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Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

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mark playing with jackson’s zipper

Bang Yongguk...

Hey Bang Yongguk,

You’ve been working so hard

Since pre debut and debut (Jan. 27, 2012)

Becoming a leader of B.A.P

Making music which is also art as well

Watching after your families - your beloved people (Bang Family, B.A.P, BABY/Fandom, and Friends)

Your gummy smile make your group smile, even fans and people.

You’re not just my ultimate bias. You’ve also become my role model.


Your affection/love towards your beloved people, have a positive attitude, and made interesting goals.

You’ve been participated in UNICEF, making a school in Africa, and wanted to help people.

Giving a tribute to Sewol Ferry Tragic (Ribbon In the Sky, Noir Album)

You didn’t want to leave Zelo (Maknae) behind and stay with B.A.P during the lawsuit (November 2014) then a hiatus.

Your words - “Our team has comeback” during Young, Wild, & Free promotions.

Since you were taking a treatment, due to your disorder - we are wishing you to feel better!

B.A.P always mention you during the SKYDIVE promotions while you were/are still taking a treatment.

Letting B.A.P go crazy even though you love them and they love you too.

We want you to know that we, babyz, are here for you to go through time, situations, and events.

Bang Yongguk, we love you! Fighting! 

See you soon!
bangstergram (instagram) & bap_bangyongguk (twitter)

I Remember, Warrior, Power, No Mercy, Crash, Stop It, Rain Sound, One Shot, Coffee Shop, Hurricane, Badman, 1004/Angel, Where Are You Going?, Matrix/Young Wild & Free, Feels So Good, That’s My Jam, and Noir/Skydive

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