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COVER FRIDAY: London by Anthrax (The Smiths cover) - Our local NYC thrash masters had done their fair share of covers over the years.  However, I had completely forgotten about their covers on the Sound of White Noise album until I played a track from the album earlier this week. And you know what?  They are some pretty solid covers.

London was a Smiths tune which as a B-side for Shoplifters of the World Unite single.  It is a pretty decent cover, a punkier version of the original which was a pretty peppy, fast tempo song to begin with.

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Our Thrashback this week takes us back to the early 90’s & at the time, the new sound of Anthrax, “Only,” from their sixth studio album entitled, “Sound of White Noise” in May of 1993. This album featured their new singer, originally from Armored Saint, John Bush, who brought a new sound to Anthrax both lyrically & stylistically. The new sound of Anthrax fit well with the grunge era emerging around it & brought Anthrax to their highest chart position on the Billboard 200’s.

This album for me was the first album I ever owned from Anthrax, only being introduced to them through their “Bring the Noise” video, released a few years prior. When it comes to Anthrax, most of my love for them revolves around Bush’s performances with the band, and while the band has mad many lune-up changes over the years, they still put on a great stage show & I can’t wait to see them perform at the Big 4 in September!