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My brother's co-worker's best friend's sister's husband's cousin's dentist's father's uncle's equestrian neighbor's barista's roommate's acupuncturist was outside mowing his lawn when some guy rode by on an alpaca with a juggling monkey sitting on his shoulder blasting Harry's new album. It's a yodeling dubstep mashup masterpiece and the first single is *** **.

idk man this sounds legit

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RPG CLASS ASK: I've been playing a lot of D&D lately so I'm gonna say you'd be a Human Druid and one of your signature spells that you ALWAYS have on hand is Heroes' Feast (conjures a magical feast big enough for 12 and cures all diseases and poisons. Party becomes immune to poison, gets advantage on wisdom saving throws, and extra hit points for 24 hours) and you always make sure the guys in your party are throughly stuffed before continuing on your adventure. -princeofvore

… holy crap an actual in-game PRIME way to stuff up the men… Plus I could totally go for a nature-loving type.. OKAY NEVERMIND EVERYONE don’t let me play in a campaign ever, I’d completely ruin it with this exact class casting this exact spell every day.

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So, you saw the Master Sword's guardian - did you actually listen to him speak? Because I was always neutral on the GDT in past games, but in THIS one he sounds like a spoiled, entitled pissbaby and I had more than a few choice words for him considering what the first things he had to say to me (well, Link) were, and I'm curious about your thoughts. Also, you finished the Zora Dungeon completely, right? If so, I have an idea I want to share with you, but I want to make sure that it won't (1/2)

spoil anything first! (2/2)

I briefly, naively thought maybe the voice acting would improve my opinion of him generally, but no.  And his dialogue is not good.  He legit sounds like he’s mocking me, sometimes.  I don’t think it’s what they were going for, but there it is.

Oh Deku Tree.  How I loathe thee.

(And yes!  I’m completely done the Zora and Goron dungeons!  Maybe some of the side quests left, but the main quests are complete for those two!)

  • [during yoshi's cookie]
  • arin: i'm sorry. did i mess everything up for you?
  • dan: whatd'ya mean? you'd never mess anything up for me.
  • arin: really?
  • dan: yeah, your friendship is a treasure.
  • arin: okay, now you're just being facetious.
  • dan: [sounding legitimately offended] no, it's a fucking treasure, arin.

Small, slightly obscure, but really cool thing that happens in episode 1 of Yuri!!! On Ice that I don’t think a lot of people caught:

The snow.

They probably weren’t watching the weather forecast there in the first two shots, they were watching the news. This cold front came literally out of nowhere, as, like the announcer says, it was supposed to be a perfect day for hanami, ergo going for a picnic to watch the cherry blossoms. But instead, lots of snow.

Now, for those of you who live in colder areas, like myself, you probably just went “well, unseasonal snow happens sometimes, I remember once we had snow in mid-May.”

For those of you who live in warmer areas, you probably went “idk how snow works, so I guess that sounds legit???”


Snow in April on fucking Kyushu is beyond ridiculous, okay. They barely even get snow in the actual winter months. This is happening on April 11th - or even later - and they should be having temperatures in the 15-20°C/60-68°F range - or maybe even higher. And they probably were, before this. That’s why Yuuri’s so surprised and confused.

So why would they even bother including this?

Victor. It’s all about Victor.

In part, I suspect it’s a literary/poetry reference, even if I can’t quite place it, because “he came from the north, bringing ice and snow” is something of a universal literary image.

But mostly, it’s because, in Japanese, when someone does something highly unexpected and uncharacteristic, like, say, me cleaning my room, you express your surprise by saying “wow, does this mean it’s gonna snow tomorrow?”

And it didn’t just snow. It snowed a lot. It’s a reference to how ridiculously unexpected it is for Victor to wanna coach instead of skating himself, for him to show up in Japan out of the blue.

Cut the Clutter. Sound Legit.

Trimming your writing has the benefit of getting your point across to readers without using stuffy sentences and filler phrases. Those are the training wheels of beginning writers, but seasoned professionals can pick them out easily. 

One such weakness to cut from your writing so it sounds more professional is the word “give.” Here are some examples taken from my own writing.

Example 1:

Original - She gives me an appraising look as I enter the room.

Revision - She appraises me as I enter the room. 

Example 2:

Original - She gives a long tired sigh, but smiles at the end of it.

Revision - Her tired sigh ends with a smile.

The meaning stays the same, but less time is needed to read and understand the sentence when that awkward “give” is taken out. Unfortunately for me, both of these examples came from the same scene, making a scene that should last only a few seconds take longer than that to read through.


Ok but how would he know.

He’s been trapped in a puzzle for 3000/5000 years, right? Was he even conscious in there? How could he hear all the things people were calling him over the ages? And where did he even get “Yami”?

Because I like to think he spent the first few weeks after the puzzle was solved floating around at Yugi’s shoulder like “Who the fuck am I.” And at some point he overheard Yugi’s grandpa explaining the lore behind the puzzle, like:

Solomon: Legends say that this puzzle belonged to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh!

Yami: Sounds legit. That could be me, right? I feel vaguely pharaoh-y.

Solomon: And the hieroglyphs in the tomb where the puzzle was found spoke of a “King of Games!”

Yami: That’s a super cool title, I’m keeping that one.

Solomon: And the inscription on the puzzle reads “The one who solves me shall gain the powers and knowledge of darkness.”

Yami: Guess that’s me. I’m the darkness.

And when Yugi finally gets around to asking him his name he’s like “Ah, yes, my name. I have…many names. So many names. That I remember. Like…Pharaoh. And…King of Games. And. Uh. Uh… *looks down at the puzzle* dARKNESS.”

tldr; “Yami” was totally a line-of-sight name he got stuck with.

A worker, who claimed to have worked with Versus XIII before it was changed to FFXV, has leaked some information. Knowing that Versus XIII’s theme was MISERY (Nomura himself said that) and that the game would be very dark with heavy issues, this does sound legit. The original Versus XIII concept contained such things as yakuza boss Regis, him selling Noctis for a demon so that he’s bound to serve the Goddess of Death in this life and in the next, Noctis being addicted to hallucinations causing drug (manufactured by their family) and which gives him ability to see Stella (who is a real person, but no one else sees her).

The full text in the picture says:

“For example, one of the main characters of the game, Stella, inflected bodily harm on herself so that she could commute with what she believed to be deceased relatives (this behavior was actually the result of a certain medication she was prescripted for sleep disorder earlier in life, an ironically is a major plot point – more on that later). This ultimately culminated at her accidental suicide, which the main protagonist, Noctis, being told he was responsible for her death (he wasn’t, at least not directly). Moreover, many of the cinematic sequences in the game contained depictions of violence against women (it was completely in the context of the story=, with one sequence involving the implied rape of Stella in the hands of the white haired character many have seen in the original Versus trailer (Seifaris, in English). A key scene involving a ceremony of sorts demanded to be pulled altogether, effectively ruining a major plot point. Said scene involved demonic “claiming” of Noctis in his mother’s womb, Cycillia Lorette Caelum, the ruling Queen and the wife of King Regis. Due the pact made by his father (originally a “don” sof sort the Lucii yakuza family, not the good, watered down king written much later) Noctis was bound to the servitude of Etro, Goddess of Death (in this life and the next). This covenant gave the line the Lucii the Ring of Binding, power over life and death, through the Crystal of the Void (all this will be explained in the footage, so don’t get too caught up on it). So that the course had to be cut, citing “potentially sensitive religious content” since the character (Noctis) was more or less written as this world’s antichrist, cursed by his father in a deal with the power behind the Void to bring the coming apocalypse.

 A sequence involving a car chase and shootout, giving the player the option to kill Insomnian citizens. This is only due the fact that the target is running and attempting to hide within the crowd. This was probably one of my favorite early game scenarios, involving Noctis, Varis (bald headed bodyguard character that drives Noctis in a particular trailer, the one that keeps telling him to wake up), GLadio and Ignis. If you takes with delivering a large quantity of a street drug (secretly manufactured by a pharmaceutical company ownded by the Lucii family, of course) called Lunatelristium, marketed ad Lunatel, street name “Luna” (seriously though) that causes its user to have a lucid dreaming effect, where the individual is awake, yet sees things in the real would as through it’s a dream (loved ones long expired, ghosts, demons, locations changing back to how they looked in your earlier memories ect. It works on putting the minf in a state on conscious REM) – originally developed as a military grade sleep substitute for the Insomnian military (this concept was later adopted into the Magitek project), and used in a weaponized forms against a particular nation with disastrous effects. 

Noctis being addicted to this substance was absolutely essential to how the was able to interact with the female protagonist (Stella), as no one else would see her for a certain plot reasons, all of which is revealed about two hours into the game. He is only convinces that she is a hallucination after being held and interrogated by the INPD (yes, the original game had a police department in Insomnia, along with all the other normal things you would see in any regular city) – with the division head showing him camera footage of him covering no one as the bullet are being fired at him (Noctis thought he was covering Stella). Stella is in fact real, but it is a bit too convulsed to type without me spending 30 more minutes that I don’t have. Much of this information I did not release in my initial post months ago anonymously, because quite frankly, I was afraid of losing my job and legal ramifications. Now that much  has changed thanks to fan outcry (yes, they DO listen),a lot has changed… which I can’t discuss at this particular moment.

Now, you have my permission to release these plot details, but I am going to be honest in saying that I don’t know if Square will immediately hit your channel with a cease and desists, citing ownership of the content, but the fact is you won’t be posting any content, only information that is valid. This is where it becomes complicated and I cannot give you the best advice.”

Also a following message from the leak:

“ Hi, I am OP. I will clarify this point. Everything to described is unfortunately accurate, (I did not write it, that is the way they are explained). These events are listed as Chapter 1, with the second chapter beginning with Insomnia’s Crown City have its crystal actually extracted, by a small team of special forces units that literally blow the gates to the thrown room to get to the Crystal Vault (from the email). The key person is the white haired individual who is the adopted brother of Stella, who uses the spell ‘holy’ to nullify the unholy magic sealing the crystal, causing a magical explosion that takes out the top of the Lucii Family’s tower. They then storm the building with these forces in what is described as a “ruthless massacre”, shooting simply people who work there and don’t even have knowledge of the Crime Family’s illegal activities OR the Crystal. Holy is cast and the Vault opens revealing the Crystal. it is then “smuggled out”, collapsing the “Embrace of Etro”, something that causes the city to stay in perpetual night and be covered in a huge blueish shield. Then a coordinated attack with Magitek airships and Walkers start invading during Noctis’ Art of Insomnia Ball where he meets Stella. This is when the attack formally commences. I will post unreleased storyboards to display this with text in Japanese and english below it.

Sorry I could not type more. I am being bombarded. “

ALSO; if this is true, we will get this original game in some extent:

“Hi, I am OP. This is the next FF project that will enter full development when Episode 2 of FFVIIRemake has begun. The source says the development team is simply calling it "Final Fantasy Versus”. No number.Likewise, Nomura did not come to Square to request it, but agreed it will be made in an agreement with him supporting FFVIIR project fully. Via e-mail. Thank you.I’m sorry, I know nothing else development specific.“”

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but I still love the headcanon that right after Sailor V joins the team and is like, “Guess what! I’m the Moon Princess!” and everyone’s all “sounds legit. You look like a moon princess to me” that they’re all hanging out having a Senshi meeting or something and Rei gets a kind of thoughtful look on her face like when you’re brain is  j u s t  walking into some fridge logic and she’s like

“Wait. So what does the V stand for?”

And Minako’s just like, “Um…? It’s, um-? What?”

And Rei’s like, “You know? Sailor V? Why V?”

and this is manga-Minako so her English is notsogood, so she’s like Fuck Fuck, words that start with V??? And she’s looking at Artemis like (you little fucker you came up with the codename in the first place you couldn’t have picked something more subtle there is literally only one planet that starts with V and it isn’t the goddamn moon) and he’s like “don’t look at me, I honestly didn’t expect any of these Japanese kids to notice” and they are both under-the-radar panicking and then all of the sudden Ami is like

“Oh! It’s the roman numeral for five! Because you’re the fifth and final soldier, who originally was our princess!”

And Minako is just like Yep, That’s It, Wow You’re Smart, So Good For Catching On, That Has Definitely Always Been The Explanation The Whole Time.

like weeks after the Dark Kingdom debacle is good and dealt with Ami wakes up in the middle of the night, remembers this, and smacks herself in the face.

did they ever explain how erik and christine’s first conversation went like did he literally just go “hey so i’m a literal angel sent to you by your dead father to teach you how to sing” and did christine, being super religious, just go “yep okay that sounds legit” or did erik show up and be like “hey” kind of expecting her to freak out and to have to calm her down but she was just like “papa’s angel of music has finally come for me!” and erik was just like “…sure let’s go with that”

Saw a Dirk Gently aesthetic post that included two dudes sharing headphones while listening to music and it was both amazing and honestly inspirational, oh my god, can you imagine if Dirk and Todd ever tried to share an iPod.

Like, they’ve been something for a while. Long enough that they’re now sharing an apartment. Todd likes music and Dirk likes Todd so they’re lying around one quiet Sunday afternoon and Todd’s listening to music and Dirk quietly slips an earbud into his ear, and it takes less than thirty seconds for it to degenerate into an all-out war of pillows and extremely different music tastes.

Farah ends up getting a text from Dirk that just says “please save me” and she makes it to their apartment in record time with a trunk full of weapons and several speeding tickets which Dirk assures her the universe will pay for (it doesn’t). Todd calls Amanda and spends five minutes ranting about how Dirk doesn’t even know who The Clash are, Amanda he is British, how can he not know this, before he realizes that she has him on speaker phone and the Rowdy 3 are pissing themselves laughing.

  • Criminal minds writers: *gives me scene with JJ visiting Spence and showing him Henry's picture
  • JJ: it's a present from Henry from that day we went to the park
  • Spence: *tearing up, heart breaking, scruffy beauty, cri* its beautiful, tell him I love it