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© Sound Horizon — エルの絵本[笛吹き男とパレード]


Part of the fun of any Sound Horizon album is seeing the lyrics, due to how nice they can be visually or what extra hidden details you’ll uncover.

I had the weirdest inclination to take a stab at using Defade’s translation of “Ori no Naka no Hakoniwa” from Sound Horizon’s Nein album and editing the lyric pages, so this is the result.  A very odd challenge, indeed.

The original translation for this song can be found here and be sure to give marchen-v-friedhof your appreciation for taking the time to translate this album!

I was still a crybaby... though I was small, I became a big sister
I was so happy... and slightly embarrassed...
But so very proud...
The fields of life filled with suffering,
We roam them in search of Beautiful Things
The smiling face of yours when you set off towards the boundless horizon
I thought that was more beautiful than anything else

Shingeki! Kyoujin Chuugakkou Opening
“Youth is Like Fireworks” (青春は花火のように, “Seishun wa Hanabi no you ni”) by Linked Horizon (Revo)

Considering Revo’s tendency to be random, I was honestly anticipating something a lot more over-the-top than this. Still it’s awesome, and there are so many throwbacks to the original that it’s just about as quirky as the show itself.

There’s the bit about the school’s name, which in Japanese is “Shingeki Chuugakkou”: ‘shingeki’ (which came from the original’s title) meaning ‘advancing’. So literally the school should be (roughly) ‘Advance Junior High’. But Funimation made it ‘Attack Junior High’, taking the name from the English title of the original (which is kinda smart), but it completely changes the meaning. In the last bit of the song it goes “Shingeki! Shingeki chuugakkou!”, and to make things consistent with Funimation’s translation I put it as “Advance! Attack Junior High School!”

I gave up on the background chorus (is it still German?), though I was very tempted to slot the phrase “Sumimasen, sore wa chuugakkou dayo” (“Sorry, but that’s a junior high school”) for the opening line. xD

About the effects… I dunno, I’ve never used a spinning effect before, but the moment I saw it on the “Spin off! Spin off!” line I was like “I’M TOTALLY USING THIS.” Still, it’s horrendously simple, and I apologise for that. ^^;

Glory Kingdom
Sound Horizon
Glory Kingdom

Sound Horizon’s (Sanhora) Anthem. This song is only sang during live performances by both public and singers.

Original lyrics (romaji transcription):

Uta wo kuchibiru ni tomoshi
Warera wa sekai wo wataru
Kimi ni meguriau tame no
Yakusoku sareta hatenaki tabiji

Aa tomo yo, wasureru na
Kono te wa tsunagatte iru
Kono basho ni tsudoeta kiseki
Hokori wo mune ni tomo ni utaou

Warera umareochita chi wa
Sorezore chigau kedo
Mune ni onaji kokyou wo daite
Onaji ou wo itadaku
Laurant, Laurant!

Gloria, oh gloria, Sound Horizon Kingdom!
Gloria, oh gloria, Sound Horizon Kingdom!
Aah, gloria!

(Sound Horizon ~ Kingdom!)

English lyrics (100 Laurant Version):

Singing the song of hearts upon all our lips
At last we sail away freely to the light
To keep the promise I made so long ago
To meet with you once again on the journey of my life

Ah, my dear friends, you shall not forget
That we’re all together as we hold our hands
As all our hearts gather in this royal land
Bear the pride deep in your soul we shall sing this song again

Although we do not share the same motherland
We will be the same in our hearts
As we live under the reign of our noble lord
We will be sharing the same name
Oh Laurant, Laurant!

Gloria, oh gloria, Sound Horizon Kingdom!
Gloria, oh gloria, Sound Horizon Kingdom!
Ah, ah…Gloria!

(Sound Horizon ~ Kingdom!)

If by any change you do not know about Sound Horizon , I strongly recomend you search it and listen to some of their songs when you have the time.

Sound Horizon

Music from Revos Homepage

Alone, the young magician
Sought eternity
He would not allow for his existence
To be so trivial that it would someday be forgotten…

Because he came to desire it far too much,
He could not bear the thought of losing it
And his dream became a stairway of anguish
How easy would it be to fall?
Even if he does not see light beyond the staircase,
He continues to ascend, aiming for the heavens…

A voice without form whispers to him
“You cannot obtain anything that cannot be lost.”
To him who covers his ears it whispers
“What do you want with eternity?”

His pure feeling changed into madness
And eventually he became involved in forbidden things
Voices other than his own controlled him
As he was ascending the staircase,
Step by step, he begins to fall…

A burning kiss and a frozen kiss
Space and time, which have lost all order,
Beckon him to eternity…

A voice without form whispers to him
“The eternity you desired was ‘destruction.’”
But the voice never reached him…


Lost time, is my time Lost tho?

I did an edit of the color of the cover because I have see pictures where is a little more darker and not so greenish, but sadly i can’t check with an original :/, sorry if is incorrect