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Ever have a project that puts you through hell and it takes all your strength to not scream but it’s also the best thing ever and you love it?

The emotional equivalent of grinning through a mouth full of blood while throwing another punch, I guess.

Botanical oils.


Tal Peleg is a visual and makeup artist from Israel. Peleg specializes in the dramatic — her work showcases intricate and ornate scenes and stories on a miniature scale.


HQ Atlantis Au Scene 2 PART1 <- part 2

Tag/Scene 1 

idk if there’s a trend going on but i’ve been getting a sudden influx of messages asking me if they can repost my art on their instagram. 

If you look on my FAQ you will find your answer: 

And this goes for any other social media platforms. Please for the love of all that is good in this world, do not repost my art. 

if you don’t even have the decency to ask beforehand, just… do me a favor and save yourself the trouble, and don’t post at all. I upload all my art on both Twitter and Tumblr, please reblog or retweet at your leisure. 

If you would like to USE MY ART, say in an AMV, vine, banner artwork, blog theme, or use my art in any way that is not the same as reposting my art in its original form, please ask me beforehand! In most cases I am happy to give permission, but i would like to know if my art is being used for something.