I have stopped being sorry for being honest.
I have stopped being sorry for not being perfect.
I have stopped being sorry for being sensitive.
I have stopped being sorry for crying when I had every reason to.
I have stopped being sorry for cutting them & their negativity off my life.
I have stopped being sorry for being me.
The 108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi

1.      Aditi  – Bright like the Sun

2.      Anugrahaprada – Granter of Good Wishes

3.      Ashoka – Dispeller of Sorrows

4.      Amrutha-  One who is like Amrut (Nectar)

5.      Ahladajanani- Source of Joy

6.      Anagha- The Sinless

7.      Buddhi- Intelligence

8.      Bhaskari- Radiant like the Sun

9.      Bilvanilaya- One who lives under Bilva tree

10.   Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika – Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva

11.   Bhuvaneshwarya – The Supreme Deity

12.   Chandravadana- Having Moon like Face

13.   Chandra- One who is cool like the Moon

14.   Chandrasahodari- Sister of the Moon

15.   Chaturbhuja- One having four arms

16.   Chandrarupa- Moon-Faced

17.   Daridriyanashini- One who removes poverty

18.   Dhanya- Embodiment of Gratitude

19.   Deetya- One who Answers the Prayers

20.   Deepta- Flame Like

21.   Deepa- With Radiance

22.   Dharmanilaya – Creator of Eternal law

23.   Dhanadhanyaki- Bestower of Wealth and Food grains

24.   Devi – The Goddess

25.   Devi – The Deity

26.   Daridriya Dhwamsini – Destroyer of Poverty

27.   Hiranmayi- Golden Appearance of Hirana (Deer)

28.   Harivallabhi- The Devine Consort of Lord Hari

29.   Harini- Beautiful like Deer

30.   Hemamalini- Having Golden Garlands

31.   Hiranyapraka- Amidst Gold 

32.   Indira- Radiant like the Sun

33.   Indusheetala- One who is cool like the Moon

34.   Jaya- The Goddess of Victory

35.   Kamala- Lotus

36.   Kantha- The Divine Consort of Vishnu

37.   Kamakshi-One with Attractive Eyes

38.   Kamalasambhava- Originating from the Lotus

39.   Karuna – Kindhearted

40.   KshirodhasambhavaKrodhasambhava

41.   Lakashokavinashini – Remover of Universal Agonies

42.   Lakshmi- Goddess of Wealth and Fortune

43.   Lokamatri- Mother of the Universe

44.   Mangala- Most Auspicious

45.   Mahakali- A Form of Kali

46.   NityaPushta- Gaining Strength Day By Day

47.   Navadurga- All Nine Forms of Durga

48.   Nrupaveshvagathananda- Loves to Live in Palaces

49.   Narayana Samashrita – One who sought Refuge in Narayana

50.   Prakruti – Nature

51.   Paramatmika – Omnipresent

52.   Padmalaya – Sitting on the Lotus

53.   Padma    –  Lotus   

54.   Padmapriya – The Lover of Lotus

55.   Padmahasta – Having Lotus-Like Hands

56.   Padmakshya- Lotus-eyed

57.   Padmasundari- Beautiful Like the Lotus

58.   Padmodbhava- One Who Emerged Out of the Lotus

59.   Padmamukhi- Lotus-Faced

60.   Padmanabha priya- Beloved of Padmanabha

61.   Padmamaladhara – The Wearer of Lotus Garland

62.   Padmini – Lotus

63.   Padmagandhini – Having the Aroma of Lotus

64.   Punyagandha- Having Divine Scent

65.   Prasadabhimukhi- Emerging to Grant Boons

66.   Prabha- One who is Radiant like the Sun

67.   Pushti- Healthy

68.   Preeta Pushkarini – One with lovely eyes

69.   Prasannakshi- With graceful eyes

70.   Ramaa- Pleaser of the Lord

71.   Shri- Goddess of Fortune

72.   Suprasanna- Ever Glowing and Smiling

73.   Sarvabhootahitaprada – Provider of Universal Facts

74.   Shraddha – Devotion 

75.   Surabhi – Celestial Being

76.   Shuchi –  Personification of Purity

77.   Swaha   – Shape of Swahadevi (Auspicious)

78.   Swadha – Shape of Swadhadevi (Inauspicious)

79.   Sudha  – Amrut (Nectar)

80.   Shiva – The Auspicious One

81.   Shivakari – Source of all auspicious things

82.   Satya – The Truthful

83.   Shanta – Peaceful

84.   Shuklamalambara- Wearer of White Garland

85.   Siddhi – Ever Ready to Protect

86.   Soumya – Showering Goodness on Women

87.   Shubhaprada – Granter of Auspicious Things

88.   Shubha – One who is auspicious

89.   Samudratanaya – Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk

90.   Sarvapadravanivarini – Dispeller of all Distresses

91.   Trikala-dnyanasampanna – Aware of all, the Past, Present and Future

92.   Tushti- Possessor of all wealth

93.   Udaranga- Endowed with a Beautiful Body

94.   Vikruti –       Many-Sided

95.   Vidya   –        Knowledge

96.   Vibhuti  –      Prosperity   

97.   Vachi       –   Eloquent Speaker

98.   Vibha    – Radiant

99.   Vasudha  – The Earth

100. Vasudharini  – Bearing burden of the Earth

101. Vimala – Pure, Chaste

102. Vishwajanani- Mother of the Universe

103. Vararoha – Ready to Offer Boons

104. Vasundhara – Daughter of the Earth

105. Varalakshmi – Granter of Bounty

106. Vasuprada – Bestower of Wealth

107. Vishnuvakshah – Residing in Vishnu’s Chest

108. Vishnupatni – The Consort of Vishnu

109. Yashaswini  – The Famous

It is truly beautiful how pure and compassionate you realise some people are when they open up to you like a book begged to be read.
It is truly beautiful how they are so vulnerable to love when they stop holding it all back.


His Majesty King Abdullah II on Saturday opened the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the Middle East and North Africa at the Dead Sea, in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

The forum is held under the theme “Empowering Generations into the Future”, with the participation of more than 1,100 public and private sector officials as well as political and business leaders from more than 50 countries.

Members Of The Al Hashemitte Royal Family Were Attended,  king Abdullah ‘s Brothers , Princes Faisal & Hashem Also His First Cousins Prince Rashed Bin El Hassan & Princess Soumya Bint El Hassan & His Majesty’s Cousin  Second Princess Noor Bint Asem Bin Nayef Bin Abdullah I

Rudra’s character butchered ?

I don’t think so.  He has been the same since beginning. He was equally mean with Soumya judging her on her weight. I don’t think he is immature, he is just this way. Shallow ! He knows fully well that he hasn’t achieved much on his own unlike his brothers. No education to speak of (I mean who is in college till 23 and I am sure he is not studying MBA). But then he doesn’t have to make much efforts to complete education because he has a ready Oberoi business to fall back on.

Rudra has been pampered by his brothers. While Shivaay is like his mom who can’t see anything wrong with his baby, Omkara at times chides him for being immature but both of them adore him so much that his weaknesses don’t matter to them. It’s blind brotherly love and sahi bhi hain ! He too loves them equally, knows how to loosen them in tense situations, supports them in their missions (?) or in their bad times. But Rudra also fully knows how to manipulate his brothers with his cute antics. He takes care not to reveal his mean side to them. He hides things like marriage with Rumya or employing Bhavya as his bodyguard. He also takes care not to antagonize his father unlike Om because well… it suits him. He is cute devar AF But he is equally an Oberoi guy who when things go wrong, starts shouting, blaming others, tries to be controlling and all in all becomes an asshole

Since he has been shown as stud or lady killer I am surprised how Rudra doesn’t know how to ‘patao’ girls like Soumya or Bhavya. Or he never met girls like these before? His biggest asset is Oberoi money and then his body, his cuteness and even his dumb girlfriends know this and could be around him for the money/looks/status. It’s easy to charm them. His entitlement has made him believe that he is above them and they are lucky to have his attention. But Unlike Sumo whom he could never imagine as a wife(I still believe it’s because of her intelligence which he could never match to), Bhavya is more attractive in conventional way. She is a challenge for his machogiri. So when she is not impressed with him, it throws him off guard and then his charm disappears and real side comes out. It’s not immaturity, it’s his real self. Then he calls Bhavya old, lucky to have him, At age 23, yes you think 27 is old and you will never be that old. Rudra is going through that phase. But real charmer never say the wrong things but he put his foot in his mouth  and when Bhavya got mad, he immediately realised his mistake and apologized. But too late, she has seen him as shallow as one could be.

What made him go To Bhavya’s marriage and say all those things? Like 'maza mere saath, soyi mere saath and shaadi kisi aur ke saath ?’ Considering Rudra’s lifestyle and his other girls, this is like pot calling the kettle black. Surely he was not in love, only Hurt ego because he couldn’t 'patao’ her. 

 And let’s assume if Bhavya would have had relationship with him, would it have sustained ? Or he would have got rid of her later once he had enough of her(There isn’t much difference between Rudra and Ajay who wanted suhaag raat with Gauri). There is a vast difference between both of them and their ideologies unlike Shivika or Rikara who are basically same. She is dedicated, hardworking, intelligent girl. Would she be happy with him forever? Rudra went to lowest when he got her suspended and made her work for him. What’s he trying to achieve?  Insult her everyday ? I am sure as an ACP, a govt official,Bhavya has worked with dog like bosses before, so the humiliation of picking up broken glasses is nothing to her. (This plot is totally weak, but that’s another story because I am taking what is being shown in the show for analysis)

Most feel that Rudra will be a successful businessman. He could be.. he is ruthless but does he have the brains to carry it forward? Plus he is easily distracted. His only money earning idea of selling his gym equipment was guided by his friend and he can not think of an original idea. He will run his business well but he might not be able to take it the highest level unlike Shivaay who has a head  for it. But Since Rudra has manipulated all his life, even the business side will work for him. He doesn’t really have to work, such people always get other able guys to work for them. That’s their skill towards success.

It’s his ishqbaazi I am wondering. In the end I know he will be shown sorry for his deeds and Bhavya and he would be a couple. But  I just hope Bhavya will not let him manipulate her and remains her self. 

P.S. I do love Rudra and this is my interpretation of him and I am not even judging him for this. It is what it is. He is like this !

P.P.S.  Yes I love Bhavya !  I am sucker for achiever girls !

Because I’ve been developing his character a lot lately, fun facts about Sam
  • Fluent in both English and Urdu
  • Detective with the Major Crimes unit of the Charleston police department
  • Really hates child abusers (with good reasons…)
  • Can rap the entirety of the Hamilton soundtrack, including Guns and Ships with the French accent
  • Can clean and dance like Michael Jackson at the same time
  • Eternally caffeinated
  • Decided to become a detective at his high school job developing photos when he realized a client’s photos were of girls being drugged and abused and called the cops
  • Had a few years of dickish rebellion before settling down with longtime girlfriend Soumya
  • Got over his dickish rebellion after being stabbed in the shoulder by a  female visitor, jumped out the window to escape and broke his ankle, drove himself to the hospital, naked the entire time, took this as a sign from the universe that he should settle down
  • No self-preservation instinct
  • Soumya is three inches taller than him and he loves his sexy skyscraper girlfriend
  • Good at imitating accents; his favorite is Boris, a Russian accent who gets all the girls and “has life of its own”
  • Close to Soumya’s family, especially her brother Rohan
  • When Rohan was in the hospital over Christmas, he went to the hospital in a wrapping paper print suit to cheer Rohan up
  • Doesn’t sleep well
  • May or may not have symptoms of PTSD from his brother’s death and other things; haven’t decided yet
  • (I lied  when I said they were all fun facts; some of them suck)
  • Loves cats
  • Once jumped out of a moving car to rescue an abused cat
  • When his dad had cancer, he sold all of his furniture to raise money for chemo and snagged a mattress from the dumpster behind a seedy motel to sleep on (his friend Tommy ended up building him proper furniture)
  • Gets away with murder (pun intended) at the station because he’s a “closer” (a detective with a high rate of closed cases)
  • Youngest detective on the force
  • Runs away with pretty much every scene he’s in
  • Lily Evans: *exists*
  • James Potter: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

@zhunihaoyun; woman cucks her husband over chess with a loser.

Even with its sixty-four squares and its thirty-two players, a chessboard seemed lonelier without anyone sitting across from the one remaining player. Soumya sighed, crossing her legs and fighting her urge to gaze after the flash of Rajkumar’s jewelry into the darkening hallways. He’d left before she could make her goodbyes, and only God knew when he would return. Men were always like that, though she knew Rajkumar had bigger battles to fight than one with his wife in a game of chaturanga. Still, Soumya waited a hopeful moment until she brought herself to begin collecting the infantrymen, the elephants and the horses, the ministers, the king and the queen. 

When her board had been folded, she let the wooden pieces spill onto the table beside her divan. A minister piece clattered to the floor, and Soumya bent to pick it up — she found it at a pair of sandaled feet, and when she looked up, a second passed before she reeled so far she’d hit her head on her bedframe. “…Min?”

Had her kohl smudged? Was her shala still pinned to her blouse? Soumya blinked deeply to shake off her shock — the more years that had passed between meetings, the more difficult it became for her to play at casual. A long moment passed, before she rose from her knees and brushed her hair out of her face as if nothing had happened. “Could you pick up that minister for me, dear?”

108 names of goddess lakshmi with Meaning

Names   -  Meaning

Prakruti – Nature

Vikruti – Multi-Faceted Nature

Vidya – Wisdom

Sarvabhootahitaprada – Granter of Universal Niceties

Shraddha – Devoted

Vibhuti – Wealth

Surabhi – Celestial Being

Paramatmika – Omnipresence

Vachi – Nectar-Like Speech

Padmalaya – Residing On The Lotus

Padma – Lotus

Goddess Lakshmi Shuchi – Embodiment of Purity

Swaha – Shape of Swahadevi(Auspicious)

Swadha – Shape of Swadhadevi(Inauspicious)

Sudha – Nectar

Dhanya – Personification of Gratitude

Hiranmayi – Golden Appearance

Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth

NityaPushta – Gaining strength Day By Day

Vibha – Radiant

Aditi – Radiant Like The Sun

Deetya – Answer Of Prayers

Deepta – Flame-Like

Vasudha – Earth

Vasudharini – Bearing the the Burden of Earth

Kamala – Lotus

Kantha – Consort of Vishnu

Kamakshi – One with Attractive Eyes

Kamalasambhava – Emanating from the Lotus

Anugrahaprada – Granter of Good Wishes

Buddhi – Wisdom

Anagha – Sinless

Navadurga – All Nine Forms of Durga

Harivallabhi – Consort of Lord Hari

Ashoka – Dispeller of Sorrows

Amrutha – Nectar

Deepa – Radiant

Lakashokavinashini – Remover of Universal Agonies

Dharmanilaya – Establisher of Eternal Law

Karuna – Compassionate

Lokamatri – Mother of the Universe

Padmapriya – Lover of Lotus

Padmahasta – Having Lotus-Like Hands

Padmakshya – Lotus-eyed

Padmasundari – Beautiful Like the Lotus

Padmodbhava – One Who Emerged Out of the Lotus

Padmamukhi – Lotus-Faced

Padmanabhapriya – Beloved of Padmanabha

Ramaa – Pleaser of the Lord

Padmamaladhara – Wearer of Lotus Garland

Devi – Goddess

Padmini – Lotus

Padmagandhini – Having the Fragrance of Lotus

Punyagandha – Having Divine Perfume

Suprasanna – Ever Cheerful and Beaming

Prasadabhimukhi – Emerging to Grant Boons

Prabha – Radiant Like the Sun

Chandravadana – Moon-Faced

Chanda – Cool Like the moon

Chandrasahodari – Sister of the Moon

Chaturbhuja – with four arms

Chandrarupa – Moon-Faced

Indira – Radiant like the Sun

Indusheetala – Cool like the Moon

Ahladajanani – Source of Happiness

Pushti – Healthy

Shiva – Auspicious

Shivakari – Source of Auspicious Things

Satya – All Truth

Vimala – Pure

Vishwajanani – Mother of the Universe

Pushti – Possessor of All Wealth

Daridriyanashini – Remover of Poverty

Preeta Pushkarini – One with Pleasing Eyes

Shanta – Full with peace or Calm

Shuklamalambara – Wearer of White Garland and Attire

Bhaskari – Radiant like the Sun

Bilvanilaya – Resider Under Bilva Tree

Vararoha – Ready to Offer Boons

Yashaswini – Reputed

Vasundhara – Daughter of the Earth

Udaranga – Endowed with a Beautiful Body

Harini – Deer-Like

Hemamalini – Having Golden Garlands

Dhanadhanyaki – Bestower of Wealth and Foodgrains

Siddhi – Ever Ready to Protect

Straina Soumya – Showering Goodness on Women

Shubhaprada – Granter of Auspicious Things

Nrupaveshvagathananda – Loves to Live in Palaces

Varalakshmi – Granter of Bounty

Vasuprada – Bestower of Wealth

Shubha – Auspicious

Hiranyapraka – Amidst Gold

Samudratanaya – Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk

Jaya – Goddess of Victory

Mangala – Most Auspicious

Devi – The Deity

Vishnuvakshah – Residing in Vishnu’s Chect

Vishnupatni – Consort of Vishnu

Prasannakshi – Lively-Eyed

Narayana Samashrita – Sought Refuge in Narayana

Daridriya Dhwamsini – Destroyer of Poverty

Devi – Goddess

Sarvapadravanivarini – Dispeller of all Distresses

Mahakali – A Form of Kali

Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika – Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva

Trikala-dnyanasampanna – Aware of all 3 -the Past, Present and Future

Bhuvaneshwarya – Supreme Deity 


blessed anon  📌  soumya adarsh  /  sindhuja.

at night she slips out of her sandals and stands in the shallow water, her toes among the white petals, her arms folded as she undresses the day. she would stand there for a while, then walk wet-footed home.