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we’re seriously looking into the residential treatment center in santa barbara.

and i’m so… miserable.

it sounds like my parents (maybe just my mom if my dad refuses to help) will have to spend a lot of money on me. like… literally $20,000. and that makes me feel like such a fucking burden. my mom is actually trying to take out a loan from a website that lends money for mental health treatment.

then if i do this, jordan’s going to move out of our apartment and go somewhere cheaper where he’ll have housemates and won’t be alone, and i’m just worrying about every possible thing there is to worry about that. like him physically moving out, and what he’s gonna do with nova and all of our furniture.

then i’d also have to board my snakes somewhere and pay for that.

i’m also utterly terrified. the treatment center sounds like exactly what i need. but that’s the problem. i need something intensive as all hell, something that literally just forces me to jump into life. that’s what this will do. they’ll be preparing me to be a functional, independent adult.

i’m so fucking scared.

anonymous asked:

thank you for your post on deserving treatment. i was wondering, how did you deal with the feelings of not being "sick enough"? also do you think it's normal to want to get sicker before going into ip? i don't want to be triggering, do not feel pressure to answer this. but i am waiting on a bed but the time between is messing with my head a ton.

hi!!! i’ve answered similar questions in the past and i should really tag things to help ppl and be a cool blogger that’s like ‘yeah u can click here for a bunch of info on that!” but in reality, i just linked u to a page on puppies in pyjamas. u should still click it tho 

anyway, the feeling of not being ‘sick enough’ is one of the most common thoughts ppl with eating disorders will deal with in their disorder and when seeking out treatment. (that sounds like a generalization but i think i can say it soundly at this point)

i will be upfront in saying it’s not something i struggled with a hugeeee amount, because when i start to spiral downward, it’s in very tangible, easily measured ways – my main symptoms become purging/compensation and ways that u can’t really deny are kind of sick in nature, i think. to me, it was easier to look at my behaviors and challenge the distortion of ‘not sick enough’ because they were bizarre and i was not acting like a normal person. and i say that as someone who has a very very broad definition of normal.

but. i still know how frustrating it is to feel that. and it definitly is a thought that increases when i’m surrounded by other ppl with eating disorders/in treatment. but….like i said…it’s a distortion. and with distortions, it’s about constantly reframing them. so find a way to reframe it that works for u. some ppl like the whole “there are always going to be someone sicker than you (there is, sorry buddy) / the best anorexic is a ~*dead one !) (idk, to me that one was like….challenge fucking accepted, bring on the death lmao but i’ve heard it works for like countless ppl so i’m including it) 

for other people, it’s trying to how recognize ‘sick’ you are. again, look at your behaviors. they are probably really fucking weird. what you are doing with food is probably weird. i am more hesitant to say that how you view your body is “weird” lol….but is it healthy? is what you are doing to yourself healthy in any way?

and lastly, there’s the question of okay, why do u want to be sick? (bc u have an eating disorder lol) but what prize is being ~*sick? like, congratulations, u get to think obsessively about food, u get the medical consequences, u get to isolate, and ruin relationships, etc etc (but you get to be thin right!!! i get it, i really do)

i’m actually going to break up this ask into two parts bc i have a lot of thoughts on your second question (when do i not) and i’ve rambled enough on this one. 

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going to a residential treatment sounds scary!! i cant believe you missed your whole summer, that sucks :( i also think its so gross that they fatten you up like pigs for no reason besides "standards"

I know its messed up 🙄

Season 5 is guaranteed to be a terrible season of ARROW. 

All these new characters will need the time and focus to become important to the story, important to the other characters, and important to the audience. That will sacrifice time for the characters and relationships people have been invested in since day one. 

It’s also a real shame that they killed Laurel Lance off whose natural story progression would be to become DA and work alongside Oliver in their new roles together. Instead, they’re introducing us to a new character who fills the same shoes of Laurel, and the writers expect us to be invested in it when a dynamic like that is far more entertaining with layers of history behind it. 

Speaking of Laurel being gone, there is a significant decrease in screen time to be expected for both Thea and Quentin, who lose a primary scene-sharer they’ve had for four seasons.  

A new sidekick is found in Evelyn Sharp who will take up the moniker of Artemis, and most definitely edge the character of Thea Queen into the BG.

The character of Curtis Holt will be back in a series regular position, which would be great if there wasn’t an identical character already on the show. Now instead of having a balanced cast where each character provides something unique to the show, they’re doubling up (see previous note). So many characters are without their unique purpose now.

Speaking of doubling up, the introduction of Wild Dog to the series sounds like another “Roy Harper” type storyline mixed with Wildcat of Season 3. Been there, done that. Find some new material. 

Lastly, the fact that the writers are already talking about the big bad means they haven’t learned from their mistakes. At the end of the day, Malcolm worked so well because it was a gradual build up towards him and Oliver confronting each other on that rooftop and it didn’t rely on them butting heads all season long. The reason Slade worked so well was because they built it up in flashbacks, had a relationship established between he and Oliver, and then brought him in as the big bad around mid-season onwards. It sounds like the new big bad will be there from the very first episode - just like Damien Darhk - and be causing problems throughout the whole season. 

All in all, giving up on ARROW isn’t just about losing the character of Laurel Lance. There’s many reasons why I believe Season 5 will be the worst. For those sticking with the show, I hope it delivers for you. But I can’t set myself up for disappointment again. 

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💆🏽💆🏽💆🏽Kinda urgent: numbers are making me very anxious. In my head some numbers are good and some are bad, and it's effecting me badly. Even on tumblr, I can't read some posts because of the numbers of notes it has. It's driving me crazy. The problem is, I don't have time for a doctor or the money. Idk what to do

I’m sorry dear but this sounds like a mental health issue and we are not medical professionals here. We give causal and social advice, not medical advice. I really don’t know how to help you with this since you say you can’t see a doctor. I’m posting in case we have any followers who have experience with mental health issues like this and would be able to help.
My biggest advice is to find a way to see a doctor. Best of luck

Love you,

If it helps point you in the right direction when you find a way to get treatment, this sounds quite a bit like a relative of OCD. Compulsive disorders occasionally manifest with anxiety surrounding words, speech, and numbers/numbering. If you’re in high school/middle school, maybe you could talk to a guidance counselor? Or, colleges often offer at least a few free sessions with therapists, and you could take advantage of that. Good luck, bug!


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no matter what you've done you don't deserve the kind of treatment it sounds like ur getting from ur dad : // I'm sorry he treats you like that

aaaaaaaauhgh no it’s not like that exactly and i kinda do but thank you


American animated web series, ‪RWBY‬ gets the Japanese dub treatment. Sounds good, too!

“5 Lesser Known Customs Once Used As Fertility Treatments”

Oh sounds interesting, okay

“Did you know that Easter began as a fertility ritual? It’s true. What is now a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ, began as a pagan fertility tre-”

Annnd I’m out.