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i suddenly am too self aware of how much i giggle when im shy
  • i suddenly am too self aware of how much i giggle when im shy

i’ll try to pretend im not dying of embarrassement after posting this

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That submission talked about a little party? What's that?? It sounds fun!!

Kind of like a Tupperware party only with onesies and stuffies and a bunch of adorable littles eating candy and coloring.

I also call it “I’ve died and gone to heaven”

OH OMG i totally forgot to mention this yesterday but my lil sister is in drama club and one of the plays they’re doing is abt dnd !!!! to make the characters the kids r actually gonna roll for thm & create backstories; my sister even has like a legit character sheet w her own character !!!! agfgfdhfh i think it’s rlly cool i’m so excited to watch the play :’)))

Im 23 years old, Im genderqueer and pan. I was just invited into a relationship with one girl, a nonbinary person, and two guys. (They all live together.) I’ve been crushing and going on random dates with the girl for a while now and she just introduced her other partners. I told them I needed a day or two to think about it and I’m seriously considering it. Do you have any advice before I go into this relationship or things I should know?

You don’t have to date three other people just because you like this girl! If this isn’t something you feel uncomfortable about, you don’t need to do it. You deserve the time and space to develop your own relationship with these other people - don’t just jump into a polyfidelitous relationship with four people because you’re into one of them.

If this sounds like a fun adventure to you, if there are no red flags, then for sure, go for it! Just take it slow and be gentle with yourself. Don’t let yourself be rushed or pressured. Maybe you won’t hit it off sexually or romantically with one of the people - don’t force it. Let those relationships be happy and healthy in their own unique ways. It’s unreasonable of the people in this quad to believe that nothing will change when you enter their dynamic, or that you will meet all of their expectations perfectly. They should make space for you!

So, there’s my advice: know and advocate for your own needs; take it slow; be gentle and patient with yourself and expect the same from them.

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I went to Disney world last summer and at the end of the finding Nemo ride in Epcot they have a huge area dedicated to learning about sea life and I think I spent more time in the area about sharks then I did on my favourite rides combined because I just wanted to memorize all the facts

i feel that so hard, i just want to know All the Things. that sounds really fun though!!

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Your College life sounds fun so far and the course you taking also sounds exciting. How long is your course, 2 or 4 years? Seems like I am asking so much about your school, sorry, I'm just excited that you are also in College and wondering if we are taking same major but sadly not. Yours sounds more fun.

my major is gonna be CGI, media is just what it’s categorised under. And the course will go for three years unless I choose something else to do which I feel like I might ^.^

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*shy finger poke* Can you write LucielxMC where MC is dominate like you Saeran and rough? ...I will leave now *leaves*

Ooooo this actually sounds super fun to write!! *not able to hold back a mischievous smile*

50 Shades of Jensen - Jensen Ackles

Supernatural Drabble Part of Harley’s Movie/TV Show Drabble Celebration Rated Mature 18+ Movie: 50 Shades of Grey Smut Requested by: @deanjensengirlmaggie Quick Note: I’ve never actually seen 50 Shades of Grey, so it’s basically just what I remember from the book which isn’t much. It’s just pure smut

Jensen and his wife had just finished watching 50 Shades of Grey on Netflix, he had never seen it. It gave him an idea for the bedroom, “hey Y/n, you think we could try that blindfold thing from the movie” Jensen said. “Yeah, sure that sounds like fun” she said, he jumped off the couch and took her hand and pulled her to the bedroom. He grabbed one of her scarves and folded it and set it on the nightstand. When he turned around, she was already stark naked. “Fuck someone’s eager” he said, “yeah, I’ve wanted to try this for a while” she said. He took his clothes off and picked up the blindfold, “sit sweetheart” he said. She sat on the bed and he sat next to her and put the scarf over her eyes, he wrapped it around her head and tied it. “Here Y/n let me help you lay down” he said as he guided her down on the mattress. Jensen placed a kiss on her lips, she opened her mouth letting his tongue in. His hands roamed all over her naked body, stopping at her breasts to massage them. He kissed down her chin, to her neck, he kissed up to her ear and nibbled her ear lobe. She put her hands on his shoulders and rubbed down his chest to his abdomen and back to around his neck. Soft moans left her mouth as he kissed down to her pulse point and sucked until a red bruise formed. He kissed up the other side of her neck and gave that side the same attention. As he moved his way down her chest, he looked up at her face she was biting her bottom lip. He kissed up her breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth and sucked it. While he sucked one nipple, his thumb and index finger tweaked her other nipple, “Jensen yes” she moaned. She ran her fingers through his hair, she just needed him between her legs. “Jensen please, fuck me, eat me or something” she said, “patience sweetheart, I’m heading there” he said. He switched off with her nipples, when he was done nibbling and sucking. He kissed down her stomach, ending where she needed him most. He kissed her lips gently while he used his knee to gently open her legs. Jensen moved back down and buried his head between her legs, he kissed her clit and she cried out. Since Y/n was blindfolded her other senses were heightened. She felt every nerve in body explode with every touch. Everytime he kissed her or touched her, her body felt like she was on fire. Jensen placed quick licks to her clit, “Jensen fuck yes, yes” she screamed. He licked the juice dripping out of her entrance, he slid his tongue in her entrance and swirled it around. He drew his attention back to her clit and attached his lips around it. He sucked and nibbled her clit, while he slid his finger in her entrance and pumped them out slowly. “Yes baby, yes, yes” she screamed digging her nails into his hair. He added a second finger, then a third pumping them in and out of her at a steady pace, while his mouth worked her clit. She came around his fingers, her entire body shook as her orgasm shot through her, while screaming her name. Jensen crawled up her body and kissed her lips, “you’re liking the blindfold huh” he said. She nodded her head, “please fuck me, Jensen please” she panted. Jensen lined himself up with her entrance and slid slowly inside her, he kissed her neck while he gave her time to adjust to his size. Y/n wrapped her legs around his waist forcing him deeper and giving him the signal to move. He began thrusting slow at first and when she started moaning he thrust faster and harder. She put her hands on his shoulders and held on as he thrust into her. Every thrust felt different since she couldn’t see her husband above her, she felt every muscle in his body everytime he moved. Jensen felt her pussy clench around his cock, he put his hand between them and put his thumb on her clit and rubbed rough circles on it. Y/n felt her release building inside her, she was going to cum harder than ever. She dug her nails into his back as her orgasm exploded through her, she screamed incoherent words and scratched her nails down his back. He worked her through her orgasm as his own was building. He felt his balls tense up and tighten, “come on Jensen cum for me baby, cum inside my pussy” she said. She rubbed her hands over his head, “fuck Y/n” he grunted as he he shot his cum inside her. He fell down onto the bed next to her, they both laid there panting, she untied the blindfold. She looked at her beautiful, sweaty husband and she rolled on her side and put her head on his chest. “That was fucking amazing” he said, “it was, it’s so different with the blindfold, everything’s more intense” she said. “Fuck, we are definitely doing that again” Jensen said, “yes we are but next time you wear the blindfold” she said.

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servantofclio replied to your post “It’s been quite the weekend, y’all. Between working on my taxes (which…”

some gaming yesterday, some writing and knitting otherwise!

That does sound fun :D A faulty outlet … not so much :/

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Which horse show?! My aunt trains Arabians out west and spends a lot of time around Scottsdale at horse shows.

That’s the one we went to! It was my first time and last night there were a lot of finales. We caught the tail end of the jumping competition, and one of the riders was 10 years old holy cow. Gosh, Arabians are gorgeous horses!

syzara replied to your post “It’s been quite the weekend, y’all. Between working on my taxes (which…”

dunno about fun but definitely busy. useful though!

Well, as long as it’s a useful busy and not a needless busy :P Maybe next weekend will have more time for fun!

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crossfit open 17.1 hurt my soul. fun though

Okay, I had to look up what that is, and my soul is hurting just thinking about it. But I’m glad you had fun :D I’ve always been curious about crossfit. It looks equal parts thrilling and frakking frightening.