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hhdjdhdj fun fact some armys in my country sometimes like to fondly call namjoon "namjun" when we talk on written socmed because that's how namjoon's name is written if we go by how it's spelled and my country's spelling rule. and i like jeongguk because when it's shortened to gukkie, "guk" is how dogs sound here and gukkie sounds like such a puppy and??? jeongguk???? is literal a puppy?????? jin's ideal type yes

waitttt that’s cute af!!!! 💜💜 gukkie sounds like puppie asdfgfdsasd i can totally understand why you call him jeongguk,,, that’s the cutest thing,,,,,, i love that we can call him gukkie… kookie… puppy… asdfgfds im soft. he has the most adorable nicknames. 

good cat sounds:
- “mrrrp?”
- that when cat tries to meow but only tiny “khh” comes out

good dog sounds:
- mildy alarmed boof
- that when dog is on other side of closed door and sniffs the gap under the door


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The signs as nice things
  • Aries: taking hot showers, adrenaline rushes, dark lipstick, thunderstorms, rose petals, the taste of salt, stealing glances, colourful skies, earth's scent
  • Taurus: blushing, flannels, singing soft tunes, forests, coper, indie music, architecture, the taste of tangerines, greek mythology
  • Gemini: deja vu, braiding someones hair, potted plants, the colour yellow, vintage stores, clouds, going to a festival, forgiveness, springtime
  • Cancer: shy smiles, sleepy mornings, little cafes, soft skin, sunlight shining trough curtains, dreams, dipping your feet in water, starry eyes, messy hair
  • Leo: marble floors, sunflowers, golden sunsets, oversized jackets, bronze glowing skin, art galeries, summer rain, new beginnings, origami stars
  • Virgo: pressed flowers, silk, listening to records, simplicity, the sound of typewriters, dogs, window shopping, old bookstores, poëtry
  • Libra: being in love for the first time, autumn leaves, rosé wine, fairy lights, watercolours, sleeping with open windows, laughter, flower shops, bumblebees
  • Scorpio: shadows, nights spent watching movies, finger guns, crashing waves, crystals, old photographs, dark eyes, lighting a flame, fancy cars
  • Sagittarius: freckles, wildflowers, rollor coasters, foreign languages, smirks, curiosity, traveling by plane, making someone smile, fruit trees
  • Capricorn: comfortable silences, cozy sweaters, fresh air, songs that trigger memories, cats, old movies, long walks, silver moons, witchcraft
  • Aquarius: new haircuts, misty roads, city lights, the cosmos, non-matching socks, dancing alone, deep conversations, the sound of rain, piano's
  • Pisces: inside jokes, nose kisses, finding lost things, fairy tales, tenderness, being trusted with a secret, waterfalls, unique features, handwritten letters

We finally have an English trailer!

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My birthday is coming up and I really really love your drawings of Bokuto. If you're not too busy, could you make my day with a Bokuto drawing? Thank you!

Ahhhhh thank you!! I hope you’ll have a great birthday~!!