High☆Speed! -Free! Starting Days- Original Soundtrack “Pure Blue Scenes” [Full Album]

sooo… the name of the CD is kinda suspicious… I mean really, “Pure Blue Scenes”?…. oH GOD

All music by Kato Tatsuya :)

Tracks List [click to listen/download]:

  1. A boy toward the water
  2. Feel the water
  3. One spring day
  4. Pure blue starting
  5. Precious words
  6. First conversation
  7. Hazy feelings
  8. Pleasant daytime
  9. A chance to join
  10. Fresh members
  11. Even match
  12. Going well
  13. Heartrending
  14. Mental training
  15. Comical days
  16. Tender coach
  17. Dissonance
  18. Feelings of discomfort
  19. Serious agony
  20. Facing myself
  21. Several conflict
  22. True feelings
  23. Lost game
  24. Unforgettable memory
  25. My true self
  26. Pure feelings for you
  27. Dear brother
  28. A step forward
  29. Compass to tomorrow
  30. Amiable dinner
  31. True friends
  32. Starting days
  33. Sense of unity
  34. Best swim、 best team
  35. Starting to the future
  36. The trailer of “High Speed!”
  37. The beginning of “High Speed!”

Download Full Album on MEGA [WinRar file]

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Reordering Video Frames based on Audio Frequency Spectrum Similarity

Experiment by @mario-klingemann processes short video scene and rearranges frames in order of an audio spectrum, often placing very similar short sounds together one after the other - very surreal and possibly epilepsy-inducing:

The audio frequency spectrum of a video’s frames are clustered by their similariy using a t-sne embedding, Then the new order of frames is calculated using a nearest-neighbor traversal so frames that sound similar are following each other.

Another experiment takes a music video and orders the parts of similar sounds by their pitch, using ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’:

After calculating a Constant-Q chromagram with librosa the frames of the clip are regrouped by their pitch classes.

Signs as Daughter Lyrics
  • Aries:"This is Dangerous 'cause I want you so much. I hate your guts. I hate you."
  • Taurus:"We are what we are, Don't need no excuses."
  • Gemini:"You can try to forget me, but I won't let you easily."
  • Cancer:"Love hunt me down. I can't stand to be so dead behind the eyes."
  • Leo:"Keep it inside, I need new ways to waste my time."
  • Virgo:"It's so nice outside and I like the way the sun feels."
  • Libra:"Goodbye to our emptiness"
  • Scorpio:"Me and I are not friends. She is only an acquaintance"
  • Sagittarius:"Oh, it's not surprising. Just inconvenient."
  • Capricorn:"Staring at the sky, watching stars collide."
  • Aquarius:"And I won't tell my mother. It's better she don't know"
  • Pisces:"I thought that you were safe, but all your cracks showed."
Sans Gets Caught Singing!
  • Sans Gets Caught Singing!

Request from InkPoisonin!
Gosh I feel a little self conscious ‘bout my singing. I mean, I’m getting much much better with getting comfy singing to a crowd, but I guess this brings whole new level of nervousness when it’s a character I’m playing as. I can’t fail you guys! I’ll always try my best!
But yeah I really love this song. I figured Sans would like this genre maybe. Enjoy!

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