sound stage


ミュージカル「Dance with Devils」PV (long ver.)

Thank you technicians. You all need an appreciation, you put in countless hours to make a show perfect. You’re the first to get to the theatre each day and the last to leave. You make sure everything runs smoothly. No one ever knows exactly what you do and no one will ever know how much of your soul you put into every show. We all keep each other going, even during the most tense times. You are all wonderful.

I’m imagining NBC studios huddling up and being like “Guys. FOX slam dunked our asses with Grease Live. We gotta step it up for Hairspray Live. I’m talking bigger sound stages. A live audience five times the size of their live audience. Cameras attached to helicopters. Get fucking Ryan Seacrest up in this bitch. Bring Christian Borle back and make all of his costumes sleeveless let’s move move move”


SO classically Ramin………….

ever forgetting lyrics, but this one’s a pretty epic slip-up!