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Michelle Guasto - Production sound mixer or boom operator

Michelle has been a freelance editor for 7 years. In 2010 she began production sound mixing and post work. She is currently pursuing her dream of production sound mixing.

She got her start in the film industry while in high school and was mentored by one of her teachers. Soon enough she was highly sought after for shorts, commercials and features.

She eventually ventured to Sound in film school where she found sound was frequently neglected and misunderstood. After a few classes she fell in love with sound’s mystery and subconscious force. 

Her future goals include working as a production sound mixer and (sound designer) for  Oscar nominated feature films. She sees it in her future.

Yuuri Katsuki becomes the celebrity spokesperson for a brand of footcare treatments. There is a massive advertising campaign that premiers during the Olympics. It consists of close-ups of Yuuri’s boots on the ice, doing dramatic things on the ice like sitspins and double axels, interspersed with shots of Yuuri redefining ‘flexibility’ as he does various ballet stretches in the studio.

“My feet do a lot for me,” says the voice-over, which Yuuri recorded in some sound mixer’s basement at six-thirty in the morning, bundled in a sweatshirt and athletic leggings and Viktor’s cologne. The sound mixer had three corgis who would only be quiet if they were sitting on somebody’s lap–Viktor’s lap being the one they all chose. “So I have to take care of them. That’s why I use the PediCare line of products. The PediCare system has something for every activity level and every lifestyle. Their creams, powders and salts keep my feet healthy, happy, and touchable.”

The final shot of the commercial is a pair of hands tying off the laces of a skating boot. The camera zooms out to reveal that it’s Viktor kneeling by Yuuri, lacing them up for him. Viktor stands and pulls Yuuri to his feet, then takes off his jacket for him to reveal his free skate outfit for the season. Yuuri’s eyes are heavily shadowed and he looks into the camera and says, “Your feet take you places. Take care of them, with PediCare.” Then turns away from the camera, which refocuses to reveal that the blurry shapes behind him were an ice rink. He skates on to ADR’d applause as the logo for PediCare flashes onscreen.

The first time Yuuri saw the commercial, he covered his face with a pillow and lalalala’d so as not to hear himself speak.

Viktor had a pillow too. His pillow stayed in his lap, clamped down with white knuckles, as firecrackers went off in his brain.


 Hattie McDaniel (June 10, 1893 – October 26, 1952)

With Oscar season coming up i thought about all the controversy last year A.K.A #oscarssowhite. If i’m honest before the controversy came up, it’s not something i had thought about before. Maybe it’s because i’m white, Maybe it’s because i have only been interested in the Oscars for the past five years or so. Anyway, it took the controversy surrounding last year to try and educate myself a little. Of course i had heard of Hattie McDaniel, the first black person to win an Oscar..But that was about all i knew. When i researched her life i found it both interesting and very tragic. I will just highlight a few facts that i found,

- Her parents were both former slaves. 

- she became one of the first African-American women on the radio.However, her salary was so low she continued to work as a maid.

-   She earned the 1940 Academy Award for best supporting actress becoming the first black person ever to win an Oscar. However she could not sit with her Gone with the wind cast mates or attend the after parties with them. due to the segregation laws. 

-  All of the film’s black actors in gone with the wind, including McDaniel, were barred from attending the film’s premiere in 1939 which was in Atlanta, Georgia.

-  During World War II, McDaniel helped entertain American troops and promoted the sale of war bonds.

- As the Civil Rights Movement progressed, the sort of roles for which McDaniel was typecast such as maids and cooks began to gradually disappear and she was no longer a popular choice for films. Movie offers eventually stopped coming altogether.

- Hattie had been married four times, her first two husbands had passed away and her second two husbands she divorced, due to jealousy and interference of her success. she never had any children.

- Hattie was later diagnosed with breast cancer in 1952. She lost her battle with cancer in Los Angeles, California, on October 26, 1952.

- She wished to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery, however they refused because they too practised racial segregation. 

- Hattie also wished for her Oscar to be donated to Howard University. Yet, it never reached there and to this day her Oscar remains missing. 

I speak as a white person trying to educate herself a little. Researching Hattie McDaniel’s life really struck a cord with me, Because when her name is mentioned in history she is known for the being the first African American person to win an Oscar  but it is never mentioned that during that celebration she was forced to be sat at a small table at the back of the hotel with only one other companion during the award ceremony. After looking into Hattie McDaniel i then looked into how many African American Oscar winners there have been since the ceremony began in 1929. I was astounded. Only 32 black actors, musicians. writers, producers, sound-mixers and other artists have taken home Oscars. When Hattie McDaniel won in 1940 it wasn’t until 24 years later that Sidney Poitier won Best actor for Lilies of the field. I was even more shocked to find that Halle Berry is the only black female to ever win the Best actress award in 2002 for Monster’s Ball. she is the sole winner of that category to this day. I was ashamed that i had never known this before, being such a fan of film and of the Oscars. i really hope that this can change and like Whoopie Goldberg says; To not kick up a fuss just one year but continuously fight for more black actors to be in film and get the recognition for their work. 

Dating Tom Holland and being a film student would include...

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  • Tom picking you up at your university whenever he can
  • Helping you with a few homeworks/projects
  • Reading the screenplays you write and giving you his most honest opinion
  • And gently telling you when there’s something wrong
  • Taking you to the set of his new movie so you can observe and maybe learn something
  • “I’m gonna be the star of all your movies, right?”
  • Talking about working together someday
  • Tom reassuring you whenever you think you may not be as good as you want to
  • Watching movies and tv shows together and discussing it
  • “I didn’t like how it was edited”
  • “What do you mean? It was awesome!”
  • Definitely presenting you to a few people
  • Celebrating when you get your first job at the production of a big movie
  • Watching all your college projects, it doesn’t matter if you are the director, the screenwriter, editor, sound mixer, whatever
  • Making Tom wonder what would be like to stay behind the cameras at least for once
  • Basically him being really supportive of you and doing everything he can to help you build a successful career

jh0ltz  asked:

I've been dying to know what AH's audio setup is for a long time. What type of mics do you guys use, and how is your audio edited/monitored during filming?

Just answered the Mic/Mixer question, but I’ll repost it here too.

The AH Crew uses -

Mixer -  Zoom R24

Mics - Audio Technica AT4050

BUT!  Onto the new part of your question…

AH uses a Mac Mini running Audacity to record the audio sent from the Zoom R24 directly through USB.

The Mac Mini is set up to the big monitor you see in live action videos to oversee the audio recording and see if it stops/crashes/etc.  This giant TV is also used in Presented With Comment to display the videos that people can choose from.

The audio is exported into one .WAV file containing any number of 1 to 8 Mono-Audio tracks and the editor takes it from there and syncs that commentary audio to the gameplay videos.