were not needed on this mission and you had been told it would only take a couple of days when in fact it took a couple weeks. 

Tony bursts through the door “Jarvis! did you miss me” he yells. “Yes sir. Of course” you hear Jarvis reply causing a smug grin to form across Tony’s tired face. “Oh hey Y/N!” He exclaims, noticing you for the first time. “Hey Tony” you reply as he ruffles your hair. “Everyone back in one piece?” you ask. “Just a few cuts and grazes but your lover is a real whinny baby when it comes to pain” Tony mocks. You sigh at this comment. Everyone knew you had feelings for Pietro. Well everyone but Pietro that is. 

You walk out to meet Pietro and see him limping with his arm around Wanda. You run over to his side and put his arm around you, supporting him. “It’s okay Wanda ill take it from here, You get some rest” you reassure her. She nods in response and goes back to help Steve and the others. “What happened speedy?” you ask stumbling across the courtyard with him. “Nothing… nothing.. I’m fine honest” He replies. You watch as he tries to make his way into the lift in the avengers tower, without you. You stand behind him with your arms folded as he trips and falls on the floor. “Shit!” you hear him yell out in an aggressive tone. He looks lover at you, you with a smug grin on your face, and sighs. “Fine… I guess I could use some help” he muttered. You laugh and offer him a hand. “You are a stubborn ass sometimes” you say, helping him up. He groans in response.
You take him to his room and help him lay on his bed. “Take off your shirt and ill be back in a minute” you ask before heading out of the room. 

Once you return, with water and bandages for his wounds, you see him sitting exactly where you left him. “I thought I asked you to take your top off” you snap. “Honestly Y/N I am fine now. There is no need to help me” he lies. “So you won’t mind giving me a hug then?  It’s been a while since I last saw you” you ask. You see him hesitate but before you can say anything, “Of course”.
You walk over to the bed and hug him tightly. You hear him gasp and let out a groan. “I told you you were not okay!” you yell. He made you so angry sometimes. He was so stubborn!. He sighs and pulls off his shirt, revealing his perfect chest… covered in bullet wounds and multiple cuts. You gasp and walk over to the bedside and begin to attend to his wounds.

As you clean the first wound you notice his knuckles turn white from gripping onto the bed sheets. You look up at his face and see tears forming in his eyes. “It’s okay to cry big boy” you tease as you dry and cover a wound. “I am not going to cry” he scoffs. “Then what’s with the tears?”, “Just how beautiful you look” he replies sarcasticly. You blush slightly and accidentally bandage him too hard. “Jheez, remind me not to compliment you again!” he sputterd. “I’m so sorry!” you panic, loosening the bandage. 

“You don’t have to do this you know” he states as you finish up. “I’m done now” you say, ignoring his comment. As you start to stand up he grabs your arm. “Why didn’t you just take me to the nurse? Tony has a whole floor for this kind of thing” he laughs. “I just wanted to help you.” you reply not looking at him. “But why?” he asks eagerly. You sigh and look at him lying there. Even with a tangled mess of hair and covered in dirt and scratches he still looked perfect to you. You take a deep breath. “Because, Pietro… I care about you okay?” you confess. He smiles at this and you begin to leave once more but before you can he grabs your arm again. “You never checked if I had wounds anywhere else”  he asks with a smug look. You throw a towel at him “you’re such an ass” you scoff. You walk out the door and before you close it behind you, “Y/N” you hear him call your name. You pop your head into the door “what” you snap. “I…care about you too” he whispered. You smile and close the door behind you.
As you walk down the hall you feel butterflies in your stomach and a wide grin forms on your face.

Hope this is okay my loves! Let me know what you think? Requests are welcome! <3

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I know a guy who believes a woman should be covered even if forced and he thinks that a woman who doesn't is a whore but then I know that he does zina and smokes and stuff like that.

Sounds like every guy in my school. 

idea time (❁´◡`❁)

i’d really like to start making multichapter stories/taking requests for fics again!! so i think i’m going to make an ao3 account/story(ies) specifically for requests I receive that are for full-length stories (ie. hidekane/touken/ayahina fics, reader inserts, etc)!! how does that sound?? would you guys be interested?

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Has John K talked about his experiences with Bob Clampett with you?

He has! John has told me many stories about Bob and he sounded like a wonderful guy. Even though Bob was pretty old when him and John were friends, he was still full of life and acted like he was still in his early twenties. He also had only nice things to say about the Warner Bros. directors even though it seemed like there was always some tension between them. 

John didn’t really work for him but I think he illustrated some VHS covers for Bob. After Bob died, his wife gave John his office chair, which John refers to as the “Genius Chair.” It’s sitting in Johns office right now and I’ve sat on it a number of times.

Bob was also a pretty crazy driver too. He was like on of those guys that you never want to get in a car with.

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I know its not persifically for guys but cause im a girl no guys want to date me because of the stuff I like which guys say that only guys should like. They tell me they dont like there girls knowing more then they do, I hope you understand

That’s absolutely ridiculous, I’ve always been a gamer and in my experience guys love a girl they can play on consoles with! It just sounds like the guys you know are d-bags like seriously why would you not want to date someone you have common interests in? You carry on doing what you’re doing and being great.

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There's this libra guy and we fucked last week, I'm a virgo btw, and now he won't even talk to me or if he does he just doesn't care and it doesn't make sense bc he said we were gonna talk and now I get this! Why are libras such careless assholes?!😑

tbh libras can be kind of fake, plus he just sounds like a typical guy - sex and then ignores you because they’re just not interested in any more than just sex :-( i’m sorry this happened to you but i think the best thing to do is just forget about him


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yeah no i feel ya. if it’s any consolation, all people really do is eat a chicken wing and drink a beer with their friends. maybe dress up a bit or set off a sparkler or something. mostly the internet jokes i see are heavily satirical.

dammit ryan now i want chicken wings

That sounds more like Guy Fawkes than anything else we do here to me. I always associate fireworks with the smell of white wine and beer (because when I was a kid we did them with my uncle and his partner and my Nana, and they’d all have wine and beer and I would run around with sparklers just to get away from the alcohol smell.


A bold new V I S I O N for the Marvel universe. [x]