sound relief sydney

This photo may just look like a collection of albums but it is so so much more than that. When i look at thous picture I can see a 16 year old girl discovering Love Story for the first time when Taylor performed it on March 14th 2009 at the sound relief concert in Sydney Australia. From here this 16 year old girl who was extremely shy and lacking self confidence discovered an artist who sang songs that we incredibly relatable but also lived her life in a way that was breathtakingly inspiring. This 16 year old girl knew she had found something special that she had to hold on to. As she explored the album Fearless and discovered the debut album Taylor Swift, she fell in love with music in a way she didn’t think possible. For her 17th birthday on March 23rd she received her first guitar and taught herself almost ever Taylor Swift song and forced her parents to watch even though she isn’t a great singer. What she didn’t realise at the time was the confidence she was developing to be who she truly is.

When I look at this picture I see an 18 year old girl being teased for being “obsessed” and “a stalker” because she stayed up till midnight to get the Speak Now album on the 25th of October 2010. They told her it was time to grow up because she is an adult now she can’t be a music obsessed teenager. Why couldn’t they see that having a passion for something is important, having something that makes her happy is saving her from being drunk at the parties with the cool kids and she was happy. Why couldn’t they see that while she was “wasting all her money” on Taylor Swift concert tickets and “wasting her time” hanging out the back of the arena for hours only to catch a glimpse of “just a person,” she was learning how to be graceful and elegant even in times of hardship, she was learning the hard lessons that love taught you but she was ok because she had Taylor Swift.

When I look at this photo I see a 20 year old who has found a collection of friends online who feel the same way, and a girl who still stays up till midnight just to buy Red on October 22nd 2012 and cried during All to Well because she finally had words to explain how she felt. I see a girl who is scared of love because it hurts. I see a girl chasing her dreams of becoming a teaching and my god it is hard. But she is doing it. and she is doing it with Taylor Swift there to get her through. I see a girl who has a “fearless” tattoo as a constant reminder that it is ok to be scared, it is ok to be afraid, but never to let that stop her living her life. 

When i look at this picture I see a 22 year old girl staying up at midnight with a bunch of friends to have a dance party to 1989 on October 27th 2014. I see a 22 year old girl who has found happiness in being single and finding ways to complete her life. I see a girl who is living in spite of her fears and continuing to live with passion. I see a 22 year old girl in her final year at university almost reaching her dreams of becoming a teacher and even though it is really hard she knows that on the 28th of November she will be shaking off all her troubles with her Idol in Sydney. I see a 22 year old who saved for weeks to be able to have an experience in the pit. I see a 22 year old who is unafraid to speak about what she cares about despite what other people think. 

When I look at this picture I can only think Thank you from the bottom of my heart taylorswift you have taught me some of lives most valuable lessons and you have well and truly been the soundtrack to my life… so far. Here is to more memories and more music. 

I love you forever. Love always, Taylor