sound rhythm

9 types of intelligence
  • *your sign may appear more than once
  • spatial (visualizing the world in 3d): aquarius, gemini
  • naturalist (understanding living things and reading nature): sagittarius, taurus
  • musical (discerning sounds, their pitch, tone, rhythm, and timbre): scorpio, pisces
  • logical-mathematical (quantifying things, making hypotheses and proving them): virgo, capricorn, gemini
  • existential (tackling the questions of why we live and why we die): pisces, sagittarius, scorpio
  • interpersonal (sensing people's feelings and motives): libra, taurus, cancer
  • bodily-kinesthetic (coordinating your mind with your body): aries, gemini
  • linguistic (finding the right words to express what you mean): gemini, virgo, leo
  • intra-personal (understanding yourself, what you feel, and what you want: leo, cancer

I just love it when Harry raises his arms and dances…

Like when he just does it to the sound of music.

Or the rhythm of the song.

The times when he swings his waist.

And when he waves his hair in the wind.

Or his hair and entire body.

Let’s not forget the moves he does while looking weird as fuck.

Weird and drunk too.

Or when it looks like he is dancing with someone in his imagination.

When he is a banana.

Or a fucking ballerina.

We all know that Styles, we all know that…

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This Letter From A Blind Boy Thanking Nintendo For His Favorite Game Will Leave You In Tears
'I cannot see with my eyes, but I have always wanted to play games, just like everybody else.'
By Takumi Harimaya, Susie Armitage

“Rhythm Heaven is particularly special for Hibiki because it’s the only video game he’s been able to play since losing his eyesight as a toddler. Hibiki’s dad, Kentaro, told BuzzFeed News that his oldest son started having problems with his eyes when he was a year and a half old. Doctors diagnosed Hibiki with a form of childhood cancer called retinoblastoma in both of his eyes. After several unsuccessful treatments, a doctor asked Hibiki’s parents to ‘choose his life or eyes.’ After a family discussion, they decided to save his life, and opted for surgery that removed both of the little boy’s eyes. Immediately after turning two, Hibiki became completely blind. Afterwards, ‘we spent days crying,’ Kentaro said. ‘But Hibiki’s positive will to live gave our family a ray of light. After starting to play the drums at age four, he has taught me so many things.’ After becoming blind, Hibiki developed a love for rhythm. When he finished Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series, he sent a letter to the company to thank them for making a game he could play. ‘When he became blind, he couldn’t even play with toys,’ Hibiki’s dad Kentaro said. ‘So he had to have fun with sounds by hitting the walls and floors at home. Then, we remembered that a friend in the neighborhood owns a drum set. When Hibiki was 3, we had him try it, and he was really excited by its powerful sound. Since then, he started telling us that he wants to play the drums.’ When he turned four, he started taking drumming lessons. Here’s the letter Hibiki sent to Nintendo, asking them to make more games that visually impaired people can enjoy: ‘Dear Nintendo, How do you do. My name is Hibiki Sakai, and I am in 5th grade. I cannot see with my eyes, but I have always wanted to play games, just like everybody else. There were hardly any games I could play. The only game I could actually play was Rhythm Heaven. I was able to enjoy only this game with others, and no one could beat me in this game. I have perfected the game on Game Boy Advance, Game Boy DS, Wii, and 3DS. Therefore, I strongly hope you keep making Rhythm Heaven going forward. I can handle it, even if you made it a little bit harder!!I am sure that there are many visually impaired kids besides me who want to but cannot play games. That is why I hope you develop games that people with physical disabilities can enjoy with other people. I will continue to support Nintendo. From: Hibiki Sakai’ Hibiki got a reply from Nintendo, in Braille… and in Japanese text (here’s the translation): ‘Thank you for writing to us. We are extremely happy to hear that you enjoyed and perfected all the games in our Rhythm Heaven series. Hibiki, your letter will be shared with our game developing team. We will keep doing our best to create games that everyone can have fun with. We hope you will keep supporting us.’ Hibiki’s correspondence with Nintendo has gotten more than 22,000 likes and a lot of positive responses on Twitter. ‘Hibiki was very surprised and happy about it,’ his father said. ‘He also says that now, he has something to look forward to, because he can see the possibility of a new Rhythm Heaven coming out, though no such plans have been released yet. As parents, we were truly surprised to get a prompt and sincere response to a letter written by a child. Regardless of whether a new version is released or not, we were very happy that the letter brought hope to Hibiki. Hibiki taught us that people are not unfortunate because of their disabilities, rather, the heart that is weakened by the disabilities is unfortunate. By changing his blindness from a fate to a mission, he fights on everyday toward a big goal of becoming a drummer who can bring courage & hope to the world.’ Rock on, Hibiki!”, from Buzzfeed, link above!

The signs in nature

Aries: the warmth of a fire

Taurus: the feel of rain

Gemini: the view of the sky

Cancer: the love of the moon

Leo: the touch of light

Virgo: the sound of nature

Libra: the loyalty of a pack

Scorpio: the power of waves

Sagittarius: the rhythm of the wind

Capricorn: the healing of the ground

Aquarius: the knowledge of the creatures

Pisces: the secret of life

In which I headcanon that “bracing shower” is a euphemism for touching yourself.  Rated E.  Spoilers for 6x18.

Killian stomped up the stairs, a pleasant tingle in his fingers and toes that made him feel heavy and tingly.

“Tingly,” he whispered to himself, shaking his head, and his hand for good measure.  He grabbed a hold of the railing when he nearly slipped on the landing, socks sliding on the slick wooden floors.

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Nesta’s First Starfall

Requested by Anonymous 102: “To the night you’ll never remember.” 

Nessian - Starfall

It’s Nesta’s first Starfall and Cassian has taken on the responsibility of watching her. He eagerly volunteered to do it though he would never tell her that. He told her to dress nicely and that he will pick her up at nine to go out and join the festivities. Nesta grumbled a reply and had stalked off to the library.

Now, Cassian stands outside her room, a fist prepared to knocks on her door, but he pauses. He’s not sure what’s going to happen tonight, not sure what he wants to happen tonight. After all, the whole Inner Circle knows how Starfall had helped to open Feyre’s eyes to her feelings for Rhys, who knows what kind of affect tonight would have on Nesta, who was already so close to realizing what was between them. With a sharp intake of breath, Cassian knocks.

His fist is still in the air when the door opens less than a second later. Nesta stands on the other side, one eyebrow raised, and Cassian lets out a low whistle at her appearance. Looking utterly breathtaking, she dons a floor length dress that hugs her form until flaring just above the knee. It is dark blue and incredibly elegant.

“You have to stop hanging about like this, it’s unnerving.” She mutters, slipping her hand into his own outstretched one and allowing him to lead her down the hallway.

Cassian chuckles a bit. “Forgive me, you’re a little unnerving.”

Nesta surprises him by letting a small smirk flit onto her lips, lifting her skirt as they descend the stairs. “So, what is the plan for the evening? Dancing? Food? Wine?”

Cassian places a hand on the doorknob, pausing to give her his own smirk. “Oh, no. Starfall holds something a little more hardcore than that.” Then he opens the door and watches as Nesta’s eyes widen in delight.

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49 - “I’d rather die”



That’s all Michael could hear. The rhythm echoed in his brain as he crouched by the toilet with tears streaming down his face. How long has he been in there? A few minutes? An hour? He didn’t care. The knocking had been persistent and refused to cease, it had started to bury into his skull. The same four beats every minute or so:


Michael’s face had gone numb from all the tears he had shed that night. He might have fallen asleep a couple of times or maybe just blacked out of want to be anywhere but there, sitting in the bathroom at one of the biggest parties of the year. Why did he even come? He knew he hated parties, the dancing, the drinks and the drunks. It wasn’t Michael’s style at all. His style was being in his basement, a warm and comforting environment, getting high and playing video games with Jeremy.


That’s why he was here. He was here because of Jeremy. His former best friend. Someone who he trusted with his life had left him here, in the bathroom, crying till dawn. And no Squip had made him to do so. It was of his own free fucking will.


He didn’t want to be here. He didn’t need to be here anymore. Jeremy was gone, forever. The Squip had completely changed him and there was nothing Michael would do to save him. He had already tried, and he failed. He failed to save him best friend. His former best friend. Someone who he trusted with his life.


They seemed louder than before, even though Michael knew they weren’t. The room was spinning, even though Michael knew it wasn’t. The delusions were there and they were there to stay. He was trapped, suffocating in this small room with nothing but a broken heart and a bathtub to crawl inside and hide from the rest of the world. That’s all Michael wanted to do, hide. Hide from everyone who had hurt him. Hide from everyone who thought they knew him. Hide from everyone who did know him. Hide from Jeremy. His former best friend, someone who he trusted his life with.

What a load of bullshit. He couldn’t trust his life with anyone, he wouldn’t dare. Michael had learnt his lesson. He damn well knew he couldn’t trust anyone in this world anymore. He’d rather die.


There had to be something in there. Something to stop the sounds, to stop the pain. To stop anyone from breaking him ever again, not that anyone would want to anyway. Jeremy was gone. The only person he had bothered to care about had left him. His mother had never given him the time of day so why should he? Why should he care what they would think or say or do if he just disappeared, never to be seen again. Would they even care?


Would the people knocking, making his life a living hell, care if he never opened the door? Would they give up trying and forget all about the boy in the bathroom? The boy with the red hoodie who used to be part of a perfect pair, used to have someone worth living for…

No. They wouldn’t. They wouldn’t even remember there was a boy in the bathroom.

The sounds were gone now, but only because he had learnt to block them out. His surroundings had gotten foggy, not that that mattered. Soon there wouldn’t be any surroundings at all… nothing worth noticing, nothing worth remembering…

Michael didn’t hear the door being barged open. He didn’t see the boy standing over him, tears streaming down his face as he shouted his name. He didn’t hear the apologies, the pleases coming from the boy. He just saw darkness, he just heard silence.


When Michael opened his eyes, he couldn’t really see anything. It was all white and blurry and cold. He was… really cold. And weak too. Michael wasn’t used to that, living off a diet of Mountain Dew will do that to you. But he had woken up with a sense of guilt - regret - sorrow. He didn’t remember anything to be sorry for… Though he did remember sounds, maybe a rhythm? Nothing specific came to mind.

It wasn’t until he tried to sit up properly that he realised his entire body was behind held captive by someone hugging him tightly, soaking whatever he was wearing. The boy was speaking to him… well, trying to. His speech was continuous, he wasn’t even stopping to take breaths.

Michael caught a few words from the long winding speech we was being given. Words like “bathroom…. ambulance…. Squip…. drunk…. sorry.” That last one was being repeated a lot, Michael had lost count of how many times Jeremy had said it.

Jeremy. That’s who it was. It was Jeremy sitting by the bed, hugging him and securing him to the mattress while he rambled and cried. Michael couldn’t think of a reason why his best friend was in such a state, so he just complied and rubbed his head in support trying to calm him down. When Jeremy finally looked up at Michael, he noticed his face was full relief, yet the guilt still remained. But Michael just smiled at the sight, encasing Jeremy in a hug of his own - one that lasted a very long time. How long did they stay like that? A few minutes? An hour?

Michael began to cry. He didn’t care.

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Can you maybe write something about what Alex was actually doing during that knife throwing practice (aka with maggie because we all know that's what was actually happening)?

Maggie tends to have odd hours.

Part of her odd hours?

Thursday mornings off.

J’onn knows, when Alex mutters something about Thursday morning knife training.

Winn knows, when Alex walks away with that gleam in her eye.

Kara doesn’t know, and if she did, she’d wish she didn’t.

Because Alex is grabbing her helmet and ignoring Vasquez’s knowing smirk and she’s speeding her Ducati to Maggie’s apartment, and she’s letting herself in and she’s grinning because her girlfriend is still in one of Alex’s tank tops and boxers, and, gloriously, nothing else.

“Danvers!” she greets, her dimples shining along with her eyes.

“Know what happens when crime is slow in National City?” Alex asks by way of greeting as she strolls across the studio to take Maggie into her arms.

“Mmmm, you get bored and decided your girlfriend could be adequate entertainment?“

She arches up on her tip toes and kisses Alex softly, but with promise, with a question, and Alex answers with parted lips and an exploring tongue. Maggie swoons and Alex holds her and nearly swoons herself.

“Something like that.”

“That’s a tall order, Danvers. Keeping you entertained.”

“Well I didn’t say the burden would be all on you. I could uh… keep you entertained too, you know.”

“Oh, could you?”


They’re talking between kisses, between breaths, between eager hands running over each other’s bodies like they hadn’t only parted a few hours before, and Maggie giggles when Alex’s fingers skim over that pesky part of her side that is always, eternally, ticklish.

“I want you,” Maggie breathes into Alex’s lips, her own turned up into a smile, and Alex moans into her mouth.

“Do you now?”



“If I said I want you, it means I want you.”

Alex grins at Maggie’s need, at Maggie’s openness, at her grinning vulnerability, at her trust.

“You have me, Maggie. You have me.”

So she lifts her up, right under the thighs, and Maggie wraps her legs around Alex’s waist eagerly, their bodies pressing together as Alex kisses her, as Maggie whimpers and pants in anticipation, as Alex lays them both down on Maggie’s bed.

“You sure, babe? You don’t have to, just because I came home – ”

“Alex Danvers, I want you to cum all over my thigh, and then I want you to fuck me until I can’t remember my own name. Think you can do that for me? I mean, if you want – ”

Alex pffts. “If I want,” she growls, grinning as she leans down to kiss Maggie slow, soft, sensual.

“Is it okay if I take my time? Before I cum all over your thigh and fuck you senseless?”

“Alex,” Maggie just breathes, her hips arching up of their own accord, and Alex grins deeper.

She kisses her mouth and she kisses her cheek. She kisses her eyelids and she kisses her temples. Her eyebrows and the bridge of her nose, and her jawline and her earlobes – which has Maggie whimpering and panting and writhing – and her throat and her collarbone. She takes her time undressing Maggie, takes her time undressing herself.

“You don’t have to go back into work, babe?”

Alex chuckles. “Thursday morning knife training.”

“Oh, is that what I am?”

“Oh, Maggie. You are so much better than that.”

“Coming from you, that’s high praise, Danvers.”

“Want high praise? Spread your legs for me, Sawyer.”

“Alex,” Maggie gasps.

“Only if you want. I’m sorry, was that okay – ”

“Yes, Alex, god, yes,” Maggie says, complying with her request, and Alex moans as she trails kisses down Maggie’s chest, paying special attention to her nipples, to that sensitive spot right under her navel.

She pauses when her lips are just above Maggie’s curls.

“I know going down on you wasn’t on your agenda, but um… do you want me to? Because if you do, I’d like that. A lot.”

“As part of your training?” Maggie husks, her voice thick with humor, thick with raw desire, raw need.

“Well, it’s a certain kind of training, isn’t it?”

“You want to? You sure?”

“Oh god, yes.”

“Then please, Alex. Please?”

Alex obliges, and moans into Maggie’s clit when she lowers her tongue to taste her, when she parts her curls with her fingers and traces her tongue through her wetness, paying close, close attention to Maggie’s rhythms, her sounds, the ways her fingers tighten in Alex’s hair, the ways her hips arch up, the way she whimpers “god, Alex, just like that, fuck, yes, please please please,” and Alex grinds her own hips into the sheets because god does Maggie taste incredible and fuck, fuck, fuck she never imagined going down on someone could be this hot.

But then Maggie is tapping her open palm, their safe gesture for stopping, and Alex stops immediately, her eyes wide with concern, but Maggie’s shaking her head and grinning.

“I love cumming in your mouth, Danvers, but that’s not what I want right now. Flip over for me? If you want?”

And god, does she.

So she rolls over, wiping her mouth on her bare shoulder as she does, and spreads her legs obediently, excitedly, and Maggie eagerly kisses Alex’s mouth, moaning at the taste of herself on her girlfriend’s lips, moaning at how wet Alex is when she asks if she can slip her thigh between Alex’s legs and Alex is yes, yes, yes, Maggie, please, fuck, please.

“You wanna be a good girl for me and cum all over my thigh, Agent Danvers?” Maggie asks, and the words alone could make Alex cum as she slams her hips up, up, down, down, desperate for friction, desperate for pressure, and Maggie gives it to her hard, and Maggie provides it for her perfect, one of her hands bracing herself up on the mattress, the other resting as a pillow underneath Alex’s head, and it’s that, even more than the dirty talk – that protectiveness, that care, that thoughtfulness – that send Alex over the edge, that send her nails running down Maggie’s back, that send her screaming Maggie’s name as she sees stars, stars, supernovae, stars.

Maggie smiles and starts to cuddle Alex close, but Alex shakes her head, and Alex asks with her eyes if she can push Maggie onto her back, and Maggie nods wordlessly.

“You said something earlier about wanting to make me cum all over you, and then you wanted me to fuck you until you can’t remember your own name. Can I do that for you, Maggie? Do you still want that? Because we don’t have to – ”

“Why are you still talking, Danvers?”

So Alex grins and Alex leans down for a crushing, gentle, passionate, tender kiss, slipping her hand between Maggie’s legs, asking her once, twice, three more times if this is what she wants before slipping one, two, three fingers deep, deep inside her. Maggie moans and writhes and grabs at Alex’s hips and tries to keep from screaming Alex’s name.

Tries, and fails.

“Deeper Alex, please,” she whines, and Alex moans, and Alex obliges, making sure her palm stays right on Maggie’s clit, giving her all the pressure she needs as she arches her fingers inside Maggie’s body, working her up as much as she can handle, as much as either of them can handle, because god she loves feeling her fingers stretch Maggie out, loves feeling Maggie come completely undone beneath her, loves watching Maggie whimper and whine and gasp and scream and writhe, because it’s all from pleasure, all from ecstasy, all from Alex, Alex, Alex.

Maggie cums hard and she cums loud, just as Alex’s phone starts buzzing, just as Alex is being called back into work.

“Decent timing then, huh Danvers?” Maggie rasps, and Alex kisses her face, kisses her lips, kisses her forehead, kisses her hair.

“Never decent timing to leave you, babe,” Alex romances, and Maggie would swoon if she were standing up, if she had any coordination at all.

“What are you doing?” Maggie asks, bewildered as Alex pulls her into a close snuggle.

“It’s not an emergency. They can wait for a few extra minutes – I’m not gonna leave you all naked and sweaty with no cuddles to be had.”

“Aw, Danvers, are you getting soft on me?”

“Pfft, no.”

“Don’t worry, babe. I won’t tell your secret. I promise.”

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Roman Reigns Blurb - Afternoon Delight

I looked up as Roman strolled into the kitchen and felt my heart pick up its pace just a bit. Roman without his shirt on always had an effect on me and he knew it. I gave him a sidelong glance, still enjoying the view as he came up behind me to wrap his arms around me.

“Mornin’, love.” He murmured in my ear as his lips brushed up against the side of my neck, causing me to shiver involuntarily.

“Morning?” I laughed, “It’s 1:14. In the afternoon!”

“Still morning to me,” he mumbled as he buried his head in the crook of my neck, his hands slipping up underneath my tank top to play with my breasts.

“Well, for the rest of us it’s……” it was hard to focus on what I was saying while he was pinching my nipples in between his fingertips, “it’s definitely afternoon.”

“You know what that means,” he eyed me mischievously as he pulled the strap of my tank off to the side and softly kissed across my shoulder.

“It means that I’ve been up five hours longer than you?” I smirked.

“Not even close. It means afternoon delight.”  Roman took my hand and pulled me in the direction of the bedroom.

“You’ve been up for six minutes and you’re already heading back to the bedroom,” I muttered under my breath with a smile.

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Hey! pretty random question but i checked out your youtube channel and your compositions are really beautiful. i've been wanting to create my own compositions for some time but i don't know how to compose. tips? :/

how to compose:
step 1. come up with a melody. toodle around on the piano or sing some random notes until you find the sounds and rhythms that appeal to you
step 2. expand the melody. transpose it up or reverse the notes or swap some notes or rhythms or whatever. just try to avoid excessive repetition unless you want to be philip glass
step 3. come up with a harmony. a basic harmony line could be parallel thirds, but you obviously want to be a bit more creative than that unless thirds suit your needs. in general, thirds and sixths sound pretty, sevenths sound unsure of themselves/melancholic, seconds sound aggressive, and fifths and octaves are sort of no-nos unless you want to piss some music theory snobs off. I personally enjoy using excessive tritones
step 4. keep writing. you’ll find a sense of style with practice, and your compositions will gradually get more complex. my biggest advice is to not write boring music. c major and 4/4 are cool, but don’t use them exclusively. on the other hand, don’t be that composer that writes something in f double flat major in 11/6 time. unless you can make it sound good, in which case you can pretty much do whatever you want

important things to keep in mind: only understanding a little when you’re watching/reading/listening to something in your TL does not mean you’re somehow not smart or bad at learning languages or even that you’ll never learn your TL. Often it just means you haven’t learnt the words necessary to understand that thing in particular yet, especially when you’re a beginner and have only learnt the words that are necessary to understand the texts in your books/classes.  Yes, watch movies and listen to the news and the radio in your TL but don’t beat yourself up over only understanding a couple of keywords; you will get there and for now getting used to the sound and the rhythm of the language is the most important thing. This will help you understand audio much better later when you know more words so it’s not a waste of time at all!
Also knowing a language poorly doesn’t mean you’re not smart either; it just means there’s a lot of stuff you haven’t learnt yet but that’s okay, you can’t learn everything at once. Take it one grammar rule and one word at a time. 


I was tagged by Angie (@novice-at-play ) to name 6 movies I can watch anytime.

I like the idea that this is not so much about the best films I´ve ever seen, the masterpieces or the most impressive films, but it´s about films that makes me feel at home and comfy. On a rainy day, on a lazy day, in the dead of night, on a holiday… If they appear on a screen I will not move for the next hours…The one above is one of those… Here are some more…

Thanks for the invitation my beautiful. Now it´s my turn. Let´s go. Welcome to my house. Say hello to some of my friends.. :)))

1st floor: Bringing up baby by Howard Hawks (witty and faster than hell, best way to wake up after a hard night. Will not heal your hangover, but you´ll die laughing)

2nd floor: Don Camillo …and Peppone by Julien Duvivier/ Giovannino Guareschi (cause it´s not a feast day without Fernandel and Gino Cervi)

3rd floor: Chunking Express by Wong Kar-Wai and Christopher Doyle (decided to visit Hong Kong cause I fall in love with the New Asian Cinema and with the city, when I saw it the first time)

4th floor: Indiana Jones by Spielberg/Lucas (Yay! Cause if adventure has a name it must be Indiana Jones. Oh.. and watch out: It could be very embarrassing to watch this in public with me. Trust me!)

5th floor: Night on Earth by Jim Jarmusch (cause I love Jarmusch since “Permanent Vacation” and those episodes are his beautiful homage to many other actors and directors I love)

6th floor: Step across the border by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel (cause every moment in that film is rhythm and sound. Makes my heart dance)

There are many more at the basement and under the roof. We will watch them another day. Thanks for the visit. I will not tag anyone, but feel free to join in. Doors are open.

Sounds from every drum machine ever made

Free download of the pack here (677M) :

Drum Machines in sample pack (13838 files in total):

|– 505, 707 & 727|– Ace Tone Rhythm Ace|– Akai XR-10|– Alesis HR16|– Boss DR110|– Boss DR220|– Boss DR55|– Boss DR550MK2|– Casio PT30|– Casio RZ1|– Casio SK1|– Casio VL1|– DeepSky Drumbox|– EMU SP12|– Fairlight IIX|– Farfisa Rhythm Maker 16|– Fricke MFB 501|– Fricke MFB 502|– Fricke MFB 512|– Gulbransen|– Hammond Auto-Vari 64|– Hammond Rhythm II|– Jomox Xbase 09|– Kawai R-100|– Kawai R50|– Kawai R50e|– Kawai XD-5|– Kent Rhythm Master|– Ketron SD-5 Percussion|– Korg|– Kurzweil K2000|– Linn 9000|– Linn LM-1|– Linn LM-2|– Linn Linndrum|– Luxor Passat|– MXR Drum Computer 185|– Maestro Rhythm King|– Maestro Rhythm MRQ-1|– Mattel Electronics Synsonics|– Melosonic 350|– MultiMoog|– Nord Rack 2|– Novation Drumstation|– Oberheim DMX|– Oberheim DX|– Oberheim Matrix 1000|– One Shots|– Pearl SC-40 Bassdrums|– Percussion|– Polyvox|– Processed Acoustic|– Producer kits|– Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309|– R8Drums|– RSF DD-30|– RY30|– Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Moog|– Rhodes Polaris|– Rhythm Ace FR-8|– Rhythm King|– Roland|– Ruby Orla|– SC-40 Bassdrums|– SD-5 Percussion|– SP1200 Percussion|– Sakata DPM48|– SequentialCircuits Drumtraks|– SequentialCircuits Tom|– Serge Modular|– Siel MPD-40|– Simmons Clap Trap|– Simmons SDS1000|– Simmons SDS8|– SimmonsSDS5|– Solton Compu Rhythm|– Sonor Mini Mammut|– Sound Master Rhythm 1|– Sound Master SR-88 Memory Rhythm|– Suzuki RPM-40|– Univox_MicroRhytmer12|– VOX DRUMBOX|– Vermona DRM1|– Vermona ER-9|– Virtual MPC Electronics|– Virus TI|– Visco_Space_Drum|– WAV All_Vocals|– WAV Drum & Perc|– WAV drumloops|– WAV hh+filterloops|– Wersi WM 24|– Yamaha|– soundbank|– stopa|– tr606-626