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arkham is gonna be an actual hospital where people can go to heal and where the patients enjoy themselves by the time we're done with this place. a LEGITIMATE institution!!

That sounds nice. Jeremiah can suck it
-Harley Quinn

About Shouto’s mother and her age

I have been thinking that Shouto’s mother looks super-young…

Like, VERY YOUNG. She surely doesn’t look elder then, for instance, Jirou Mika (36, famous musician and a media person = gotta take care of her looks) or Bakugou Mitsuki (38 + glycerine quirk which makes her look much younger than her actual age). Why the hell a woman who gave birth to 4 children over a very short time span, experienced at least 10 years of domestic abuse and then spent another 10 years in a mental institution looks so damn young?

Well, because she MAY BE very damn young.

Let’s calculate?

Shouto is 15. Fuyumi is minimum 23 (graduating from high school at 18, graduating from uni at 23, currently teaching). The other sons may be a bit elder or younger than Fuyumi, let’s give it 24. Let’s add to this the fact that babies aren’t made overnight (well, technically they are, but… stop, I’m talking about pregnancy time here!), so I’d say that Enji and Shouto’s mother are married for 24-25 years, give or take.

Normally you’d be able to get married when you are a proper adult, at the age of 20 — and Enji looked pretty much that age when he came to the conclusion that his power alone won’t suffice to leave All Might behind.

So, if he got married when he was twenty, and now he is 45, my calculations by now seem to be pretty realistic…

Now the things get pretty interesting.

The legal age of marriage in Japan is quite a peculiar thing. Normally you should be 20 to have the right to decide for your own, but men can still get married at the age of 18, and women - at the age of 16 (with the parents’ permission.


«With his wealth and fame, my father made my mother’s family agree to the marriage».

I’m using the official VIZ translation, just for the sake of accuracy.

So Shouto’s mother could be 16 when she was forced into this marriage. In any case, she wasn’t of the full legal age, as otherwise there wouldn’t be a point of pressing on her family, but rather on her personally. I double-highlight this fact. Triple-highlight it. In the current BnHA society it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to make the first step (such as Bakugou Mitsuki), it is perfectly normal and even quite common for a man to adopt his wife’s surname (such as Jirou Kyoutoku). Women do have many rights and freedoms, they are free to make their own choice and the society will not howl about any sort of sexist nonsenses. It clearly shouldn’t be a problem to marry someone without the parental approval, especially if you are financially capable of supporting your newly-created family without the financial help of the parents. The rules, traditions and moral limitations are pretty washed away.

The only situation in which to have the parents’ permission would be necessary is if your partner is underage. Which, I’m repeating my opinion again, is the case of Shouto’s mother.

Let me just emphasise that I’m not trying here to yell and claim that Enji is a pedophile or something. No, it surely is not the case, and 16yo girl may or may not have the physique of a child. And Enji surely would be looking for a fertile partner, so we are NOT dealing with any of this sort of perversion, so let’s not dwell on it any further. I’m simply pointing out that Shouto’s mother could be literally the youngest of what is legally possible to imagine in this situation.

Considering the fact that Enji needed an heir, I wouldn’t expect there a honeymoon or any chit-chats about «how are we gonna call our firstborn», or «isn’t it a bit too early to think about having children». More like «gonna make one child, and another, and another, just in case the first two end up being a failure». By the age of nineteen she has already given birth to three children. Don’t even get me started on the topic of marital rape.

Three to four years after (let’s say that at this point Shouto’s mother is nineteen to twenty) the eldest child ends up being a failure, manifesting only one quirk, not a combination. A year later the second child follows the same path. A year later… well, yeah, all three are failures. So, there goes another try.

Also, we don’t know if all the attempts were successful, as there surely is some weird thing with the blood types in Todoroki family… anyhow, she gives birth to Shouto at the age of twenty-twenty one, more or less. So when we see her for the first time - she is 25. And ten years later - 35. Which is pretty much the age she looks, considering that «ten years in a mental institution» doesn’t sound like some sort of SPA-resort.

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo. It’s the most recent (in terms of the in-universe chronology) picture of Shouto’s mother, during one of Shouto’s regular visits (from the light novels). She also looks much better than when Shouto came to see her for the first time in ten years, doesn’t she?

So… If there are any thoughts on this topic, I’ll be more than happy to discuss)

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The companions(including gage and Longfellow) reacting to seeing some with a new institute arm because theirs got blown off in a recent firefight.

I haven’t played any of the DLC’s but I did some research on Gage and Longfellow. Given that, I realized I’m really missing out! I hope you enjoy Anon! 

PS: For anyone who loves X6 as much as I do, I have a feeling you’ll like the extra bit I’ve added for our favorite courser.

Cait: “Who did this to you?” She growls, grabbing her bat.”I swear to god Sole, I will beat the shit out of that asshole. Just point me in that direction.” Cait was more than ready for some vengeance. Whether or not the two got their revenge they ended up at the Third Rail drinking it up with Charlie.

Codsworth: “Mum/Sir?” Codsworth muttered, clearly distressed.”W-What happened to your arm?” After Sole told him everything that had happened Codsworth had a breakdown. He felt as if he hadn’t done enough to protect Sole from the dangers of the Commonwealth. But when Sole reassures him Codsworth perks up knowing that Sole thinks he’s not to blame.

Curie: “Monsieur/Madame! What happened? Oi me…” Curie was beyond worried about Sole’s well being, within seconds of coming through the door Curie was pampering Sole. She made them soup out of some ingredients she could salvage and made Sole feel at home while they told her the entire story.

Danse: “Sole…?” He begins looking down at them, he grabs their prosthetic arm eyeing the insignia.”This… how?” He was speechless and even angry, but deep down he knew it wasn’t Sole’s fault. The Sole Survivor told him everything that had happened, and the soldier listened. Danse took Sole to his workbench with a case of Gwinnette Stout in hand. He had stepped out of his power armor and sat next to the Survivor. The Paladin, with Sole’s permission, painted over the insignia. And painted a brand new symbol, with a beer bottle in hand, eyes fixed on his craft. After he finished his handiwork he looked up at Sole with a smile etched onto his face. The two laughed and drank together, exchanging stories as the paint dried. That night Danse learned a thing or two about not only Sole, but himself.

Deacon: “Jesus Boss, what kind of trouble you get yourself into?” Deacon asked as Sole received scans and tests from Tinker Tom. Everyone in Headquarters was on edge, they were weary of Sole and were afraid that they were bugged. Deacon even had to convince Desdemona to let them stay in the church. Deacon was worried about Sole but kept his distance, he didn’t trust what the Institute had done for them. After Tinker Tom had finished his observation he painted over the Institute insignia on the prosthetic.”It’s out of precaution agent, I hope you understand.” Dez assures with her arms crossed. Deacon had remained quiet the entire time, fearing and making sense of his rambling thoughts.”Maybe we can change your code name to Cyborg.” Deacon says, trying to release the tension. It takes Deacon a while to loosen up around Sole, this incident was a eye opener for everyone.

Gage: “Damn Boss, what the hell happened to ya?” Gage exclaims, eyebrows furrowed analyzing Sole’s prosthetic.”Those shady Institute fuckers put you back together real good, what’s up with that?” Sole explains everything to Gage as the extend their metal arm, eyebrows furrowed.”I see,” He responds.”Well for what it’s worth, I’m glad you’re ‘aright.”

Hancock: “Who did this to you?” Hancock asks, pain and surprisingly patience in his voice. His hands ran over Sole’s prosthetic arm as they told him what happened.”I’m just glad you’re alive, doll. Besides, metal is a good look on you.” Hancock grins,”Lets get a drink or something, what do you say? We both know you deserve it.”

Longfellow: “What happened to you cap’n? Who or what did this to you?” Sole told Longfellow everything that had happened, even the part where they ended up with a prosthetic that branded them as Institute.”Sounds rough Cap’n, but don’t worry, I have an idea you may appreciate. Longfellow modded Sole’s arm and scraped off the insignia in the process.”Good as new,”He smirks.”Now how about a drink?”

Maccready: “Holy shit,” Maccready breathed out.”What’d they do to you?” He listened to Sole’s explanation for everything that had happened, and the entire time his eyes were glued on the metallic arm with the orange insignia branded onto it.”They really gave you a metal arm?” He asked after everything Sole told him.”Did it hurt?” After Maccready got used to Sole’s prosthetic he challenged Sole to arm wrestle him and asked them to try to break a majority of things with their new arm. 

Nick Valentine: “Shit, kid. You look like you’ve been through hell and back.” Sole sat across Nick and told him everything that had happened as he lit up a cigarette. Nick listened and gave Sole the attention they needed, and even empathized with their experience.”I always wondered what you’d look like as a robot.” He said after a while,”I have to say, not bad… not bad at all.” The weeks after, Nick helped Sole deal with the staring and judgment Sole received from having an arm wielded by the institute. If anyone could help Sole through this time, it was Nick.

Piper: “Oh jeez Blue. This is going to cause some uproar in Diamond City. And to make things worse, crazy Myrna isn’t going to want to buy any of your junk anymore.” Piper got too wrapped up in the repercussions of Sole having a prosthetic wielded by the Institute, than Sole’s state of mind and well being. After realizing what she had been doing she apologizes to Sole and listens to them talk about the pain they just endured.

Preston: “General…”Preston gasps, eyes wide, staring at the metallic arm that replaced the flesh it used to be.”What happened?” Preston tried to ignore the insignia, he didn’t want to upset Sole. But as they spoke that thought faded away. His heart sunk and guilt pinged inside his chest.”Where was I?” he asked, his voice heavy and drowned in sorrow. Sole reassured Preston that he was not to blame, but it did little good. Preston pulled Sole into a tight hug,”I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”He admitted. A few days later Sole asked Preston to paint over the Institute insignia and replace it with a symbol that gave people hope instead of fear. Preston was more than happy to fulfill the request and felt pride in his work.

Strong: “Human is metal man now!” It was a real pain trying to explain to Strong why and how they ended up with a prosthetic arm. 

X6-88: The Institute’s quiet and clean atmospheric nature always comforted X6. When Sole had dismissed him it was the first place he had in mind to return to, a place he called home, despite the daily abuse and disregard he received. But today the Institute was anything but quiet. Screams and cries rang out from the downstairs area. X6 was the first to respond, and what he saw struck fear deep within his core. Sole had collapsed, staining the glassy floors with thick crimson red blood. Their hand clutched their exposed muscle and bone on their right side. X6 scooped them up and hastily carried them to the clinic. X6 was a wreck, he laid Sole onto an empty bed then frantically watched Dean and a few bioscience scientists rush to Sole’s side.”Thank you X6-88, you’re dismissed.” A woman orders as the courser watches Sole being poked and prodded with needles.”Is their a problem, unit?” The woman asks her expression turning more hostile. X6 snaps out of his worrisome state, looking down at the woman.”No ma’am,” he responds as he escorts himself out of the clinic. He stands right outside the doors watching gen 1′s clean up the pool of blood outside the elevator. As he observes, his mind races, and guilt begins to flood over him. 

X6 waits 8 hours outside the clinic waiting for a word, news, something to ease his mind. The doors slide open just enough for a woman to slip out.”X6-88?” She begins, eyeing the scientists watching her movements.”Come in.” X6 doesn’t hesitate, he pays no mind to the glares burning holes in him. He quickly finds Sole laid up in bed and his heart sinks.”She asked for you, God knows why, but she did.” The woman exits the room along with the other’s that accompanied her when sole motioned for them to do so. The courser sat next to his director, heart pounding so hard he worried someone may hear.”I’m sorry, I failed you.” He breathes, holding composure. Sole smiles faintly and places their hand on X6′s cheek,”You haven’t failed me X6.” Sole reassures,”Shit happens. We both know that. There is no way you could have known this would happen.” X6 takes off his shades and grabs a hold of Sole’s hand.”I don’t know what we’d do without you ma’am/sir. I suppose I wouldn’t either.”

The weeks following X6 helped Sole get accustomed their new arm, and even made proper adjustments to their weaponry to help speed up the process. After days work when Sole’s shoulder ached from the prosthetic X6 was ready with pain killers and grudgingly gave Sole a massage if they begged him too. Long story short, X6 would never get rid of the guilt that swelled up inside him. He did his absolute best to make up for what he believed he was his doing.

Alec Lightwood - A Weird Question

A/n: because of a tragic accident, a shadowhunter is placed to another Institute, where she meets Alec. He helps her to be happy again. The GIF is when the reader and Alec have a conversation about weapons. Also, he might be gay in the movie and serie, but here he is bi, and his weakness is you!

Warnings: Mentions of death, one of the readers parents died, so if you can’t handle that, please don’t read this!

Word count: 1210

Originally posted by marylandbiscuits

‘Okay, everybody, Jace, Izzy, if you please could stop talking? And where is Alec?’ A guy of the Institute stood for the little group of Shadowhunters next to you. A handsome, dark haired guy stepped into the room, making you smile a bit as your eyes met, but he just looked a bit grumpy at the ground. ‘Alec, finally. Okay, everyone, this is Y/N, your new bud. She comes from another Institute, but after an, um,’ the man looks at me for a moment, ‘after an accident with her family she had to come here because-’ ‘you can just say my father was brutally murdered and that my sister, my mom and me each were taken to another Institute to protect us. Please talk to them as an adult, because they are, and they will understand.’ I spoke to them, and looked at them, one for one. Suddenly, the whole Institute sounded more quiet.

'Okay, yeah. That was all I had to say. I’ll leave the rest to you.’ the man said and walked off. 'Sorry about that,’ you said quickly after he had left, 'I know it’s not the most fun way to introduce yourself, but-’ 'but we get a view of what’s going on in your life and that’s the point of an introduction. Don’t worry about it,’ the Jace guy said. You smiled slightly. 'Thanks,’ you exhaled, 'I was a bit worried about meeting you guys. My parents were also my best friends and now they’re gone and away, and just not here-’ you began to tear up, and you quickly turned away from them and started to unpack your things. 'It’s really tough, but sorry for bragging. I shouldn’t… Do you…’ You sighed, and wiped a way one tear. 'What is our mission?’

‘Hey!’ Jace said, and turned you back around, ‘you have every right to talk about it.’ He smiled, took a step back and you saw Alec giving him an irritated look. ‘Also, I find it very hard to believe that no one has offered you some coffee. Shall I get you some?’ You nodded. Yes. You needed coffee. The sweet taste of caffeine. You and your father used to- fuck, don’t think about it, you told yourself. ‘If it’s not too much effort, of course.’ you said hurriedly, don’t want to think about yourself just too much. ‘No problem, I’m Isabelle, but you can call me Izzy. That,’ She pointed at Jace, ‘is Jace, and this-’ she hit Alec on his shoulder, ‘is my big brother, Alec. Jace, shall we get the coffee?’ She winked at Jace behind Alec’s back. ‘Sure.’ The two went off, leaving you and Alec alone.

‘I’m sorry about what happened.’ He said, toneless, like he was obligated to say it. I smiled vaguely. ‘I’m sure you are. Everybody is. Can we just… Talk about something else?’ You took out your weapons. Alec sighed, trying to think of something. ‘Okay then, what’s your weapon of choice?’ ‘These,’ you said while you took your bow and arrows out of your bag. ‘Definitely.’ His eyes widen and he smiled. His smile was beautiful, it was like he was glowing. Too bad he didn’t smile that much, he was gorgeous. ‘Yes! I like you!’ In exitement he raised his hand for a high five. I slapped his hand as he looked at my bow. ‘What a beauty!’ I chuckled. That was something I hadn’t done in a long time. ‘Yeah, I know. They wouldn’t let me keep her, at first, but after I showed some tears, I could.’ He giggled slightly. ‘Maybe I would cry too if I couldn’t keep this one.’

Alec and you turned out to have a really nice conversation, you really felt relaxed around him, and it looked like he did, too. When Izzy and Jace came back, they gave some information about the next mission, but it was too late to do it and the mission could wait, so you all went to bed early. As you were looking for your room, you overheared a conversation between Izzy and Alec. ‘So admit it, you like her, don’t you?’ ‘What? No.’ ‘Oh, come on. I saw you laughing with her. Laughing. My grumpy big brother, who never laughs, or even smiles. Admit you think she’s pretty’ ‘Izzy, stop it.’ ‘Oh yes, you are so caught! That look in your eyes, I can see when you’re lying, big brother!’ Eventually, you had to walk past them to get to your room, so you decided now was your chance. You quickly walked past them, saying a shy ‘hi’ to both.

As you tried to get some sleep, memories kept haunting you. You wasn’t used to being alone, and you hated it, especially now. You found yourself crying in a matter of seconds. You tried to calm down, but after a couple of minutes you couldn’t help but get up already. You needed to see someone, it didn’t matter who.  You quickly walked up to the commonroom Izzy had showed you earlier that day, and you saw Alec sitting on the couch. ‘Hi,’ you said. Alec jumped up. ‘Hi, uhm, did you overhear my conversation with Izzy by any chance?’ I lied, and shook my head. ‘No, why?’ ‘Oh. Uhm, nevermind. Are you okay?’ He said, looking at my wet cheeks. ‘Well, actually, no. I have er, this weird question.’ Alec’s face expression said: “what?” ‘I can’t sleep and I really need someone with me right now, so, uhm, can you…’ You stared at the ground as a tear runned down your cheek, ‘can you please hold me?’ Alec nodded with a friendly smile. You took place on the couch and you felt his strong hands surround you, you could hear his heartbeat beat in rythem. You closed your eyes for a second, and almost immediately a flash of the past crossed your mind. You started to sob, but Alec whiped away the tears. ‘Sshh, it’s okay… I’m here. You’re safe.’  he spoke out the words so slow and carefully, so thoughtfull as his hands went trough your hair. ‘You’ll be fine, I promise.’ You nodded slowly. ‘Try to sleep, you’ll feel better.’ ‘But I’m so afraid that I’m going to have nightmares and if I wake up in the middle of the night I’ll be alone again.’ ‘You wont be alone, I promise. I’ll be there, if you want to.’ I nodded again, unable to say something because of the lack of sleep, you hadn’t slept in days.

Alec suddenly lifted you up like it was nothing, saying ‘it will look so weird if people walk tomorrow morning. It will be better to go to your room.’ He brought you to your room, lay you down and put you and him underneath the blankets. Then he put his arms around you. Your head rested on his chest and you felt so much better, like he had scared all the bad thoughts away. ‘Don’t worry, I’m here. And I’m going to be here for a long time, if you want.’ You nodded one last time before falling asleep. He kissed your forehead. ‘Okay. then I promise.’

You couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, do not anything but laying there, being held by Alec untill your eyes closed.

Nothing At All

“Hey, Mags.” Alec says as he closes the door behind him and walks further into the loft. Magnus who is on the phone, pacing across the living room holds up his finger in a silent gesture to keep quiet. Alec nods his head as he notices the phone and starts to pull off his jacket. He places it on the now green couch as Magnus finishes his conversation.

“Of course, that is my fee but you didn’t mention that you angered the fae. I do not take kindly to-” Magnus says into the phone, his mouth in a slight scowl. “Alright, agreed, see you then.”

Magnus hangs up the phone and throws it over to the chair, turning to look at his boyfriend. He smiles softly at the sight of him, dressed all in black as usual and smiling happily at him. They haven’t had much lately to be happy about. Raphael and Simon’s attack, the Red Baron killing in New York again, it all has been a lot for them. They’ve rarely had any time lately to themselves.

“Hello, love.” Magnus says as he walks over to Alec who takes a few steps forward to meet him in the middle.

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6. Desire

Guests had begun to fill the massive ballroom and almost every table had someone sitting by it. Alec wasn’t sure what he had expected, but definitely not this many. Shadowhunters and downworlders were mingling around, talking with one another in more than civilized ways, and Alec found himself surprised. A part of him had thought that something would go wrong and that mixing everyone would turn out to be a mistake. Alec knew that was his parents influence talking, and he determinedly shook it off. He hated the idea of their morals sipping through his. They might have agreed to throw this party, but he still knew what they really thought.

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And I Don’t Wanna Fall To Pieces

by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)

Shadowhunters fic. Based on a prompt by @razielsblade.
Jalec. Set in episode 1.09, canon divergent.
Title from the song “Fall to Pieces” by Avril Lavigne.


<< For a second, Alec wonders if he’s actually awake. It feels like a bad dream. It feels like a nightmare he’s had before. A dark, dirty room. The smell of ashes and rot. His heart hammering in his ears. Jace attacking him. The weight of Jace’s body on top of him combined with a furious look on his face. Being held down forcefully to the ground, unable to escape. Looking up into Jace’s eyes and seeing no signs of playfulness, no affection for him, no reverence for what they are to each other. >>

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Can you pls do a T'ChallaxReader fic where the reader is a black ballet dancer and it's audition season so she's stressing about her hair looking right, and about her body type and how she's much thicker and more muscular than a lot of the white dancers she's auditioning with, and T'Challa suggests that she should move to Wakanda with him and where she'll be more comfortable in the dance environment (and sneakily hints that his palace will be her permanent home bc possible marriage?)😭😍

“You don’t get it.” you sigh, “In ballet you’re supposed to be thin. Really thin, and your hair is supposed to be able to go into a neat bun.”

T’Challa watches you pace around your room, and his brows furrow, “That sounds incredibly unhealthy. And like it’s only suited for one type of person.”

“You mean white girls?” you ask, frustrated, “Because you’re right. I love ballet, but in this country it isn’t welcoming to black girls with curves or muscles or curly, coily hair. How am I supposed to be able to walk into an audition room when I’m not what they want and everyone knows it?”

You’re so into your frustrated thoughts that you don’t notice when he approaches you, only alerted to how close he’s gotten when he wraps his arms around your waist and presses a soft kiss to the back of your neck.

“You are a wonderful dancer.” he says, sounding so sincere you have to smile despite your irritation, “The best I’ve ever seen. The institution here sounds like it’s only set up for one kind of person to succeed, and that’s unacceptable.” you sigh, feeling somewhat defeated. You love to dance, and it’s so incredibly heartbreaking to know that you could be passed over simply because you don’t fit a very narrow set of rules. Nothing makes you sadder. You work just as hard as all these little whites girls, probably harder, and yet you can’t help but feel like you won’t even get a chance.

T’Challa is quiet for a moment before he quietly says, “The ballet institutions in Wakanda are far more well rounded and advanced than it is here. And I think you would be quite happy there. And with me, in the palace.”

You pause. What?

“Did you just try to be slick and suggest I move to Wakanda with you?”

He chuckles, pulling you closer.

“And move into the palace with you?”

He’s suspiciously silent behind you, though he doesn’t move his hands from around your waist. You turn in his arms, needing to look him in the eye and see that he’s serious.

Because you know Wakandan culture. If you move into the palace with him then that means–

“Are you serious?” you ask, voice shaking the slightest bit.

He huffs a soft laugh, pressing his forehead to yours, smiling as he pulls you to him, “I am very serious.”

The answer tumbles out of you before you can even think about it. But it’s fine. You know what your decision is. It’s an easy one.

You’re moving to Wakanda, and you’re going to be a professional ballerina.

And you’re going to be the King’s wife.

You kiss him, deep and excited.


Alright, so I was messaged this prompt. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Prompt: What are the companions reactions all romanced to sole telling them how Shaun is the leader of the institute.

Cait: At first, she’s angry. She doesn’t get why Sole wouldn’t just kill the damn bastard that’s leading the Institute. It took her a few moments before it all sunk in and she started to imagine what it would be like to be in Sole’s shoes. Be a parent with a son you love more than life itself and then to find that same child has grown up into something you’ve been hell-bent on destroying. Cait is well-aware that happy endings are few and far between, but this is horrible.

Cait (romanced): “Shite.” That’s all she knows to say when Sole tells her. She knows her lover has spent such a long time looking for their kid, only to find out he became loyal to the people who stole him. She’s well-aware that happy endings are few and far between, but this is awful. She was hoping that, for once in this godforsaken world, something would end alright, especially for them. She gently rubs their back with one hand and offers them a cold beer. She just hopes that even through this, they’re okay.

Codsworth: He tries to remain optimistic. At least Shaun is still alive, right? And Sole is his parent, still, so surely they can take charge and change his mind. And, maybe, if Shaun is in charge, it cant surely be that bad. He doesn’t notice the pained expression they give him when he mentions this. He is merely happy that Sole’s kid is alright. Why shouldn’t he be? He was one of Shaun’s caretakers once-upon-a-time, after all. It’s understandable that he’s so attached.

Codsworth (romanced): He comments that he’s so happy Shaun is alive, but, now, he sees Sole’s grief when he talks about him. He asks them if they need to cry and then offers them some water, after all people need to stay hydrated whilst letting their tears flow. Given that as a Mr. Handy, he can’t provide physical comfort, he asks them about what they’re feeling and listens to everything they have to say.

Curie: It takes her a while to think of a response. She imagines this must be so confusing to them. Her new emotions are confusing enough to her and she’s never experienced anything like this yet. and asks if they need any sedatives to help calm them. She knows that emotional trauma can be just as damaging as physical trauma.

Curie (romanced): This has to be so hard for Sole. She wraps her arms around them in a tight embrace. Medical studies have proven that it is helpful in calming people. She holds them close to her. She knows it isn’t much, but she’ll do anything she can for Sole and she tells them that. She cares for them and now especially, they need to be aware of that.

Danse: The Brotherhood has trained him to hate everything to do with the Institute. He is furious, not at sole or Shaun, but at the Institute. They took Sole’s son, an unforgivable crime on its own and then brainwashed him into being loyal to them. It’s appalling. He offers the survivor any assistance that he can offer. He’s not exactly great with the whole comforting thing, but he tries his best.

Danse (romanced): He pulls Sole close to him and just sits there for a while, softly assuring them that everything will be fine. He still firmly believes that the Institute is evil and so is everyone associated with it, but he tries to understand what Sole is going through. All he knows how to do to make them feel alright is just to be close to them.

Deacon: “Well, there’s a plot twist,” he immediately replies. He honestly can’t believe what they’re telling him, though. He’s the liar of the friendship, not sole. If they’re telling the truth, man… that sucks. He tells a few more jokes than usual and changes his disguise more often so that he can take their mind off of it.

Deacon (romanced): For once in his life, Deacon isn’t cracking jokes or telling ridiculous, falsified stories. He’s completely honest with them. He tells it like it is. At least, how it is in his book. The Institute is bad news and it doesn’t matter if Shaun was their son once. He’s the enemy now and, just like everyone else in the wastes, he can’t be trusted.

Hancock: Hancock doesn’t believe it at first. Sole’s kid being the leader of the Institute? Sounds like a bad dream after too much jet. He dislikes the Institute and has always been pretty up front about it. But he bites his tongue and tries to talk to Sole. See exactly how they feel about it. Then, he gives them a

Hancock (romanced): Once he finally believes the sole is telling the truth, he’s a little pissed. He’s seen too many people replaced by synths to even consider tolerating the Institute. But it doesn’t matter what he feels about it because right now sole doesn’t need to hear what he thinks. Does something to distract them. Offers some chems Tries to cook them dinner, but ends up burning everything. Making food isn’t exactly one of his skills. But, either way, he does a decent job at taking their mind off of things.

MacCready: Gets them a drink. Something a little stronger than beer, though. He’s a father himself so he gets that this is a very complex discovery. Says that he’s got their back through it all. “That’s what you pay me for, right, boss?” he jokes. No matter how they wind up approaching this problem, he’s going to be behind them every step of the way.

MacCready (romanced): He reacts the same way romantically as he would platonically. He pours them a drink and offers emotional support, except he sits a little closer to them, his arm around their shoulders. He hopes that the contact will help relax them more. This could be pretty stressful.

Nick: “I’m so sorry.” He isn’t apologizing for himself, he’s apologizing on the world’s behalf. Fate clearly has dealt sole some bad cards and he feels pity more than anything. His life story hasn’t been all sunshine and any smiles, but this has to feel like a kick in the gut to the survivor. He places a caring hand on sole’s shoulder and sighs.

Nick (romanced): He does anything he can to help them. He tries to distract them with some detective cases and holds them close to him. He wants them to feel better and he’ll do anything to achieve that.

Piper: She cries. She cries because she was hoping that, for the first time in a long time, she’d get to write a happy article for Diamond City. ‘Vault Dweller Defeats Institute and Saves Son’. But now she knows that she’s never going to get to use that headline. She breaks down, disappointed in life and fate. She tries to comfort Blue, even though she seems like she needs it a little bit more than them.

Piper (romanced): She’s trying to hold it together. Hold it together for them, even though her heart is breaking into a million different pieces. She hugs them tightly and, while they can’t see her face, she blinks rapidly to get rid of the tears that are forming in her eyes. She swallows the lump in her throat, puts on a fake smile, and reminds Blue that she’s here if they need to talk or anything.

Preston Garvey: “Damn. Are you alright?” He can still remember when Sole was fresh out of the Vault, seeing that the world they once knew was gone and the only thing driving them forward was finding their son. Preston doesn’t know what he thinks about it, but he trusts that, whatever happens, the general will do what’s best for the people of the Commonwealth. He’s sure of it.

Preston Garvey (romanced): Drags them off to a secluded area of Sanctuary and asks for them to talk to him about it. It’s not really asking so much as begging. He’s been pretty low before and lost all hope. He’s been through that before and he doesn’t want to have to see sole going through that. Once he knows they’re fine, he tries to do something special to cheer them up.

Strong (either way): Strong doesn’t understand the emotional attachment between parent and child. He doesn’t understand why sole is feeling conflicted about it all and isn’t really much help in the way of dealing with it.

X6-88 (either way): He was already aware that Shaun was the leader of the Institute, so he’d probably just be really confused as to why in the hell they’re telling him this sudden, shocking information.

Logical Extrapolations, or: Why Civil War did not sway me even a little bit on the Sokovia Accords

Proceed with caution, there may be very mild spoilers.

For context, I was Team Cap regarding the comics rubric, Team Cap heading into CACW, and Team Cap coming out.

Here’s why: Steve isn’t wrong about agendas, or the ability to intervene being at the whim of a VOTING BODY. Even from a purely fictional standpoint, if we’re following the, “We need to be put in check,” thought process, there is literally no body currently in existence that is pure enough of purpose to do this. Ask South Sudan how the U.N. Peacekeeper situation has worked out over the last decade, hmmm. And that’s the kind of compromise the U.N. makes regularly, to respect sovereignty only as far as it is politically expedient for member Nations, to intervene only if no one objects too loudly because, ohhhhh, they have oil interests in a country under the thumb of genocidal monsters.

That’s not accountability, it’s making armed forces the lackeys of despots with greater wealth and power.

Translate that to a universe where Enhanced Humans exist, and it gets ugly, fast.

Let’s talk about say, Putin and other Anti-LGBTQ+ governments banding together to declare that group of people Enemies of the State and calling in the Avengers to enforce it via a majority vote. Or stopping the enforcement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights :by: them, via that vote.

Let’s think about what it would be like if Rhodey were in Ferguson. Not to protect civil rights, but to enforce the will of the State. If you think drone strikes that kill innocent civilians are bad, imagine Thor deliberately deployed in the same manner.

Whether it’s one government or all governments, the Sokovia accords don’t prohibit civilian casualties at all. Nor do they enforce accountability on any super-powered being. They just make non-powered people in the population at large FEEL BETTER with the illusion of accountability while putting an unchecked amount of power into the hands of a body that has proven itself time and again to be either as malleable to serving the agendas of those with power or utterly useless in intervening to any productive end beyond providing a global microphone, that it is laughable.

Think about that.

Tony isn’t wrong from an ethical standpoint, and neither is Steve. It is empowering an outside body to not only police the very existence of powered individuals, and to use those individuals to police as THAT BODY sees fit, where it all breaks down.

As we are seeing right now, in U.S. politics at the state and national level, as well as the geopolitical failures to even intervene as 30 million children globally are fleeing violence, 60 million people in total, we can’t function as a species, with the power we have. We can’t do the right things no matter how obvious or immediate the need is.

The Sokovia Accords are geopolitical theatre masking a power grab. Much like all of the Post-9/11 U.S. legislative action in reality, they compromise basic human and civil rights, while moving people closer and closer to an an overt police state. Where has the U.N. stepped in to stop Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Black Sites used by the U.S. internationally or domestically? (Chicago, hello.)

Extraordinary rendition and The Raft have a lot in common.

It may sound perfectly reasonable to institute the Sokovia Accords, but to many people in 2003, declaring war in Iraq seemed reasonable. To many people in 2016, making Muslims register themselves or flat-out denying entry to Muslims, sounds reasonable.

“Reasonable,” can turn on a dime.

So, yes, I’m still Team Cap. And you should be, too.

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