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I just wanted to share this, because I’ve found it quite helpful.

TipToeTiger on r/DnD has created a lovely soundboard application for IOS devices. It is completely free, has good atmosphere sounds, and is updated often. I highly recommend checking it out if you like to use music and sound effects while you play. Thank you.

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Today’s Best Tips on Music Production

10 essential tips… 20 mistakes… 30 production secrets and so on, such lists seem to be really popular these days. Although many of them are just full of crap. Especially forget about the longer checklists – even if you could find some good advices there, most tips are just nonsense, like “don’t mix bass with headphones”.

Anyway, to you aspiring producer, here’s a few things I think you should care about:

  • Limiting yourself can help drive creativity. Don’t use all of your instrumental arsenal at once, don’t try to cover all music styles in one track.
  • Listen to different styles of music and try to identify what you like and what you dislike.
  • Analyze your favorite artists’ work in great detail. Theorize with both feet on the ground.
  • Go ahead and copy other artists, but don’t settle there – tweak and add your own style and flavor.
  • Cover, remix and remake your favorite tracks, it’s a good and fun way to learn about music.
  • Use reference tracks, compare your shit to others, but don’t get paralyzed when your track doesn’t bang as loud as them.
  • Learn about synthesis and learn how to sound design different kind of instruments, e.g. strings, plucks, percussion (make synthetic drums using waveforms, a noise generator, filters, envelopes and such).
  • Check your music productions on several systems; from high-end studio monitor speakers to iPhone earbuds.
  • Sleep on it. Let your track mature over night and return to it with fresh ears.
  • Go hardware, get tactile if you are growing tired of a software-based environment. To actually play an instrument or to turn a real knob is really something else.
  • Get inspiration from collaborations with other artists. Just reach out to people you admire – this is globalization, this is the time of teh internetz.
  • Try to keep passionate about creating music, but don’t be afraid to make some demands of yourself, just to push things forward.
Some one please take this controller away from me,

How to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Step 1. Get the paraglider and leave the first area
Step 2. Find a horse, tame them, and love them.
Step 3.Get your brother to convince you to ride said horse into the LAST AREA IN THE GAME, glide ON TO Hyrule Castle, sneak inside, steal as many high level weapon as possible (including the Royal Claymore and all of the Royal Guards gear set, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THERE WAS STUFF THIS STRONG.), find a secret passage out through the library, complete “A Major Test of STREGNTH” and just waltz on out all the while only having FIVE fUCKIGN HEARTS.

this is wrong. I’m worse than Gannon. someone lock me away and throw away the key.

Master and Commander (2003). During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America.

A good seafaring film about a man on a mission is a dime a dozen, but what elevates this film beyond it is the time and gravitas it devotes to building the relationship between Russell Crowe’s Captain Jack Aubrey and Paul Bettany’s Doctor Stephen Maturin. It’s wonderfully told, and it gives an epic film a beating heart. 7/10.

I can recall at least one road trip in recent years where, upon getting bored, I and at least one of my siblings proceeded to loudly recite the entire opening monologue of the Samurai Jack intro.

My poor parents.

Yeah, heh heh… Hey there, name’s Link.

Brave-hearted, eh? That’s my defining characteristic!

Off on a journey to Foothill Stable! Hey, keep up, Beedle!

Hey, Hylians have plenty of endurance! A-A-And they make an elixir for that these days, anyway!

We’re not stopping for the night? No, yeah, that’s cool…


We’re halfway there!

I agree! So, uh… Come here often? OH GOD I BLEW IT.

Actually, I’m quite the archer myself. Yep, one of the three things I’m known for: archery, bravery, and endurance.

How about a single well-placed FIRE arrow?!

…How do I make an innuendo out of that without making the ol’ Master Sword sound small…

Well, I mean, people usually just… remove layers, y’know?

There it is! The Foothill Stable!

…BEEDLE? What… How… You beat us here??

…So… Come here often? OH DAMNIT NOT AGAIN.

(she ended up leaving with Beedle)


Well, I dunno about you guys, but I am seriously enjoying the Rogues in the new Flash Rebirth comic series! The Flash truly has the best rogue gallery - am I right or am I right? I love these guys! If you ask me, they don’t get nearly enough appreciation for all the hard work they put into their shenanigans. 

So I put together a little fanmix for them! Three songs each for my six favorite Rogues! This mix is full of badass beats that are personally guaranteed to get your inner Rogue groovin’!* 

Tracks and links below the cut!

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My dudes. I completely caved and drew even more Robbie Rotten, except this time way more cartoony. My poor exhausted son, I just wanna embrace him and tell him it’s gonna be ok.

Also I have even more headcanons about him. You guys already know I headcanon him as being on the autism spectrum and having sensory issues but i also headcanon him as having depression and severe insomnia. That being said it’s totally canon that he has pretty severe sleep issues. “I’ve been awake for 3 days!” (Season 1 ep 7 Hero for a Day) I believe a good amount of his sleeplessness can be attributed to him consuming about half his weight in sugar everyday. He’s always in a perpetual loop of eating too much sugary sweet cake, getting really hyper and having a sugar rush and then shortly after a sugar crash. He uses the sugar crashes to supplement his sleep as best he can as it causes him to feel so crappy he just passes tf out (frequent daytime naps) if he’s lucky. But other times it just makes him even more awake and his depression makes it even worse. So he tries to shift his focus to anything but sleep so he tinkers and builds, invents and sews throughout the night to keep himself occupied. Other times he tries to watch mindless television until he’s mind is a soup of sleep deprived hallucinations and worry. His stimming becomes more frequent and severe the more tired he gets, so he has to use his hands, give him a tool and he goes to work. Give him a problem it’s his only focus. During a lot of these sleepless bouts the townspeople won’t see Robbie for days.

(I’m the worst. It’s 3:30 am and this is what I’m doing with my time.)

therearecertainshadesoflimelight replied to your photo“DC Rebirth is able to sum up every Superman villains ever, even the…”

Wait….it was the new 52 that erased these people. Not Rebirth. It’s possible they may still be restored but that was literally never going to happen in the new 52. You have it backwards.

N52??? didn’t??? erase anyone? How can you erase something that isn’t there in the first place? N52 is a whole new different universe, everything is different, each character there is their own new self, and has no connection with their preN52 incarnation. It’s Rebirth that keeps yammering about how that Superman is preN52 Superman (as if they could ever reach the level of superiority preN52 has) and blah blah blah yet they can’t even keep a shred of memories about his children intact, instead we have someone who’d rather mourn over his own death than the death of his sons and daughters.

N52 might have had the chance to provide a fresh start for Chris and Cir like they did with Natasha and Traci in Superwoman (Superwoman is the only Rebirth title that takes effort to do something for N52 characters, so that title stands out for me), but whelp, life isn’t always what we want it to be I guess. 

And since everything is retcon and Convergence never happened, are Rebirth Clark and Lois even supposed to be from preN52 universe anymore? That is like one stone killing two birds and I have to give Rebirth credit for that. They found a perfect loophole to deny everything in preN52 and N52 U^U good strategy there tbh