sound stage


“Her very best scene in ‘La vie en rose’ wasn’t the big performance of Non, je ne regrette rien at the Paris Olympia, but a smaller sequence in a New York concert hall, in which you don’t hear the actress say or sing a single word. As Piaf walks on stage, the sound drops away to a tinkling piano melody, leaving the vocal track mute. When she opens her mouth, you watch her feeling every line in her bones, reaching out and wrenching the song from the air, so convincingly you swear you can hear every absent note. It’s only here, when that legendary voice vanishes completely, that you realise Cotillard is making you see the music.”


SO classically Ramin………….

ever forgetting lyrics, but this one’s a pretty epic slip-up!  




Hey, guys, sorry for teasing you with that BTS photo of the CLOSED and LOCKED door to our top secret sound stages for The 100 Season 3.

Here is the second part of our ign coverage with Jason Rothenberg, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley.

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