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Since the teaser indicates that The Last Jedi will be following a rough The Empire Strikes Back blueprint, with Rey off doing Jedi training and the Resistance base blowing up, I can safely get excited for Finn and Poe’s romantic adventuring subplot, right?

camila, prt ii *

WARNING : contains graphic sexual content 

: also, look out for actress series part two coming tomorrow at 6 EST

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He’s watching you with sad eyes as you put your damp face in your hands. You can tell by the way his eyebrows tilt inwards, almost like he’s confused, before giving way to his pretty, pouted lips. “I don’t know what else to say to make you feel better, Doll,” Shawn explains quietly, “other than just saying again that nothing happened. It was just a big crowd, you know? And Camila always would say that she got claustrophobic so I -”

“Stop.” You’re not gentle with him or how you say the words. They hit his skin like knives and you’re watching the table but you know that he flinched. “You don’t get it.”

“What don’t I get, baby? Tell me.” He reaches for your hand but you jerk it away, feeling burned.

“Stop with all the fucking pet names, okay? I’m not a dog, or some chick you can manipulate with your shitty sweet talk. You embarrassed me in front of the world,” you tell him, voice growing in volume as you gather the courage to look him in the eye. “You made me look like the pathetic ‘girl-at-home’ whose boyfriend can’t keep it in his pants.”

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For Keith not looking purple, I've seen other people theorize and think myself that it's because of magic. That either a magic user (druid or otherwise) put a spell on him- maybe to help hide him on earth?- or that he is actually a druid! To me the 'burn' on his hand looks just like purple skin, like it was a break in the layer of the magical illusion. And we know that in season 3 Keith is going to be discovering new powers! It may be a reach, but it would be so fucking cool eeeeeeeeeeeee.

I don’t think it’s a reach at all! That sounds really logical to me, right on. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

~ BTS ~

You Made Me Again - Taekook/Yoonminjin - M (for now) - WIP -  AO3 

He was falling. The wind was ripping at his wings and tearing the feathers off one by one, and the atmosphere was burning the ones that were left. He had been cast away; thrown out of heaven by his own brothers. The betrayal almost hurt worse than the pain in his wings. The wings would heal over time, but this sort of pain was different. It made his heart beat faster and his stomach ache, it made tears sting at the corner of his eyes. He was thrown away.

~ Voltron: Legendary Defender ~

The Glow Of The Fire Will Light Up The Night - Klance -E- Complete - AO3

It starts as a fight; it always starts as a fight. The other members might not have figured it out yet, except for Pidge, Pidge always seems to know. Anyways, fighting. It’s become sort of their foreplay in a weird messed up kind of way, but it’s how they work. Lance throws a few insults at Keith, Keith flips his ridiculous hair angrily at Lance and they continue like that. It’s easy, it’s normal and for the most part the team has no idea what it leads to later. 

Stranded Together, Our Worlds Have Collided - Sheith - T+ - WIP - AO3

This story is about Shiro and Keith who have more in common than they realize. Shiro, the escaped lab experiment and Keith the walking anomaly. Both are living weapons and both are fighting for their freedom. They may not know the extent of their own power or what it could be used for, but Shiro and Keith are working to make a change in the world. Will they use their abilities to raze the nation to the ground or will they use it to protect the ones they love?

Because Of You, I’m Becoming Ruined - Klance - T+ - Complete - AO3

Keith doesn’t really believe in soulmates, he’s not really a fan of the whole thing. Yeah a line magically shows up on your skin some day and ta-da! It’s what the love of your life is gonna say to you when you meet them. Sounds perfect right? Definitely logical.

Your Small Smile Brings Up A Storm In My Heart - Klance - T+ - Complete - AO3

Lance finds out he’s a demigod and Keith ends up helping him learn new things. Capture the flag happens and cute moments under a tree.

~ Bungou Stray Dogs ~

Tie Me Up And Show Me What’s Real -Soukoku- E - Complete - AO3

“I’ve had enough,” Chuuya growls. “Bed, now.”

It’s About To Go Down, We Go Have A Show Down - Soukoku - E - Complete - AO3

Apparently there was a bathroom hidden in the library, one that not many people knew about and the perfect place for him to work through Dazai’s boredom. Dazai used Chuuya to open the door, pushing him into it and making him walk backwards until they were both in the room and the lock was turned.

~ Haikyuu ~ (all bokuakakuroken and pairings from within that ship)

Pouring The Fuel, Fanning The Flames - E - Complete - AO3

Akaashi and Kenma are getting restless. It’s been weeks since their show with the socks and panties, and Bokuto and Kuroo haven’t done anything. Of course they were still having sex, very good sex, very often, but it wasn’t the kind like it was before. Something so intense that you can’t just do every night.

Upon Our Joined Hands, Leave A Gentle Kiss - E - Complete - AO3

“Mmmm are you sure? I could keep going like this for hours.” Bokuto replies with a wiggle of his eyebrows.
“Yeah I know but do you know what you could be doing right now?” Kenma asks.
“What is that?”
“You could be fucking me against this wall.” Kenma whispers right into Bokuto’s ear

Bokuto’s New Groove - M - Complete - AO3

Kuroo and Bokuto get freaky after their daily gym time. Shenanigans ensue.

Quiet Nights - T+ - Complete - AO3

Based off of the post ‘Imagine Person A holding Person B while laying in bed. Person A kisses Person B’s forehead, thinking Person B is asleep. Just before Person A gives Person B another kiss, Person B turns and their lips touch. Bonus if Person A is blushing.’

Or where Kuroo falls asleep on Kenma and fluff happens.

Doubts - M - Complete - AO3

Prompt: You should do an angsty but happy at the end bokuakakuroken prompt where one of them has doubts about the relationship and feels like it would be the same w/o them but then the others try to cheer them up. And/or tooth rotting fluff

Shopping Can Be Fun - G - Complete - AO3

Kuroo and Kenma go shopping and they find something unexpected.

Sometimes Plans Backfire - E - Complete - AO3

Prompt: Hello I heard Bokuakakuroken and you should totally write a smutty fic where Bokuto and Kuroo are making out and feeling each other up to tease Akaashi and Kenma. In the end they have a hot foursome where everyone makes out with everyone

Legos Are The One True Enemy - M - Complete - AO3

prompt: kuroo stepping on a lego and being very dramatic about it; so dramatic it turns into the Scene Where The Love Of The Main Character Dies and preferably its bokuto helping him with it (duh), kenma and akaashi just… wondering wat did they do to deserve This Fucking Mess. may contain 'im gonna push this lego pyramid up ur ass’ threats.

Akaashi Has The Hands Of An Angel - G - Complete - AO3

Kuroo comes home with a backache and everyone does what they can to help. Akaashi has magic hands and Kenma and Bokuto are cuddle bugs, fluff ahead.

A Taste of Their Own Medicine - E - Complete - AO3 

Kenma and Akaashi come up with a plan to show Bokuto and Kuroo just how good thigh high knee pads can look.

Kuroo’s Thighs Are Absolutely Obscene - E - Complete - AO3

Kuroo forgets his knee pads and Bokuto saves the day. Akaashi and Kenma can’t take the teasing anymore and locker room shenanigans happen.

thestorytellerofdreams  asked:

I really like your theories! They're so insightful and thoughtful and I LOVE how you make Shizaya sound so logical. You're right, Shizaya is very much possible. I mean, in a series about twisted love, with a romance between a headless woman and a weird doctor, a man in love with a head and a stalker so in love with the man she changes her face to resemble the head, a possibly lesbian twincest, it's entirely possible that Shizuo and Izaya-bitter enemies they may had been--to be a couple

Thanks haha.

Well I’m glad they make Shizaya sound logical. ‘Cause one of the reasons I wanted to share my theories especially the unrequited love one is because I wanted to make a logical, valid statement for Shizaya. How to say this. Shizaya is often brushed off as a yaoi pairing and impossible in canon, even to those who ship it. And yes it is reasonable to say that because well they’re enemies and hate each other. That is a fact in canon that even Shizaya shippers can’t deny.

That’s why I wanted to show how despite the apparent hate, Shizaya is still possible. Not the lovey-dovey type or yaoi type, but an improvement in their relationship. However, I was pretty sure at the start that Izaya didn’t hate Shizuo. I just didn’t have any evidence to construct a theory until volume 13. Like, I knew somehow Izaya didn’t hate Shizuo as much as he says, but couldn’t point out why. I learnt a lot about Izaya in the course of Shizaya, writing my perceptions out in my stories but it wasn’t until Volume 13 that all the information I had gathered on Izaya culminated together into the unrequited love theory, in a burst of intuition.

It’s not as if people didn’t look for hints of Shizaya in the novels. Back then I read some stuff, some Shizaya moments and why it’s ‘canon’. And it’s intuitive, like they shared so many moments, they’re always thinking about each other, etc. So it’s ‘canon’. They’re fun to read, but they’re not – they’re not really related to the progression of their relationship or something? They’re just moments which may or may not be taken seriously as Shizaya ‘evidence’. Like, they’re just information about Shizaya. 

Just like how there’s information about Shizuo, and information about Izaya, but it doesn’t really tell me anything about the character. For example, ‘Shizuo loves sweet things’, ‘Izaya loves humans’. These facts don’t really tell me anything, so they’re more like my reliable information base instead. Like, Izaya loves humans, then I’ll use this to think through on why he loves humans – which will then allow me to learn about his character. Shizuo loves sweet things – could it be because his tastes are like a kid’s because he never got the chance to be a kid? Like Varona loves sweet things too, and Drakon said mentally she’s still a child.

Like I thought on how to convert information into knowledge. Same with ‘Shizaya moments’, I really appreciated them being laid out to give some support for Shizaya, but I needed to go to another level. I wasn’t satisfied with what Shizaya fans have, because Shizaya fans are dissed and looked down upon a lot. I couldn’t even watch a Shizaya video peacefully and read the comments of Shizaya fans like me without the enjoyment being ruined by some anti-yaoi/anti-shizaya fan.

And don’t even get me started on the comments on the anime itself. Especially with the whole deal with Varona. Not only is it so sad to see my little crow being treated in such a way, it often turns into an argument between fans. Varona is claimed to be Shizuo’s love interest from people who read the novel – people don’t even know who she is because they never read the novel so they start to hate her because she ‘got in the way’ of their ship – it makes Varona and Shizuona fans angry and so they diss Shizaya saying how it’s impossible and disgusting – and Shizaya fans diss them back. It happens the other way around too. Many Shizaya fans just didn’t like Varona, period, because she’s a woman with Shizuo, even if they’ve read the novels. This of course angers Varona and Shizuona fans who insult Shizaya in return and again it becomes a ship war.

Even with Ketsu – maybe not here but comments in the anime there’s a huge fuss about Varona and Shizaya. What does Varona even have to do with this, seriously? Have people forgotten she was an independent assassin for like, I don’t know, at least 10 years of her life before she even met Shizuo? That she was Shizuo’s enemy and reminded him of Izaya before she was his kouhai?

So anyway it was just really tiring and that’s why I decided to share my theory. It may not change the situation in anime sites, since they’re of a different sort. But really, those comments can be really discouraging. That’s why I wanted Shizaya fans to have something, a theory of some sort, to see how Shizaya can be logical and not just a fantasy ship as it’s portrayed to be. I wanted to make a valid statement for Shizaya, in the novels, in canon. And that’s also why I wanted to share my love for Varona, and show how she not only helps Shizuo but Shizaya as well. So people can appreciate Varona’s character.

It may only be one person, but I was really happy when I got a message from a former Shizaya hater since years ago, saying they hated Shizaya and thought Shizaya didn’t have a chance of being canon in the past but now they believe in it and even look forward to it happening. I never meant to ‘convert’ anyone with my theories. But I was happy, because I was able to provide a different view to Shizaya as I had wanted to do, to get people to respect and see that, canon or not, maybe it is not so impossible as it seems. I did not necessarily want people to agree with me. I just wanted acknowledgement for Shizaya fans to show that, look – we have our reasons for shipping and loving and believing in Shizaya even in the novels, in canon, even with Volume 13 and Shizuo and Izaya’s death match, so please respect our ship.

That’s why I think the unrequited love theory doesn’t just belong to me – it belongs to the fandom. That’s why I don’t think it’s amazing. That’s why I think what’s amazing is that the Shizaya fandom was able to read the whole theory which was like almost 5000 words, spread it around in tumblr and places outside tumblr to other Shizaya fans, accept it and adopt a different point of view for canon Shizaya and have hope and faith in our ship despite the heartbreak of Volume 13. That is what is amazing to me. The paradigm shift, the revolution in the fandom. This faith and belief. Even before the scene with SH where Shizuo talked to Celty about getting along with Izaya, and Orihara Izaya and the Sunset where Izaya was revealed to be unregistered director of a detective agency, came out. Yeah I alone wrote the theory without any discussion with anyone – but the amazing impact it has had on the Shizaya fandom – no, even the Durarara fandom perhaps, wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. You guys are the amazing ones.

Well anyway, SH. Yeah Shizuo and Izaya’s relationship is definitely going to change, as I’ve illustrated with the ask before this. About Shizuo being smarter than he believes – well, I’m not sure but, Shizuo could know he’s smart. Not in a ‘I’m smart’ kind of way, but in a sort of unconscious way, like…


I see…so this is what it’s all about.

That flea…he tried to use Akane to kill me…and when that failed, he even had the guts to hire someone else to silence Akane…

His resulting analysis was half-wrong, however –

He thinks I’m that stupid…

H E  T H I N K S  I ’ M  T H A T  S T U P I D  T H A T F U C K I N G  F L E A  B A S T A R D !

-          Durarara Volume 6

So yeah if Shizuo thinks Izaya thinks he’s that stupid and he gets angry at that, maybe he knows he is not that stupid – to know that Izaya would think he’s stupid. He’s smart enough to comprehend Izaya’s perception of him. Like usually in comedic situations when people call a person an idiot, the idiot will not know people think he’s an idiot because well, he’s an idiot (or seems to be). This doesn’t seem to be the case with Shizuo, since he knows Izaya would think he’s stupid and he gets angry at Izaya underestimating him so much because he really is not that stupid.

And to Varona –

“Hey, I’m no moron myself, you know. One look at that rider suit, and I knew.”

It’s like Shizuo knows and maybe is used to people seeing him as an idiot or thinking he’s stupid or too dense to notice. Unlike with Izaya, there’s no anger because Varona didn’t look down on him to insult him, so he knows it’s just her perception (and others’) of him. There was also one part where Shizuo said to someone people shouldn’t call others stupid but he’s stupid so he’ll say it anyway – that they’re stupid. If you think about it, well, to know that he’s ‘stupid’ will require him to consider the perception of other people in relation to his own and that definitely requires intelligence. Just like how when tricking suicidal girls, Izaya considers their perception of him as nice and benevolent and knows that it is flawed – that’s why he can trick them into thinking so while knowing he’s a horrible person and looking forward to their reaction when their expectations are overturned.

‘Cause remember, Shizuo was alone for most of his life growing up, if he was stupid he would have embarked on the wrong path, like becoming a gang member who talks nonsense because of stress or anger – but he’s mentally strong and sharp enough to recognize that would only bring his future to ruin (despite getting pissed off and beating up gangs). Shizuo isn’t the type to declare his intelligence or display it like Izaya, but he knows he’s not stupid either. Since he wrote that he wanted to be a detective in his graduation anthology in elementary school, after experiencing being shunned. A detective isn’t exactly a common job – if Shizuo was only thinking he could use his strength to catch bad guys, he would have written that he wanted to be a policeman. The skill of deduction is needed in detective work – and in deducing one’s deduction would be useful in detective work. So I think Shizuo does believe he is smart.

Maybe. But to do that Shizuo would have to be a mastermind on his own first. If his intelligence is only expended because of Izaya’s encouragement, Izaya definitely wouldn’t be handing him his reins. For example Izaya was enthralled by Mikado’s manipulation because he didn’t actively train him to manipulate – Mikado already knew how to manipulate people, he didn’t need Izaya’s help, only the right situation which Izaya brought about. That’s why I think Izaya has a grudging respect for Shizuo – because Shizuo too independently deduces the roots of the seeds he’s planted in Ikebukuro. So well considering current circumstances, Shizuo needs to be a villain because only then will he only have himself to rely on.

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AsuShin and Why it Just Doesn't Work in Canon

AsuShin is very prevalent in the Eva universe, and its failings become clearly evident in The End of Evangelion. But why did these two fail so spectacularly? Why did they become so toxic to each other? And whose fault was it?
A discussion of Asuka and Shinji’s dynamic and why the ship is abusive below.

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Update #2

Heya guys, I thought I’d just push through with a little update~♪

As you may have seen from my previous few posts, I have been attempting to do digital art. I was under the impression that because I have competence in traditional work, that digital would be easy. That’s sound logic, right? NOPE. 

I’ve quickly learned just how difficult it is to do digital artwork, not because I found drawing on a tablet weird, but because nothing could realistically emulate the feeling of drawing with good old pen and paper. There are many mediums which I am still to master (or even try in some cases, looking at you charcoal) and I honestly work so much quicker, accurately, efficiently and happily in traditional media. Due to this, I have decided to quit digital work for now. 

There are SOOOOO many blogs who are talented digitally for this fandom. I want to be one of those few traditional blogs in order to grow myself as an artist as well as to hopefully inspire some of you guys to pick up something new (just don’t start with charcoal, it’s a mess, literally since it goes everywhere).

Thanks for your time and support, team~♥

Don’t get it twisted… As painful and misguided as it is, and as much as I never want to see Bonnie hurt like that, in terms of intentions alone this was one of the most selfless things Damon’s done.

Everything that’s happened this season has reinforced his preexisting notions that he ruins every good thing he touches, that he doesn’t deserve good things, that when good people love him they will get hurt.

That speech at Bonnie’s bedside was the only time in all this that he was 100% honest about his motivations for desiccating. Because that was the only time that there was no one around to hear him, so he didn’t have to lie.

And yes, he absolutely was lying in both (all?) of his letters. Because in Damon’s opinion, he’s no hero. If presented with a situation where he could protect his loved ones but be hated by them, vs. be admired by them while leaving them vulnerable, he will choose the former every single time. And that’s exactly what he’s done.

With Stefan, he said that he’s a bad brother and a danger to society without Elena, knowing that Stefan will feel betrayed. With Ric, he directly refuted all that, admitting he was lying to his brother… and instead spins an even more selfish yarn about having been too miserable without Elena to stand living another moment without her.

Anyone paying attention to anything happening in the past dozen episodes knows that this isn’t true. He’s telling them what he thinks they will believe/accept. 

He knows that being honest about his selfless intentions would a. be uncomfortable, and b. open the door for them to try to stop him (as they very obviously would.) But this way, he’s the same old Damon, making selfish choices for Elena and they’re free to resent him for the way those choices affect them while (supposedly) being safe and sound.

I’m not saying it’s sound logic, or that he’s right to invoke a lifetime of abandonment issues in some misguided attempt to protect Bonnie from himself. But I am saying that for once, Damon’s choice is made for the sake of the people he loves, not for himself, and not for Elena… no matter what he writes to them.


Character: Yugyeom - GOT7
Genre: Fluff/Comedy??
Request: First date with Yugyeom and the member decide to spy on the both of you.
Authors note: My first request in a while! I had so much writing this! This one is a bit lengthy, I kind of got ahead of myself. ^^; Got7 is just a bunch of dorks so it’s always fun to write them in these ridiculous situations! I hope you like this my dear! ^^ Let me know what you think! <3

- Admin T

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armouredmechanic replied to your post: “I mean, we kissed but not in a gay way.”:

“It’s just–” fuck change the subject “–well, why /don’t/ you know how it works? It’s really simple, why don’t you know?”

        “Because I don’t kiss other men?”
    A sigh followed, and a hand rubbing his face.
        “Tony, when’s the last time you slept?”

anonymous asked:

what do you make of Abby's and Kane's relationship on the Ark? At first we've seen them in an almost hostile dynamic, which makes the sudden shift to physical and verbal comfort so interesting. I don't believe in the "in love as teenagers" thing but it still makes you wonder how it shifted so easily? Or maybe it's just their personalities and circumstances? Also, when do you think did Kane start to fall in love with Abby (even subconsciously)? love your metas btw! :)

Here’s a few things we know about Abby and Kane pre-season 1.

- Abby said Jake was Kane’s friend
- Nigel said Abby was Kane’s friend
-  Thus: Kane was Jake and Abby’s friend.
- “Friend” doesn’t have to mean close. Kane was not at Jake’s execution.
- Kane and Abby have been colleagues for years “Kane has been trying to get [Nigel] for years.” If that wasn’t discussed at the council, then Abby still had to be close enough with Kane to know that.
- Kane and Abby may have often disagreed about issues as Jake seemed surprised that she agreed with Kane about the oxygen issue.

I’m speculating that Kane and Abby were on friendly terms (polite at least, not necessarily close) before Jake died. Why? Because she seemed angry at him in season 1. If she was indifferent towards him in the past, I don’t think he would be able to get a rise out of her. If she used to consider him a friend and then felt like he turned into an enemy who betrayed her and who he used to be, you can see why that would be irritating.

Kane also became a scapegoat for Abby, about Jake and Clarke but also about the larger issues surrounded the Ark. I found it interesting that she focused so much resentment on him, not Jaha (the one who actually betrayed her). I think this is because she didn’t understand where Kane is coming from. To Abby, Kane was cold and unfeeling, which is dangerous. He was a wall she couldn’t get through to at all, so he got her hostility instead.

Kane and Abby think very differently, and this makes it difficult for them to communicate with one another. In season 1, they talked at each other but most of the time, they weren’t connecting. They each heard “blah blah blah” from one another. This is because Kane uses logic and facts, and Abby heard “you don’t care about anyone” and Abby uses emotions and hope and Kane heard “scientifically unfounded.”

Abby also misjudged Kane in season 1. She labeled him as power hungry – to the point that even a lot of viewers still believe that is true of season 1 Kane; in actuality when he was offered a chance of begin chancellor, he turned it down. This is also the point when Abby’s view of him shifted as well. In 1.05 in that moment before the culling, Kane told her that he told Jaha to not sacrifice himself because the ark couldn’t afford upheaval and that he left someone at the radio for Raven. Abby just stared at him like she didn’t know who he was – because she didn’t.

Kane started seeing Abby differently after she pirated the ark com systems and all the people volunteered for the culling. “Abby’s announcement proved to be very convincing.” I firmly believe that he is the one who advocated that she not be floated, that her medical expertise was necessary (because that sounds like Kane logic right there). However, he didn’t really believe in her perspective until after Raven radioed that the hundred were alive. That’s when Kane was forced to change his entire view. Kane is reliant on logic and statical probabilities - that’s why he was “so sure” they had to go through with the culling, because in every scenario he ran, he was right, and yet, he was wrong: the hundred were alive. Who was always saying that despite evidence that said otherwise? Abby. If he had just listened to her, waited a day, two days, those people would still be alive. Abby is never directly mentioned but it’s there, at least the shift in his perspective. There is a margin of error in all facts and sometimes you have to just believe that there’s that possibility otherwise.

In the few scenes we have of Kane and Abby together for the rest of season 1, the tension between them is gone and they are more in sync with each another. I love the scene in 1.09 when Kane and Abby have the exchange about Diana Sydney and wordless glances. Their interaction is natural and familiar, I imagine that it’s reminisce of their relationship pre-Jake’s death. This also make Abby’s reaction in 1.13 clear, when she doesn’t want Kane to stay behind on the Ark – because she just got the Kane she used to know back. In truth, Abby would have objected to anyone staying behind because that’s who she is, but the way she looks at him…

She cares about him, and I don’t buy that that’s just something that came up 2 days before after years of indifference. She cared about him before all of that as well, which is the reason their relationship turned hostile before shifting back to that quasi-friendship. That’s the only scenario that really makes sense to me.

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chimerahs  asked:

Corys power to bring the id card to the real world is gonna be used to bring stiles back to the real world like the card. Bet. Or be used to get Lydia into the realm of them mfs since they shook by her banshee ass. Idk but it sounds logical right?

Right so corey seems to be the tool which is going to help them ‘look’ inside the ‘box’ because he can bridge the gap between the real world and the things that the wild hunt is hiding (the card/the people).

It seems like corey is this seasons’ parrish, tbh. Trying to make him relevant for this particular mission.

Lydia will definitely be involved i think. Maybe he will get her in or since she is hearing the train (train station is the ‘box’ they are all being kept in) maybe she can hear/see what stiles is seeing (thats why she sees that woman) and Lydia may be the ears/eyes for them while corey is more so the ‘hands’

I've Had Enough Of Not Being Racist

I initially stopped being racist for my own personal reasons. It was the individual journey that I was going through. But I’ve just had enough of it. You know who’s fault this is? Non-racists.

When I initially made the switch, I did it for my self. I didn’t try to stop racist behavior. I didn’t correct racist rhetoric. I didn’t stand up for those that were the victims of racism, because it was NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!! I respected other people’s beliefs even though they were different than mine. Pretty sound logic, right? Well guess who doesn’t agree with this? Non-racists.

These people will go on and on and on about how much better they are than racist people. They will shame racist people. They will tell racist people that they are horrible people. They will try to stop racist people from being racist. In other words, they were shoving their non-racist beliefs down racist people’s throats.

I found this to be completely unacceptable behavior. Don’t be racist for your own reasons. The moment you start telling people that they are racist, you are crossing the line.

I even had to tell some of my racist friends, “I stopped being racist, but don’t worry I’m not one of ‘those’ people. If you want to be racist that’s totally cool.” And guess what? We all got along. Them being racist and me not being racist. You see how easy that works out.

But I just couldn’t deal being associated with such a judgmental group as non-racists. They turned me off the whole idea of not being racist. I just couldn’t be around it anymore.

For example, sometimes racists would be racist but in a nice, humane way……For example, saying to minorities “could you PLEASE get the fuck out of my country” and never even hurting them. You know nice, humane, respectful racism…..and that wasn’t good enough for non-racists. It wasn’t good enough for the dogma and religion that is non-racism. Evidently, non-racists aren’t very good at letting people go through their own individual journeys.

I lost track of how many “open minded” non-racists I had to remind to teach NOT preach to people. After all, how in the world are you going to stop people from being racist if you are telling them that they are being racist. You can’t do that. They’ll continue to be racist just out of spite. Instead, maybe do some kind of puppet show and entertain them in a non-judgmental way about how to not be a racist. Even if they don’t change, you have to respect that too. But…nope….it’s like talking to a wall with these people.

They had absolutely no respect for the culture and tradition that racists had. Many racists have a long and proud history of racism. Their pappies, mammies, grandpappies, and grandmammies were all racist, and to not be racist would be disrespectful to their ancestors. Words like culture, tradition, and ancestors are very important words when it comes to doing things in the name of. To expect somebody to not do something that is mean, meanwhile culture, tradition, and ancestors tell you to do this, is just very close minded.

I even showed them that prejudice happens in nature. I showed them some footage of a group of lions cannibalizing another lion, because that lion didn’t look like any of them. I told them…..“I don’t see any of you getting upset at the lions for being racist, so logic would stand that it wouldn’t make sense that you are angry at humans for behaving in the same way”. But nothing got through.

So, basically if non-racists weren’t so judgmental, shrill, hollier-than-thou, non-respectful, pushy, and forceful with their beliefs, I would still be one.