sound unlimited


Bonita Vista’s Sound Unlimited - “To Be a Princess” @ Brea-Olinda California Classic 2011

First Festival

I am seriously so pumped. I’ve got my machine blue belly button ring in, my spongebob blanket, my rainbow unicorn pillow pet, and my lucky pig all packed and ready to go. If any machiners or sound girls are reading this right now it’s time to get pumped. Lets leave it all on stage tonight and kick ass. No matter how well we do or the size of our piece of plastic at the end, just know that I love you all and today is going to be amazing. Lets show them why Bonita has a legacy <3 Lets do work.


Sound Unlimited - Only Hope

Major shout-out to my friend Kat for being one of the two dance girls. And (for all you theatre peeps) I think Sarah J. was also in it this year.