Imagine Your OTP

Person C: *Interviewing Person A and B who are famous* So are you guys best friends?

Person A: *confuse* No we have been married for 7 months?

Person B: Yeah, do you watch the news?

Person C: Bestest friends?

Person A: M A R R I E D

Person B: We fuck like everyday

Person C: Oh! I get it now!

Person A: *smiles* really?

Person C: Friends with benefits!

Person A and B: N O !

Soulmate AU

In which you can’t smile to anyone who isn’t your soulmate. But then, your OTP is just lying in the couch together watching some movie and one of them cracks a joke. Then they’re both laughing and when they finally stop they just sit there looking into each other’s eyes thinking “oh…”.

One of this days this is gonna happen
  • Person B: *phone starts ringing*
  • Person C: *looks at B's phone* *takes phone out of his hand*
  • B's dad on the phone: What?
  • Person C: ...
  • Person C: I'm sorry let me get you back to your son
Pros and Cons of being a Rare Pair Shipper


  • chances are, just about five people actively ship it in your fandom
  • there’s hardly any fanart, fics, or edits of your ship
  • if you want something done, you have to do it yourself
  • you literally just signed yourself up for like ten, with about half of that ten actually being good, fics in their ao3 tag
  • constantly being asked why you ship them when [insert reason as to why it apparently makes sense to NOT ship them]


  • when ship drama happens in your fandom, at least your ship is safe from it
  • usually the people that actively ship the rare pair are nice
  • literally nothing else

me: I’m writing this fic for Myself, because I want to and it’ll make me happy. Psh I don’t care if anybody likes it or not because it ain’t for them.

also me: *times things perfectly to have the highest number of people read it the instant it is posted* *advertises it on tumblr and twitter and various other social media* Come read my fic and shower me with praise so I feel validated in failing two finals and a project because I spent all my study and prep time writing this! Tell me I did good!

also me when the reception is (inevitably) not as warm as expected: As God as my witness, I will never write again. Let my soul float away from this mortal coil, for it is not worthy.  

Otp Imagines: Silly jealousy

Person A: I’m so in love with a handsome bastard.

Person B: *shouts* Bitch who!

Person B: I thought we were together. Who the hell are they!

Person A: *stares at them*

Person B: What?!…… *whines* OH my God!

Person B:… It’s me…

Person A: *kisses their cheek* heh I love you.