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Check out this epic aerial battle between a bald eagle & two gulls. David Canales captured this once-in-a-lifetime photo from his kayak on Prince William Sound in Alaska while on an 11-day expedition from Valdez to Whittier. Photo courtesy of David Canales.


Milford Sound - New Zealand 2015 Milford sound is part of the Fiordland National Park in the south of New Zealand. This morning we went on a cruise through the glacial valley that has formed over thousands of years. It was so mind blowing to see the water being next to such high mountains. The views spectacular and there were waterfalls everywhere. Here are a few pictures I manage to capture during this unbelievable boat ride. Also keep in mind that the boats you see in the photos are 50-60ft Ferry Boats with 2-3 levels on each. Just goes to show the sheer size of the surroundings Keep exploring.

I think one thing I love and admire about both Jongdae and Baekhyun is that from day 1 they knew exactly where they wanted to be on day 5000. And every single day they work towards their long terms goals.

Genuinely amazes me.

Baek wants to be the next top all round idol (singing check, dancing getting there, acting needs work…but at least he is present in all three). He doesn’t give two shits if being an idol isn’t “respected”. He pursues his goals without hesitation. He gives people music they love and want.

Jongdae wants to be considered an artist (to show that idols can be artists and to show that HE is an artist) and works to develop his musicality and find his sound day by day. Slowly developing as a songwriter, working on a solid OST resume, exploring different sounds and genres to find the one (s) that inspire him the most…so that he can be a musician that inspires others too

Like insane. This ambition they both have is so inspiring

no offense but i’m sad taylor did safe and sound and didn’t explore much more of that sound in her music like would kill for more songs with a safe and sound vibe to her voice.

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I hope space colonization never becomes a thing, cause we all know who has the money to do so and what happens when those people go anywhere that isn't populated by other white men 👀👀👀 but space exploration and friendly alien contact would be gr8 i want alien friends and to see galaxies in naked eyed

Yeah space exploration sounds cool!! But like I keep saying I don’t trust humans settling in another planet especially w/ other life. We’re gonna fuck it up

John Foxx and Steve D’Agostino’s all instrumental EVIDENCE OF TIME TRAVEL (2016) reveals its conceit through the use of vintage analogue instruments (especially drum machines) that provide warmth and grit beyond the “boiled” (thanks, D.H. Lawrence)  code of software programs. A visual component is provided by Karborn, whose images dissolve and morph as in a dream. While sound and imagery remind me a bit of electro-noise pioneers Cabaret Voltaire, let’s remember that John Foxx’s METAMATIC (1980) is probably the finest “synth-pop” record ever recorded in its use of skeletal electronics in the context of “popular” song. EVIDENCE OF TIME TRAVEL has been criticized for its use of pop structures instead of more experimental strategies, but let’s face it, John Foxx never travelled the noise as art road at all. Just listen to “Hiroshima Mon Amour” from Ultravox’s HA-HA-HA album (1977) for the drum machine and synth sounds that are explored and expanded here.

“Hasn’t this ship got a lifeboat?” said Cheery hurriedly. “I”m sure I saw one when we came on.”
“Yeah… lifeboat,” said Detritus.
“Anyone want a sardine?” said Cheery. “I’ve managed to get a tin open.”
“Lifeboat,” Detritus repeated. He sounded like someone exploring an unpleasant truth. “Like… a big, heavy thing which would’ve slowed us down…?”
“Yes, I saw it, I know I did,” said Reg.
“Yeah… dere was one,” said Detritus. “Dad was a lifeboat, was it?”
“At the very least we ought to get somewhere sheltered and drop the anchor.”
“Yeah… anchor…” mused Detritus. “Dat’s a big thing kinda hooks on, right?”
“Of course.”
“Kinda heavy thing?”
“Right. An’… er… if it was dropped a long time ago, on accounta bein’ heavy, dat wouldn’t do us much good now?”
“Hardly.” Reg shoe glared through the hatchway. The sky was a dirty yellow blanket, criss-crossed with fire. Thunder boomed continuously.
“I wonder how far the barometer’s sunk?” he said.
“All der way,” said Detritus gloomily. “trust me on dis.”

– but the ship is extra light now | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

Deaf Artist Christine Sun Kim Is Reinventing Sound

For artist Christine Sun Kim, sound is a “ghost.” The multiple-MFA-holding Senior TED Fellow who has had a Whitney Museum residency and exhibited at MoMA, has been profoundly deaf since birth. The sonic hush in which she lives has pushed her towards exploring sound through her work in a varied oeuvre of performance, installation, drawing, and video.

Initially, Kim strove to translate sound into direct visual terms. She experimented with vibrations, placing coated paintbrushes and inked quills on wooden boards atop subwoofers and speakers pulsing with ambient noise. Her process resulted in lovely minimalist paintings, audibles turned objets d'art. But the project felt like translating a text using only half the alphabet. “Low frequency sounds—vibrations—only make up a very small fraction of the sound world,” she explains. When it came to capturing the rich tapestry of Kim’s lived experience with sound, this approach fell short.