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jh0ltz  asked:

I've been dying to know what AH's audio setup is for a long time. What type of mics do you guys use, and how is your audio edited/monitored during filming?

Just answered the Mic/Mixer question, but I’ll repost it here too.

The AH Crew uses -

Mixer -  Zoom R24

Mics - Audio Technica AT4050

BUT!  Onto the new part of your question…

AH uses a Mac Mini running Audacity to record the audio sent from the Zoom R24 directly through USB.

The Mac Mini is set up to the big monitor you see in live action videos to oversee the audio recording and see if it stops/crashes/etc.  This giant TV is also used in Presented With Comment to display the videos that people can choose from.

The audio is exported into one .WAV file containing any number of 1 to 8 Mono-Audio tracks and the editor takes it from there and syncs that commentary audio to the gameplay videos.

Michelle Guasto - Production sound mixer or boom operator

Michelle has been a freelance editor for 7 years. In 2010 she began production sound mixing and post work. She is currently pursuing her dream of production sound mixing.

She got her start in the film industry while in high school and was mentored by one of her teachers. Soon enough she was highly sought after for shorts, commercials and features.

She eventually ventured to Sound in film school where she found sound was frequently neglected and misunderstood. After a few classes she fell in love with sound’s mystery and subconscious force. 

Her future goals include working as a production sound mixer and (sound designer) for  Oscar nominated feature films. She sees it in her future.

Recap: Oscar Trivia, Winners Edition

They’re not as pressing or as interesting, but here we go!

  • Elephant in the room first: that envelope debacle has never, ever happened before at the Academy Awards. There was an urban legend after Marisa Tomei won Supporting Actress in an upset for My Cousin Vinny that presenter Jack Palance read the wrong name, but that’s been proven to be false. This is the only time a legitimate gaffe has been made in presenting an Oscar.
  • Moonlight has made history in several ways with its Best Picture win! Not only is it the first film with an LGBTQ+ storyline to win the award, it is also the first with an all-black cast. It also, at $1.5 million, it’s by far the lowest budgeted winner in Oscar history. It’s only the second Best Picture winner where the sole protagonist of the film is black (the first being 2013′s 12 Years a Slave), and only the fourth to have a black protagonist of any kind (after 1989′s Driving Miss Daisy, where Morgan Freeman is a clear co-lead, and 2005′s Crash, which is a heavy ensemble film, but has four different black protagonists). 
  • While La La Land tied with Titanic and All About Eve for nominations (14), it is, of course, the only one of the three to not win Best Picture. All three won Best Director. 
  • Damien Chazelle is now the youngest Best Director winner, usurping the 85-year-old record set by Norman Taurog, who won in 1931 for the film Skippy. He is also the first American director to win the award since Kathryn Bigelow in 2009.
  • Mahershala Ali is the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar.
  • Viola Davis is the first black performer to win an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy. Grammy next?
  • This is the second consecutive year where the Best Picture winner ended with the word —-light. So there’s that, I guess.
  • O.J.: Made in America, clocking in at a brisk 467 minutes (almost eight hours), is the longest film to win an Oscar of any kind. It is also the first Oscar win for ESPN. 
  • Zootopia is Disney’s third film to win Animated Feature, after Frozen (2013) and Big Hero 6 (2014).
  • It’s often said that there’s a strong tie-in between the winners for Best Film Editing and Best Picture, however, the last couple years have begun to buck that trend. In 2014, when Birdman won Best Picture, it became the first film to do so without getting nominated for Film Editing. This year, with Hacksaw Ridge’s somewhat surprising win, it marks the sixth time since 2010 that the Best Picture winner actually won Editing. The only film to win both awards since has been Argo (2012). Meanwhile, The Social Network (2010), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), Gravity (2013), Whiplash (2014), Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), and Hacksaw Ridge (2016) all won editing and failed to win Picture.
  • With wins for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Suicide Squad, the Harry Potter and DC Films franchises each won their first Oscar.
  • With Colleen Atwood’s Costume Design win for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, she is now tied for third most decorated costume designer in Oscar history. This is her fourth Oscar. The record to beat: eight, held by the queen of costume design, Edith Head. 
  • Sound designer Kevin O’Connell finally wins his first Oscar in 21 nominations with his win for Hacksaw Ridge. He is no longer the unluckiest nominee in Oscar history. That title, now extra true, belongs to sound mixer Greg P. Russell, who was nominated–and then was disqualified–this year for 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. He’s been nominated 16 times, not including his disqualification.
  • This is the seventh year in a row where the Best Picture winner wasn’t the sole most decorated film of the year. This year, that still went to La La Land, with six wins; Moonlight won three.  
Min Yoongi - Absolution

Originally posted by mn-yg

Character : Yoongi x BTS

Genre : slight angst/fluff

Summary : Self-forgiveness was all he wished for on his birthday

| He wanted to turn 25, here. In his studio. In his little haven, the little home he built for himself. He wanted to turn 25 as Min Yoongi even though he supposedly killed Min Yoongi long ago as stated in one of his song. No Vapp broadcast this year. That was one of his request. Every year since they debuted, he celebrated his birthday with Army. Every year since 2013, he celebrated his birthday as Min Suga. However, this year when the member asked if he wanted to do another Vapp, he firmly rejected the idea.

Because I forgot who is Min Yoongi. Ever since we debuted, I have celebrated my birthday as Min Suga. As much as I love Army, as much as I love all of you, let me celebrate my 25 by myself. Let me find Min Yoongi again. He was me before I became Bangtan, before I became Agust D and before I became Min Suga..

Jungkook walked up to him, Ok, hyung. We respect that. We will see you back at the dorm later tonight and eat cake.

So here he sat, in a place where he shed tears of joy and pain. Where he gave up half of his teenage years for. He took the time to look around. To gently skim his fingers lightly over his sound mixer, to appreciate the 2 trophies standing proud on his shelf. Album of the Year (Melon) & Popularity Award (GAON). Those were the two awards he requested for. He still remembered what Namjoon said when he asked for it, It has always been yours hyung.

Min Suga never shows his emotions, Min Suga is strong. But right now, sitting here, with all this accomplishment, Min Yoongi broke down.

With the gentle flickering light from the burning scented candle that he always light, the clock strike midnight. Happy Birthday Min Yoongi.. Its been a long journey have it not? I’m sorry for abusing you all these years, I’m sorry for all the physical pain I have inflicted in this shell and soul. Most importantly I’m sorry for wanting to forget you, to leave you behind.

Yoongi sobbed onto his hands. Sobbed for the life that was once almost stolen from him when he tried to kill himself. Sobbed for the pain and uncertainty that he went through, for what the members went through. Sobbed for finally accepting that Min Yoongi, Min Suga & Agust D is really him. All of him. But most importantly he cried for finally being able to forgive himself.

He didn’t hear the door opened. He didn’t hear the clattering of footsteps but he did feel himself getting wrapped up and hugged from all sides by 6 warm bodies. He looked up and he saw all the members looking right at him. Tears either brimming on their eye or already streaming down their cheeks.

Happy birthday, Min Yoongi.. All of them whispered it out in unison when they let him go.

He stared at each of their faces. The magnae line crying the hardest. Jungkook who defiantly trying to wipe his tears off his face but failing to do so. The youngest of the group. The one boy he brought up. He saw him grew from day one. When he came walking into the studio and sat at the corner, watching his hyung trained. The little boy have grown into a man. A man Yoongi is really proud of. Thank you for letting me in your life. Thank you for giving me a reason to live again. The moment you walked through the door at 14 years of age, uncertain and awkward was the day hyung realized that you need me more than I needed myself.

He turned to look at Jimin who is holding on to a birthday cake with tears running down his face but still smiling. Not once has this younger boy forget any of their birthdays. Not once has this wonderful young man disappoint him. You saved me. Your infinite love for the members, for helping me overcome the darkness that wanted to swallow me whole. Thank you Jimin. That’s what hyung always wanted to tell you.

And then there’s Taehyung. Sweet Taehyung who have silently went behind Yoongi and wrapped his arm around his back. He could feel the wetness from his tears seeping through his shirt. For all his strangeness, Yoongi have always hold a soft spot for this particular member. Because in some ways, Taehyung reminds him of home. Warm and never judging. Hyung promise to never let go of your hands ever again. Let us fly together Taehyung. Let us finally find that beautiful moment in life cause hyung will be beside you for as long as you need me. I will be your home too.

He stared into Namjoon’s eyes. Mouthing the word Thank you. A thousand meaning hide behind those two words. Thank you for choosing me all those years ago to be part of this amazing team. Thank you for choosing me to be your hyung. You can finally lean on me now, Namjoon. Release some of your burden and share it with me. Hyung will carry it with you.

His gaze then settled onto Jin’s hyung face. Nothing is needed to be said for Jin. He just nodded to Jin and he received a smile in return. Thank you for being the person I come to when I got tired of being the older one in the group. Thank you for being my hyung and accepting me for who I am and what I have become.

He saved the best for last. Yoongi know he is not suppose to have any favorites within the team but Hoseok, he is his soul partner. His Yin to his Yang. Releasing himself from Taehyung backhug, he walked to Hoseok and pull him into a hug. Thank you for being who you are. For always being there for me. For showing me that there is still light. That hyung can be Yoongi, Agust D and Suga and yet I can still come home from training, from performing and from wherever I’m at and know that I have my guiding light, guiding me back home.

Namjoon once said “There is definitely, definitely certain things in this world that happened out of our control, So we.. Let’s us just forgive ourselves”

On March 9, 2017, 12:17 a.m. Yoongi finally did.

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Seeing that youve taken such consideration with your amputee mettaton~ In the game blooky is nonbinary and never uses "he" pronouns until metta slips up at the phone call in the last battle. I would love to see a nonbinary "appearance" to blooky :3

Left: Pre-Pacifist Blooky. I don’t think they would have much of an opinion about what they would wear. They might wear whatever they think is comfortable. Loose clothes and pajamas probably.

Right: Post-Pacifist Blooky. Maybe they would gain a little more confidence in themselves after working as a well-know sound mixer for a while. They might even give more effort into looking like they don’t stay cooped up all day. (boi i love that hair <3)

Watch Here,

Official Selection: Inside Out GBT Film Festival United States
Official Selection: BFI Flare: Texas GBT Film Festival
Official Selection: National Film Festival of Talented Youth
Official Selection: Rio Festival de Cinema
Official Selection: Cannes Social Prize Festival

Biopic Produced by Dominique ひ
twitter - @6etrayal
instagram - @versusall


Bryan Rivera
(Girl) Angelina Diaz
Dominique Toure
Isahyas Alloh
Fazon (Gas Station Retailer)
David Rodriguez


Director: Dominique Toure
Photography Director: Jaymesnayr
Producer: Dominique Toure
Director of Photography: Banks
Head of Recording: Dominique Toure
Second On Hand: Isahyas Alloh
Caster: Amanda Aagard
Set Designer: Dominique Toure
Set Designer: Rudy BBQ
Location Manager: Banks
First Assistant Camera: Darnel
PR: Nana Hendrix
BTS Production Sound Mixer: William Dinesen

Shot on: Canon 600D
Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro

Sad Advice

While I was in film school we had a male Sound Mixer who was notorious for not following the direction of female students during their mix sessions. 

Another classmate (an Ivy League graduate with ultra liberal leanings) said, “just flirt with him and he’ll be easier to handle.”

It was what she “did all the time.”  

‘sugar’ tadashi x reader 02

You were currently preparing dishes for the cafe, where you were currently employed. Your boss, Ms. Cass set out to a convention and put you in charge for the next couple days. Your boss’ nephews stuck to themselves and you took care of the shop. Occasionally Tadashi would come and help out. Your nimble fingers sliced the freshly washed strawberries when you heard the bell above the main entrance ring. Your eyes needn’t meet the newcomer for you already knew who it was.
“Hey (Name)!”
“”Hello Tadashi.” You smiled all-knowingly. You found it quite amusing how Tadashi decided greet you through the cafe’s door. You had recently moved to separating the egg whites from the yolks as Tadashi leaned against the counter next to you. You grabbed the stick of butter and began to butter the cups.
“So, what are you making today?” He smiled up at you, which you returned gracefully. You wouldn’t admit it, but you secretly loved the fact that Tadashi would waste his time on having a conversation with you, even if it wasn’t vivid. The idea suddenly made you feel flustered and you desperately prayed he didn’t notice the new tint of your cheeks.
“Strawberry souffle.” You managed to say with an acceptable amount of confidence. His smile brightened, your cheeks continued to glow. You reached for the sugar and dumped an acceptable amount into the cups. You then began to move the cups around so that the sugar stuck to the inside.
“Can I help?” This surprised you. Never has Tadashi asked to assist. On a normal day when Ms. Cass would be away, he would simply pass through, then come down later to exchange a significant amount of words until you had to close shop and go home. But now he was offering to help. This meant that this wouldn’t just be a simple conversation. Your cheeks were flaming, and you had to gulp to swallow the embarrassment and say a quick ‘yeah’ before it was too late because you were swallowed up by your thoughts.
“Great, what can I do?”
“You can.. beat the egg whites.” You said hesitantly and quickly gave him the bowl of egg whites and the hand mixer. You suddenly felt the need to be a few feet away from him, just in case you accidentally made a complete fool of yourself because the vicinity between the two of you would be driving you insane. You took your time to put the strawberries in another bowl and add the needed sugar. All that was left was to wait.

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Woozi/OFC: Late night distractions

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Unresolved Sexual Tension(?)

Word Count: 1292

Characters: Lee Jihoon/Original Female

Prompts:  11: “We’re going to be in so much trouble if somebody catches us,” and 26: “I swear I didn’t see anything!”

“Turn right.” he instructed calmly, poking her in the back.

“I can’t tell where I’m going.”

“Obviously, because it’s dark.” he muttered under his breath, his exhale reverberating throughout the empty hallway. When he noticed her wandering off, he tugged on the handle of her backpack, causing her to squeak like a mouse. “It’s here.” he gestured to a thick door, and punched in the electronic code.

“How on earth do you know the password?”

“Because, I know everything.” the tiny lock blipped green, and slipped open. Jihoon opened the door and flipped on the lights, gesturing for her to come in first. “Home sweet home.” he announced dryly, closing the door behind him.

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