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The great compassion of these great Bodhisattvas is strong and steadfast, extending to all beings. Throughout the universe they change their bodies to a golden color and carry out the deeds of Buddhas time and time again; adapting to the faculties, natures, and inclinations of sentient beings, with a universal tongue within one voice they manifest unlimited sounds, teaching as appropriate to the occasion, bringing joy to all. Even if there were countless beings in innumerable conditions, all in the same assembly, that assembly so vast it fills untold worlds, and each had innumerable mouths each capable of producing billions of sounds, and each should ask the Bodhisattvas different questions all at once, the Bodhisattvas would be able to take on all the questions instantly and reply to them and cause their doubts to be removed. As this is true of one assembly of Great Bodhisattvas, so it is also of countless assemblies.

Avatamsaka Sutra - Flower Ornament Scripture - 469

Note on the image: Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezig Mandala ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པདྨེ་ཧཱུྃ

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Some ppl trying to say Raw-till-4 doesn't say enough fat but you have always said 10% max and from my research is perfect. Then others saying orthorexia but you have always showed yourself eating fatty vegan junk foods like other insta users. Some say you don't recommend beans but you even have recipes in your book with beans!! LMAO! Do they even know what RT4 is? WHAT IS GOING ON FREELEE.

Hey, yeh it’s actually pretty crazy! Ive been in this movement for over a decade now and pretty much seen it all by this point. Lots of people come and go. Lots of people like to blame the lifestyle (or myself) as they go rather than take personal responsibility. The thing you have to remember is that the Raw Till 4 lifestyle and book has reached many many thousands of people (esp youngsters with no understanding of nutrition or basic physiology). Raw till 4 is actually heading for 1 million tags on Instagram, that’s incredible! Even though I was visualising it, I never imagined it would be this successful! As a result when lots of people are trying and talking about a diet/lifestyle then you will also get all sorts of misguided experiences/comments about it.

I’m honestly just glad people are actually talking about it and making videos (positive or negative) because they are just helping spread this healthy lifestyle to even MORE people. That’s how I found the whole raw vegan thing, through someone trashing Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 lifestyle, I was like “Hmmm this person just sounds bitter and uneducated and fuck you I like the sound of eating unlimited fruit!!” haha. So I checked it out and eventually years later developed Raw Till 4.

Those people trying to say it’s ‘too much fruit’ and unhealthy honestly need a serious reality check, the same people who regularly pour refined sugar sweetener on their foods and also eat processed junk foods loaded with refined sugar. **Remember their bodies always find the simple sugar elsewhere if they do not eat enough fruit**. I’m ok with them eating that and I do sometimes too but stop trying to act like Raw Till 4 is bad and that you just eat whole foods when you clearly don’t. Raw till 4 actually recommends MORE whole foods than any other vegan lifestyle so it is actually THE whole foods diet. Raw Till 4 staple components are fruits, veggies, starches (which everyone knows is healthy) BUT for this modern world is also flexible at the same time. Here’s my response to the yawn ‘orthorexic’ RT4 comment: If you feel orthorexic eating a certain way then you clearly have psychological issues you need to address within yourself, not blame external sources for how you feel.

Let’s straighten a few things out for those who didn’t actually read and implement the book/lifestyle properly / are confused/ who say there is no scientific backing to Raw Till 4:

* Raw till 4 recommends a max of 10% of daily calories coming from fat (for everyone) which is also recommended by leading plant based Drs like Dr Mcdougall (recommends 5% actually), Barnard, Esselstyn, Novick, all of which have recommended 10% for decades. Dr Dean Ornish a renowned Cardiologist also recommends no more than 10% fat. The Pritikin Longevity Centre, a facility that holds the finest heart disease reversal record of ANY such organisation in the US recommends a dietary fat consumption of 10%. Health has been shown to decline significantly practically on every level the higher into the teens the fat levels climb.

* The Omega fat ratios in Raw Till 4 and a totally raw diet are actually the MORE optimal for human health than any other promoted vegan diet/lifestyle. It may be confusing but here is a scientific answer.

* If individuals consume sufficient calories on the raw till 4 lifestyle then they will meet all their nutritional requirements, if you under eat that is not the fruit/mine/lifestyles fault. 

So those trying to say Raw till 4 made them ‘fat phobic’ is not my problem or the lifestyles problem it’s their incorrect implementation and interpretation of the lifestyle as I’ve always recommended a max of 10% fat and so do all the Dr’s (which they always like to quote). 

* A quote from Dr Greger highlighting the importance of fruit in the human diet:
“The Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2012, is the most comprehensive and systematic analysis of causes of death undertaken to date, involving nearly 500 researchers from more than 300 institutions in 50 countries, and starting with almost 100,000 data sources. What did the researchers find? Here in the U.S., they determined that our biggest killer was our diet. Number 1 on their list of the most important dietary risks was not eating enough fruit, responsible for an estimated 4.9 million deaths a year around the world.”

* Not that I need Science to tell me that eating an abundance of fruit & veg is healthy but for those who do here is science confirming that 20 servings of fruit plus 43 serves of vegetables per day is very healthy!
Like one of the commenters says 

“20 servings of fruit? Sounds like RawTill4!”  hmmm yep!

* When it comes to beans, you are right. I actually ate them last night and I enjoy them a few times a week. I have them in my book, I clearly state on page 13: “Chickpeas, beans, lentils are not high carb choices so should be used as side dishes instead of main staples.” and I stand by that, eat them by all means! But there is no vegan diet/lifestyle out there that recommends beans as a staple OVER carbohydrates so please people get your facts straight before misrepresenting Raw Till 4.

I am first to admit that Raw Till 4 can be hard to sustain in this fruit-phobic modern concrete jungle we live in and that’s why many do not sustain it HOWEVER that doesn’t mean the lifestyle doesn’t work or isn’t fucking awesome ✌🏼because it actually is (when it’s treated as a LIFE-STYLE) and yes I actually have countless testimonials from others who agree. Here is just one link to check out some of those who DID the lifestyle correctly and at the time got great results, (remember to always listen to what people say while they are ON the lifestyle, not afterwards when they are off because they don’t do what it takes to implement the lifestyle long term)

I am not so rigid that I only support those vegans who eat raw till 4 style because I know it can be tough in this world hence why I don’t trash other (calorically-sufficient) vegan lifestyles but say “Go for it if you want to, give it a try!!”.

It would be nice if others stopped misrepresenting Raw Till 4 but at the end of the day if you want to make a video about RT4 then for sure please do! You are doing a great job in helping me spread the Raw Till 4 message further. Thank you ^_^

(Official) How Serena addresses other Symphogear characters

According to XD Unlimited sound files, this is how Serena addresses others:

Maria: Maria nee-san
Kirika: Akatsuki-san
Shirabe: Tsukuyomi-san
Hibiki: Tachibana-san
Chris: Yukine-san
Tsubasa: Kazanari-san
Kanade: Amou-san
Miku: Kohinata-san

How other characters refer to Serena:

Maria: Serena
Kirika: Serena
Shirabe: Serena
Hibiki: Serena-chan
Chris: Serena
Tsubasa: Serena
Kanade: Serena
Miku: Serena-chan

It is interesting to note that despite being canonically older than the majority of the Gear cast (sans Maria and Kanade), she uses “san”. While that may not be weird, given how formal the Japanese are, two canonically younger characters (Hibiki and Miku) refer to her as “chan”. This proves that the XD Unlimited verse Serena is indeed the young version we’re accustomed to. This means that the Serena event will feature some sort of time travel/ flashback magic shenanigans, if we’re not getting the adult version (she would be 20 if she was still alive). 

It is also interesting to note that she’s still very formal when referring to Shirabe and Kirika. This doesn’t confirm, but strongly suggests that Serena either never met the two of them prior to her death, or that they simply weren’t on friendly terms yet. 

The fact that Shirabe and Kirika don’t add “chan” when addressing her, can support the last theory, however, there’s not enough evidence to support any of it. All we have is a couple of audio files.


Being offered a TISSUE in this sort of weather was a surprise to him, in all honesty — still falling prey to the woes of the occasional sneeze whilst going on a personal errand ( for himself, naturally ). He’d wiped his nose accordingly, but felt too preoccupied ( read, embarrassed ) to look her in the eyes.

❝I…appreciate the concern,❞ said he, fixating his gaze to the shops ahead. ❝But I fail to see the reason for carrying that sort of thing at random…❞

(reposting my old muv-luv entry from my best works list as a standalone essay)

The Muv-Luv trilogy is a statistical impossibility. The premise is probably the hardest sell of any game ever - the epitome of a slow burn - so I will try my best to make this clear.

Have you ever had a series that has been hyped to you by so many people that you have a negative prejudice going into it, and you want to dislike it? Muv-Luv is a series of visual novels that contains three arcs - Extra, Unlimited, and Alternative. Visual novels have no gameplay, only static characters and backgrounds with voiced dialogue and occasional player choice. You could even consider it as merely a really badass powerpoint. Alternative is the highest ranking VN on both the American Visual Novel Database, and the Japanese erogamescape. When researching them, I had literally never seen one review that described MLA as bad in any way. On the contrary - multiple sources called it ‘the greatest story ever told across all mediums.’ So naturally, I took it with a grain of salt when I decided to give it a chance. Not to mention the stupid title. At first it is so underwhelming that I almost gave up several times. However, after finishing it, I can say that those droning mindless Muv-Luv fans are right in a way few people will ever be.

The first arc, Extra, is your run-of-the-mill rom-com and is quite frankly pretty awful the first time you play it. Every single one of these tropes have been done before. It is an eroge with awful pacing and at the end you get a terribly cringeworthy H-scene with the girl of your choosing. That’s right - already this game was only marketed to people 18+, AND the first part is boring, AND probably the only people that bought it in 2003 were otaku looking for a new source of moe. What you don’t realize is that the game planned this from the beginning. All it was aiming to do in this first act was get you acquainted with the characters, and make you care about them. Oh, AND you have to beat it twice to unlock the second act. Sound alienating yet?

Unlimited, the second arc, takes things in a surprisingly different direction. The universe suddenly becomes an alternate earth where humanity is on the brink of extinction from an exceptionally realistic alien invasion. The high school setting turns into a pilot school, and the students into cadets. Okay, that’s a neat twist, but so what? This part is still entirely too lighthearted and nothing bad happens - until the very end, when the quality spikes sharply up. You start to realize that the first two games were merely setting the stage for this final act, and that they were written this way on purpose. Three years later, in 2006, Muv-Luv Alternative was released.

Alternative is more emotionally draining than any other story I’ve heard, and it has a high barrier of entry - not only do you have to suffer through 20 hours of bullshit to even get to it, but you have to have been morally accepting of the explicit content and three year wait. Oh, and the games only came out in Japan, so you have to torrent it and use a fan translation patch. In addition, Muv-Luv Alternative has some very, very fucked up scenes. Thankfully the H-scenes are mostly gone - only two in the whole game, but one of those is EXTREMELY disturbing. It is also paced horribly at the start, just like the first two.

So why am I still writing this? Because all of the prior content is a trial that the creators are posing to you. You must suffer through it - you cannot skip any of it or the story does not work. And in exchange for your efforts you will be given one of the greatest experiences you will ever see. Bafflingly enough, this is a rare case in which the final chapter retroactively makes the first part excellent. So there’s my Muv-Luv rant. I absolutely would not recommend this game to anyone not in it for the long haul. Hell, I wouldn’t recommend this game to almost anyone even if they WERE in it for the long haul. Very few people are open-minded enough to accept all of the things they will throw at you. Even so, this is my favorite visual novel, and moreover, my favorite video game.

Themes/Motifs: quantum physics, many worlds theory, extraterrestrial life, sacrifice, and at the bottom…

――The untold alternative ending.

A very small, yet very large, and very precious,

                                  fairy-tale of love and courage――

Recommended for: People who will dedicate 50 hours of their lives to something with a stated goal of emotionally crushing you

Not recommended for: Absolutely everyone - very few exceptions

drunk in love

6238 words, fwb!au with fratboy!tae and a tiny sprinkle of 2min because im trash lol

rated m

side note: tbh i only wanted to write fratboy!tae at a club but holy shit this turned out extremely long

*AASA: asian american student association


Everything starts, 500 kisses before and no alcohol involved, at a charity kissing booth in front of the school’s activity center for AASA’s ‘raise awareness for the children’ campaign.

Usually, the association plan things like carwashes, dunking pools, or selling calendars to raise funds but this year, with Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok calling the shots, you don’t have to hear the plan to already know it’s going to be bad.

And stupid.

“It’s a stupid idea,” you repeat as Hoseok walks you to the booth, smiling like rainbows and chocolate sprinkles combined.

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Bonita Vista’s Sound Unlimited - “To Be a Princess” @ Brea-Olinda California Classic 2011

First Festival

I am seriously so pumped. I’ve got my machine blue belly button ring in, my spongebob blanket, my rainbow unicorn pillow pet, and my lucky pig all packed and ready to go. If any machiners or sound girls are reading this right now it’s time to get pumped. Lets leave it all on stage tonight and kick ass. No matter how well we do or the size of our piece of plastic at the end, just know that I love you all and today is going to be amazing. Lets show them why Bonita has a legacy <3 Lets do work.


Sound Unlimited - Only Hope

Major shout-out to my friend Kat for being one of the two dance girls. And (for all you theatre peeps) I think Sarah J. was also in it this year.


♥ You’re an angel without wings, 이진기. (Onew Lee JinKi) 

2013 was a year filled with beautiful songs from the start till the end. Your warm honey-like vocal in ballads is healing, supporting and comforting while your energetic voice in fast songs motivates and rejuvenates. 

You’re a wonderful person as all fan-accounts mentioned and fancam showed; your respect for others remains unaffected by their identity and status, your love for your family, friends and fans seems unlimited, your sounds of joy and expressions of happiness infectious.

You continue to smile through your pain for others and push yourself beyond limits. Shawols worry for you as we watch how you continued to perform despite your injuries, juggling too many schedules, travelling back and forth countries without enough rest. SM, it’s really time for SHINee to rest and spent some quiet time away from the spotlight so they can enjoy the company of their family and friends. 
After all, shawols will wait for SHINee, right? :)

2013, the year that you guys won your 1st Daesang at Melon Awards. Finally years after years of hardwork paid guys deserve so much more! Hopefully with this Daesang, you guys would gain more confidence in yourselves, believe in yourselves and in SHINee world too. ♥

Thank you for making last year so colourful and may 2014 be a better year! ♥♥♥


2013, also the year I joined tumblr and got a crazy lot more involved in a fandom than I expected. 
Thank you to all my followers who made life so much brighter and interesting than before; 
Thank you everyone for the support we gave each other(like when Jinki’s hair suddenly became yellow, not blond but YELLOW and especially when Jinki was injured), 
for streaming and updating each other during events (and complaining together when it’s lagging like ARGHHHHASDGK), 
and even when series of sad news hit, we united and became each other’s support ♥

Proud to be a Shawol! ♥♥♥
Proud to be a MVP! ♥♥♥