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I’m really liking the latest update!
EXCLUSIVE: Ben Reilly is the Scarlet Spider (Again) In An All-New Series
Peter David opens up about the identity crisis the Scarlet Spider will be wrestling with, and shares the first Mark Bagley art from the series.
The Ferret of Wall Street
  • My mom: You should write a Drarry story where they're American Muggles, and Harry is participating in Occupy Wall Street with Hermione and Ron. And Draco, who's a successful stockbroker, comes out to threaten the protesters. But he runs into Harry and they can't stop staring at each other and soon begin a secret affair.
  • Me: I- what?! Where did that come from?
  • My mom: I was thinking about it when I watched The Wolf of Wall Street last night. Draco would look good in a suit.
  • Me:
  • My mom: Oh, and throw Blaise in there too. He'd be perfect on Wall Street.

my spots and gozer gijinka. their names are miette and tori!

btw spots’ personality in jp ver actually means a kind of person who get carried away easily or sth similar

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what would luna think/feel at that rainy days traveling with the chocobros, traveling with noctis... and seeing him soaked... his shirt glued to his body like a second skin? (???????????)

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Also: This (thank you @fantasticescapism for finding it~!!! :D)

But really!!!

First and foremost? Concern, lol.

But when she’s not worrying about him catching a cold and is just looking at him… oh my. Well, it’s good it’s raining and everyone is cold and uncomfortable, it’ll hide her embarrassment at her own thoughts.

(ahem, she keeps an eye out for any good shots from this time when Prompto breaks out the camera before bed)

When “Fly” and “Hard Carry” first came out, in the beginning I’d see a lot of fans commenting that they didn’t like them, “If You Do” was so much better why don’t they go back to that, etc. That’s honestly disappointing, especially since Got7 wrote and composed so much on both albums. Of course you’re free to dislike the songs. But if you were really a fan, you’d still respect that they’re trying to experiment and find a sound that suits them and that this style of music is what they want to do.