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I just realized a weird Haikyuu!! ship thing??

All of my Karasuno ships jersey numbers are right next to each other

Daichi: 1
Suga: 2

Asahi: 3
Noya: 4

Tanaka: 5
Ennoshita: 6

Narita: 7
Kinoshita: 8

Kageyama: 9
Hinata: 10

Tsukkishima: 11
Yamaguchi: 12

able to believe

Reborn didn’t believe in anything but his own skills and hard work. Having to believe in a higher power planning out his future to each minutiae detail, to consider any good that came out of being a hitman, of being mafia, as the workings of someone else made him scoff. Fate, destiny, deities or gods - he didn’t believe it. All there was to the world was willpower and persistence, and no amount of faith would change that.

Call him selfish, but Reborn preferred to consider his skills and achievements as the result of effort and practice, not some given gift from the heavens that they bestowed upon him because they wanted to. That took away from his own satisfaction, and in a world where self-satisfaction was prominent, Reborn felt it only appropriate that he called his skills his own, fully and truly, without any doubts.

(Besides, he didn’t think any higher power would happily, guiltlessly, give him the skills to kill.)

The same could be said with people. If he had a choice in the matter, Reborn wouldn’t deal with anyone at all, jobs or otherwise - and while he did, they weren’t ideal options to choose from - but Reborn managed to pass through the ranks of mafia with as little interaction with others as possible. More often than not, he’d meet someone once and never again, others he kept in contact with if only for connections and their worth, and there was only one continuity throughout all of them.

None of them ever got his trust.

Eyes straying, Reborn’s gaze flitted over to the preoccupied boss flanked on both sides by towering documents. Work had swamped Tsuna after an outbreak of conflicts between Vongola’s middlemen and those of another previously unheard of Family. The cause was vague at best - animosity towards Vongola because of past deeds, its power in general even if Tsuna declared he wouldn’t be using it for mafia purposes anymore - and if he wasn’t putting out the fire himself in the battlefield (never taking a life, never using the full extent of his power, just enough to tire out opposition) or attempting to negotiate with the Family’s Boss, then he was inside flying through paperwork with a determined fire in his eyes.

It was a wonder how Tsuna managed to balance everything, albeit precariously, but he was Reborn’s student after all, and Reborn never settled for anything but the best. Even with his groans and half-hearted complaints that morphed into something more exasperated and reluctant than outright unwilling, Tsuna never failed to soak in everything life threw his way, never failed to meet the expectations Reborn had set for him, and went so far as to surpass them with flying colors that sparked something within Reborn until it evolved into a flicker of a flame when Tsuna stood up to him, all determination and raw power when he promised him something Reborn had given up on so long ago.

“I’m not going to let you die, Reborn.”

And Reborn, after going his whole life without faith in anything, wanted to at least believe in his no-good student who was worth so much more than what he had cared to admit.

So he did. For the first time in his life, he put his faith not in the omnipotent gods, but in Tsuna. Just clumsy and kind and normal Tsuna.

(He wasn’t disappointed.)

Upon seeing the weariness creeping into his eyes, Reborn stood, silent as a shadow as he strode over to Tsuna’s desk and took a hefty cut of the towering documents. His student snapped out of his concentration to look up at him with obvious confusion.

“Reborn? What are you doing?” he asked, trepidation already in his voice as he watched Reborn go over to a window and casually flick the latch back.

“Getting rid of the trash.” He dug out a lighter from his suit jacket.

“Wait, Reborn, that’s- ”

“Nothing too important,” Reborn finished, dragging the lit lighter down the stack before flinging it out the window, burning flames and all. In the back of his mind, Tsuna thanked his luck that there was a concrete walkway right outside instead of flammable vegetation. Reborn turned to Tsuna, holding out a hand. “Give me the rest of it.”

“No!” Tsuna didn’t think he’d ever have to defend paperwork, but there were a lot of things he never expected to do until Reborn waltzed into his life. “I needed to finish those by tonight, Reborn, and you- you threw them out the window after you set them on fire! Gokudera’s going to throw a fit - I’m going to throw a fit - and you’re just standing there like nothing’s wrong.” He ran a hand through his hair, groaning. “What am I going to do?”

“Nothing. I’ll take care of it.”

Tsuna bit back his retort when he registered that Reborn was offering his help. His tutor never did that; Reborn preferred to watch him suffer than cut it short by getting involved.

“Go to sleep, Tsuna,” Reborn pressed, and something clicked right then, making Tsuna lips pull into a grin he couldn’t hold back.

“Reborn, are you worried about me?”



A hint of irritation flashed through Reborn’s eyes. “Leave.”

Tsuna pressed a hand to his mouth, covering the chuckles that wanted to rise as terribly fake coughs. Reborn scowled at him, expression going dark and more than a little intimidating, but there was no point. Tsuna had long since replaced the fear he worked so hard to ingrain in his mind with fondness instead.

When his laughter subsided, Tsuna smiled up at him. “Thanks, Reborn.”

Reborn clicked his tongue and looked away, away from bright eyes filled with relief and trust - trust that Reborn had never noticed there before, and he wondered how he didn’t because it was so obvious - and let his lips tilt into a small smile.

Believing in something - believing in someone - wasn’t so bad after all.

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High Ti-Ne can be best explained as “whimsical in a calculated way” and vice versa I suppose. There is an intentionality but not obsessive plotting, yet still somewhat calculated and random at the same time. If you ask the user why they did something, response is often “I felt like doing it.” But it is also often reality check-ed to see if doing that thing would unjustly harm another being or cause something that would ruin their future etc.

If not found to be going againist any core principles and felt like doing it, why the heck not?

It is rather simple but also unpredictable.

The Road Goes On
  • The Road Goes On
  • Splickedy "Hannah" Lit

I was playing around with one of those music-looping apps a little while ago and I layered my voice and some of the musical instruments and made a little song.

I don’t know, I just find it really soothing to listen to. U///U


Darren Criss performs Ignition Remix at the 2014 FOX Fanfronts!

  • hiro: *clicks on fnaf 3 song by the living tombstone*
  • hiro: will be painful you'll see... I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIREEE --
  • tadashi: *runs into the showcase building lol bye yolo amirite*
  • tadashi:
  • hiro:
  • tadashi:
  • hiro: ...mmm whatcha say

child: d…d…

dad: look! he’s going to say his first word! 

child: d….

dad: say daddy! say daddy!

child: d…d….don’t you fucking dare tell me that Eren Jaeger deserved any of this. because he didn’t. he didn’t deserve all of this shit.