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The Weaver’s song

When I read the scene with the Weaver, in chapter 20, the song from the Weaver sounded somehow familiar. It later occurred to me that I actually listened before to some similar folk songs, in which also a sister was drowned by her older sister and whose corpse was then later made into a harp or fiddle. So I’ve searched then on Google for the song’s which I heard and also found then the origin behind the lyrics.



The Twa Sister is a murder ballad that recounts the tale of a girl drowned by her sister.

“ Two sisters go down by a body of water, sometimes a river and sometimes the sea. The older one pushes the younger in and refuses to pull her out again; generally the lyrics explicitly state her intent to drown her younger sister. Her motive, when included in the lyrics, is sexual jealousy – in some variants, the sisters are being two-timed by a suitor; in others, the elder sister’s affections are not encouraged by the young man. In a few versions, a third sister is mentioned, but plays no significant role in events. In most versions, the older sister is described as dark, while the younger sister is fair.When the murdered girl’s body floats ashore, someone makes a musical instrument out of it, generally a harp or a fiddle, with a frame of bone and the girl’s “long yellow hair” (or “golden hair”) for strings. The instrument then plays itself and sings about the murder. In some versions, this occurs after the musician has taken it to the family’s household, so that the elder sister is publicly revealed (sometimes at her wedding to the murdered girl’s suitor) as the murderess.” 

(Extracted from the wikipedia site)

The song’s to which I listened before were: Méav - The Wicked Sister ( ) and Altan - The Wind and Rain )

The voices of the singers are so sweet and innocent and the melody sounds so bright, while the lyrics are absolutely creepy…  Therefore the song’s are for me a perfect example of how the Weaver’s song would sound, because her voice is also described as sweet and beautiful. 

So let us praise Sarah for creating her own version of The Twa Sisters and of course for writing the ToG and ACoTaR series!


30 Days of Figure Skating

Day 6: Predict - gold medalists at 2015 Worlds

Ladies: Elena Radionova

Men: Yuzuru Hanyu

Ice Dance: Kaitlyn Weaver/ Andrew Poje

Pairs: Ksenia Stolbova/ Fedor Klimov