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Dragon/Demon AU Masterpost

Jeon Jungkook : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Can make bubbles (with his mouth yes very useful) and breath underwater
  •  Can’t fly but very fast swimming underwater

Park Jimin : Demon Family / Incubus type

  • Can Fly
  • Saliva can heal

Kim Taehyung : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Fire breath
  • Can Fly

Min Yoongi : Demon Family / INccubus type

  • Control air
  • Can fly

Jung Hoseok : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Fire breath
  • Can fly
  • Ears doesn’t have any dragon characteristic 

Kim Namjoon : Dragon  Family / Reptile type

  • Ice breath (??)
  • Tip of ears are cold

Kim Seokjin : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Doesn’t have wings but gather speed and use the force of his tail to stay in the air
  • Mixed breed : Dragon father and Demon mother
  • Demon’s horns

 Information about all of them :

They eat normal food and have a place outside (like in bambi xD) where they can fire breath, fly and such.

They all have long ass tongue 


 The dragon family haves Characteristic Suppressant (doesn’t work for horns and ears) meaning their tails disappear during concert but when they grow back its painful. 

It take about 1-2 week to grow back depending on the size. (even using painkillers)

forgetting to ride a bike

I stare at a golden UFO
sitting on top a building
I am not sure of the time
the sun is out
but is has been listing til 9
as of late

writing about writing is boring and cheap
i’ve heard
between that sandwich is me

I’ve abandoned my responsibilities
for the day
the girls are in the finest dresses I’ve seen
across the street with their men
opening car doors, cheering to popped corks,
high dollar german cars lay on their horns
to speed along families across crosswalks

I blow a twirling smoke bird cage
through dirt crank windows
no one looks up at me

Live from the Ninth
Josh Gaydos 2017

Somewhere in a dark room, a male Tumblr artist draws a girl. But this is no ordinary girl that he is drawing. You see, the girl he is drawing in this work in particular has slightly bigger boobs and hips than the girls he usually draws. With one deft stroke, he bravely erases her thigh gap; a selfless act of martyrdom to the fat women everywhere who so desperately needed his help. At last, some REAL representation! Their voices can finally be heard! He gently brushes the eraser shavings off of the picture and holds it up to the light, but does so carefully, so as not to uncork the lightning he had just captured in a bottle. As he looks upon his drawing the way a mother looks at her newborn child, he takes a moment to reflect on the monumental societal impact he has made. A single tear rolls down his cheek as he lovingly proclaims “thicc.”

“We can escape to the great sunshine

We made it out to the other side…”

Do I hate asking people to review at the end of my chapters? Yes. I despise it. It makes me feel needy, whiny, ungrateful for the readers I have. 

Do I hate asking people to reblog instead of just liking? Yeah. It makes me feel like I’m forcing them to do it through a guilt trip. 

But here’s the thing. 

I consider myself a fairly well known author in certain fandoms. This isn’t me bragging, this is me looking at the number of readers I have on Fanfiction and AO3, the fact that I get requests in my inbox, and the fact that I’ve been mentioned in a couple different fic rec posts, and deducing that I’m a somewhat popular author. 

My most popular fanfiction I have posted on Tumblr has just over 800 notes. Only 18 of which are reblogs. Only 6 of which have comments or tags on them. 

The most popular piece of fanart (in this case, meaning a single piece of artwork, not a comic or series of drawings) that I’ve ever seen had over 100,000 notes. At least a quarter of them were reblogs, and every single reblog that I saw of it had comments in the tags. 

So I’m not going to stop asking for people to reblog. For people to leave comments in the tags. For people to leave comments on AO3 and Fanfiction. 

Because fanfiction writers are treated like pack mules and, for the most part, artists are treated like gods. Artists can get PAID for their fanart, and we get yelled at for not posting the next chapter of a 10K story within two days of the latest update.

And I’m kind of sick of it. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. 

If you have the ability to like it, you have the ability to reblog it and leave a three word comment in the tags. It’s not difficult.