sound of the big bang

Thank you for teaching us that you can still have fun and dance even if you aren’t good

Thank you for reminding us to have the freedom of a kid even as you get older

Thank you for encouraging us that we will get through it even when we are depressed and have no motivation at all

Thank you for telling us that we can do what we want because it’s our own lives

Thank you for making us laugh at the simple and stupid things

Thank you for being t.o.p to us, but most importantly, thank you for being choi seunghyun

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“Welcome to the show… It’s me… It’s your boy… GDRAGON baby!”


i love songs with sad lyrics that don’t sound sad at all

I told a guy I like that I like Kpop.
  • While most guys judge me hardcore or act as if I never mention it.
  • He on the other hand lets me talk about Kpop.
  • Even let's me send him songs I like.
  • Plus!!
  • When I'm having a bad day he sends me picture of shirtless Kpop idols or my bias.
  • I think he might be a keeper...
bang bang bang; jikook

genre: fluff (poly au)

words: 2.4K

summary: you and your boyfriends, jungkook and jimin, are the biggest fans of big bang and miraculously, jungkook manages to score two big bang tickets. there’s just one problem — there’s three of you.

members: jimin & jungkook from bts

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A/N: i hope you baby stars enjoy this scenario that I really liked writing. have a great day and please keep smiling! :) happy reading! X

yours truly, admin tina.

Saseumgati yeppeun nun naui princess!”

This was the norm at your residence. Both Jimin and you, wildly parading around your house in your pyjamas while the sounds of Big Bang filled your ears.

This would start out very simple. You would be standing in the kitchen, yawning repeatedly from the long hours spent in your college classes and at your part time job, attempting to prepare dinner with the sounds of Day6 playing from your phone.

Suddenly, the music would come to an abrupt halt and next thing you know, Bang Bang Bang is loudly blasting and Jimin is dancing his way into the kitchen with your phone in hand, biting down hard on his pink plump bottom lip and encouraging you to dance. At first, you’re reluctant to do so when you’re so exhausted from all the work you’ve done that day, but with Jimin smiling so widely while moving his hips skilfully without a care in the world, it’s almost impossible not to join him.

So, you two are singing at the top of your lungs, possibly singing louder than the music playing and dancing to your heart’s content and giddy smiles spread across your faces, basking in the glory of letting go within the sounds of energetic music.

Which was currently happening now, yet again Jimin had paused the sounds of another one of your soothing songs on your playlist and started playing Big Bang’s Bae Bae (he was a huge fan). As predicted, he glides his way into the kitchen, as slick as ever while pretending your phone was his own microphone and passionately swaying his hips around, but erupting a giggle out of you.

As the chorus came along, the both of you couldn’t even sing along to the lyrics without laughing uncontrollably, beyond amused with the silly moves the two of you came up with. Nevertheless, you two would still dance, Jimin standing behind you as you two moved your hips playfully, soaking in every bit of the good atmosphere in the cooking space.

  “Umm, am I interrupting something?”

Both yours and Jimin’s heads would shoot upwards in the blink of an eye, shy and bashful smiles growing onto your pink coated cheeks when your eyes met with your other boyfriend, Jungkook, who stood at the kitchen doorway with an amused smile set on his all-too gorgeous face.

You were the first to react, stepping away from Jimin’s frozen figure and calmly walking back to the dinner you had abandoned on the heated stove, going back to stir the lukewarm pot, acting as if he hadn’t caught you and Jimin dancing again that week as you mumbled nonchalantly. “No, you’re not interrupting anything.”

Jungkook stared at your figure for a moment, by now aware not to believe your statement and simply let it go, walking forward and greeting Jimin with a sweet kiss on the cheek, the older boy’s cheeks turning an even darker shade of pink when his partner’s lips came in contact with his warm skin.

Jimin shyly pushed Jungkook away, regretting that a second later when Jungkook just laughs and securely wraps his arms around the smaller boy from behind, Jimin squealing and giggling in delight. You smile at the sound of the precious laughter, your heart still fluttering after many months well spent with those two boys as your boyfriends. It only seems like yesterday when the two of them confessed to you together, then going on to suggest having a relationship with all three of you, this way nobody ends up hurt and because they were as much as in love with one another as they were with you.

  At first, it honestly scared you. Having to date two people at the same time - wouldn’t one of you be jealous of another? Questions like these prevented you from saying anything after they said their offer for a number of days, before you walked up to them one day and courageously accepted their offer, well-aware that you loved both of them, and trusted them enough to be with you.

You were brought out of nostalgic thoughts when you heard an ear-piercing scream. Alarmed, you quickly turned around with widened eyes, discovering Jimin squealing with his tiny hands clamped over his open mouth, jumping up and down again and again. Your eyes went to Jungkook, the taller boy grinning triumphantly as he clutched what seemed like tickets in his hands.

You approached the boy with confusion written all over your face, easily taking the tickets - which were only a pair of tickets - and scanning them, a dramatic gasp leaving your lips while your other hand placed itself over your gapping mouth.

We’re going to see Big Bang live!” Jimin loudly cheered, throwing his arms around the both of you and encouraging you two to jump around with him, Jungkook smiling at you as you turned your head to look at him all before the three of you jumped around excitedly.

In the midst of your joyous celebration, it had dawned on you that there was only two tickets but three of you, this discovery making your body stop all movements as you frowned down at the tickets.

Noticing your gloomy figure, Jungkook separated himself from Jimin, who also stopped jumping around, watching you with concerned eyes. “What’s wrong jagiya?”

You let out a defeated sigh, looking up at him and Jimin with an evident frown as you explained to him, “Kookie, there’s two tickets here and three of us - how are we all going to the concert?”

“There’s only two tickets?!” Jimin asked in disbelief, his jaw dropping when you nodded. “Oh my cat.

Both Jungkook and you looked over at Jimin, baffled by his expression but not thinking much about it at the time. Jungkook stared down at the floor, hands shoved into his front jean pockets as his mind began to think of ways that all three of you could enter the concert and appreciate the sounds of the legendary group live.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off, Jungkook snapping his fingers as he smiled at the two of you, telling you both his so-called brilliant plan. “I know! We can sneak you in!”

  “Are you kidding me? Sneaking into a Big Bang concert?” You questioned in shock, crossing your arms over your chest while you left Jungkook to explain his plan.

“The tickets are sold out, it was hard to even get these tickets,” Jungkook explained. “But not to worry, my beautiful partners, we ー or I ー have come up with a bulletproof plan.”

This isn’t going work.” You grumbled with a scowl, allowing both your boyfriends to alter your clothing the late morning of the concert.

“Quit being so negative, (Y/N). It’s going to work.” Jungkook replies to you as he stands tall to fix your hair, cupping your cheeks and placing a chaste kiss to your bare lips.

“Yeah, (Y/N), it’s all going to work out just fine,” Jimin confirmed as he tweaked the pair of black jeans you wore, wrapping his arms around you from behind, his chin balanced on your shoulder while you still scowled. “Do you trust us, princess?”

You let out a long sigh, your eyes gazing down at your outfit - exactly identical to the outfit Jungkook wore - and looked back up at Jungkook, the boy sending you a reassuring smile. With the way he smiled and the way Jimin hugged you comfortingly, you were forced to say, “I trust you two, with all my heart really, but I just don’t entirely trust this plan.”

“Posing as Jungkook seems pretty good to me,” Jimin explains, removing his arms from your once warm waist and standing beside Jungkook, his eyes inspecting you once again. “I mean, the hair, the clothing - just everything seems to be alike.”

You can’t help but laugh, smirking as you tease Jimin, “Is that why you’re with me? Because I look like Jungkook?”

Jimin was quick to disagree, shouting a chorus of no, no, no’s and denying your accusations, his eagerness to prove that he loved you because you were yourself and not anybody else making both you and Jungkook snicker.

“We should get going, before a lot of people start to show up,” Jungkook alerted the two of you, putting Jimin’s long rambling session on hold.

The two boys walked ahead of you as they walked out of your shared bedroom, your feet stopping when you stood before a full-length mirror, your eyes examining your appearance as your finger nervously tugged at the sleeves of your jacket.

“Don’t worry about it, jagiya. We’ll be fine,” A voice you immediately recognise as Jungkook’s says, your eyes looking at his figure standing at the doorway. “Plus, you look really hot.”

“Shut up.” You laugh as you walk up to one of your boyfriends, shoving him playfully while his laugh echoed in your ears.

Later on, the three of you arrive at the famous stadium where the concert - and Jungkook’s mastermind plan - would be taking place. The plan was that both Jimin and Jungkook would enter the stadium, you hiding away in the car and after thirty minutes, after purchasing some Big Bang merchandise sold outside the stadium, you would attempt to walk inside and pretend as if Jungkook had left to buy the merchandise.

It wasn’t bulletproof, but you still went through with it, the boys kissing you goodbye before leaving you in the car to enter the stadium. You busy yourself with mindlessly scrolling through Tumblr and Twitter with your personal favourite songs playing and not being cut off by Jimin. After twenty minutes spent in the car, you climb outside, locking the car and walking towards the stands selling merchandise that brought a wide smile to your face, you at that moment resembling a child in their favourite candy store.

You shopped for merchandise, making sure to buy some items for both Jungkook and Jimin, who anxiously awaited your arrival inside the buzzing stadium. After purchasing several items and even mingling with some fans and discussing who your bias and bias wreckers were, you began to walk towards one of the many entrances.

Lucky for you, a handful of fans were pouring into the entrance you were headed in, this large crowd of ecstatic fans preventing the security guards there from seeing your figure slipping inside the stadium. The anxiety that built a home in your chest began to demolish itself as you let out a relieved sigh, your relief not lasting very long when you heard one of the security guards yell, “Hey you! The guy with the curly hair!”

You stopped mid-step, a voice in your head telling you not to appear as scared as you were inside because that would definitely be a dead giveaway as to what you were in the middle of doing. You turned around, mustering up the most less petrified smile to grow on your face as you responded calmly with a, “yes?”

“Didn’t I just see you walk in here thirty minutes ago?” One of the security guards questioned with a tough look cemented onto his rock hard face, his intimidating figure working to his advantage of catching out any people in the wrong.

  You tried your best to not seem as nervous as you were, replying to the worked out security guard, “I went outside to buy some merch for my boyfriend and I.”

Unexpectedly, you hear the sound of Jimin call out, “Kookie!” in the distance, your head turning around to see Jimin jogging towards you and slinging his arms around your shoulder as he put on a show for the suspicious security guards. “I thought I lost you!”

“Sorry, Minmin,” You apologised with a faint smile. “I went to go buy some merch for us.”

Awww, baby! You shouldn’t of!” Jimin cooed with a genuine smile, eager to engulf you in a tight embrace. You giggle at his eagerness, glancing in the security guard’s direction to witness how he realised that you weren’t some person who was trying to sneak in (which you were) and sent you an embarrassed smile.

You hugged Jimin tightly, giving him a loving squeeze before you pulled away, the two of you taking one another’s hand as you walked away, the two of you locating Jungkook, who obediently sat in his seat, occupying your seats with placing his hands on them while he anxiously nibbled on his dark pink bottom lip.

You smiled at the site of him so nervous, thinking to yourself how adorable he could at times and went to loudly call out his name, his attention turning to both Jimin and you, an obvious look of a weight being lifted off his shoulders mixed with a bit of surprise on his face as his eyes laid on you.

“(Y/N), jagiya, you made it,” Jungkook spoke breathlessly, watching as both you and Jimin took your seats beside the youngest of your relationship.

“And I bought you guys some merch,” You smiled as you handed Jungkook the plastic packet, the younger boy taking a peek and retrieving a G-Dragon headband with a gasp. “Holy shit!”

Jimin laughed at Jungkook’s reaction, gasping himself when he took a Big Bang shirt out of the packet. He hastily put the shirt on over his thin black and white stripped long sleeved shirt, smiling widely when his eyes stared down at his new clothing item. “Thank you so much, princess.”

“You’re welcome,” You said as you were handed back the plastic. “I even got us some light sticks.”

You took the light sticks out of the plastic bag, placing the empty packet into the pocket of your jacket before handing them out. You all giggled like school children when watching the objects lit up, that moment making you realise that you were there with your loving boyfriends at a Big Bang concert you just so happened to sneak into.

“I love you two,” You said with a fond smile, placing your light stick in your lap before reaching your hands out, your hands instantly being held by the two men you loved more than life itself.

“We love you too, Y/N.” They sent you fond smiles back, your heart clenching at the site. They’re both mine, they’re both mine, you thought to yourself as you basked in the glory and gratefulness of being with them at that stadium.

Sooner or later, the concert began and all three of you were on your feet, jumping around or dancing as you sang along to the lyrics of the songs performed at the top of your lungs, waving your light sticks and enjoying the feeling of being an space with people you loved.


Top sounding like he’s drunk, Taeyang walking up like he’s boutta roast someone’s shoe game, Seungri’s little head ~ a mess

The acoustic sweet spot.

The acoustic sweet spot is defined as the listening position equidistant to each of the two front channels as they are from each other, so the arrival time of the sound is equal at your ears.

It was brought in the vogue of the public by the big bang theory where Sheldon cooper tries to find the sweet spot in a theater.

Why is it important?

It is called the ‘sweet spot’ for a real good reason. 

In a motion picture, an image is considered to be ‘good’ if the location of the performers can be clearly located. This is known as stereo imaging and it adds realism to the image. 

The only person who hears this perfectly is the one who is in the sweet spot. ( no wonder Sheldon is obsessed with his spot! )

At this juncture, it is highly recommended that you check out the virtual barber shop to experience the acoustic sweet spot for yourself. 

The virtual barber shop places you in the sweet spot and abuses sound technology to bring you this high-quality audio realism.

We will dive deeper once you are done with your haircut! Have a good day.

I know this sounds like some crazy 13 year old fangirl sh*t, but I’ve always felt like BIGBANG is and was my first love. They’ve literally made my heart pound faster, they’ve made me smile on a bad day, they’ve comforted me through hard times and on a strange level, they’ve made me feel understood and not alone. I may sound deluded but few people in my actual life have been there for me like they have. I just love them so much and wish them all the good they deserve.


Hum, yeah. My hand slipped.


this picture made me want to paint the most useless headcanon ever for the XF HP!AU which is Mulder sometimes turned into a fox because he knew Scully thought it was cute ( or she could have a fox familiar…..wait.)

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V smol trans boy who kinda looks like suga and likes to pet doggos a lot and drinks lots of tea and likes to dance to Big Bang

you sound amazing, 10/10 would date 💕

Describing My Boyfriend - Daehyun

“Tell me about your significant other.” 

he’s good looking.

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“he sounds perfect for you.”

yeah, he is. 

request me a boyfriend to describe.
(big bang, exo, bts, got7, infinite, nu’est, teen top, seventeen, block b) or any other.
click here for more boyfriends. 

naruto children: “we gonna surpass u!”
me: shUT UP u ungrateful kids!! u phony baloney doppelgängers of the REAL deal!! u have no idea who ur up against u don’t kno what they had to go through!! u silly privileged kids have never even met jaraiya or itachi u don’t even kno the akatsukis IN MY DAYS Sakura had LONG hair what u say bout THAT. u never would’ve guessed huh. anD ALSO ANOTHER THING–