Pros and Cons of being a Rare Pair Shipper


  • chances are, just about five people actively ship it in your fandom
  • there’s hardly any fanart, fics, or edits of your ship
  • if you want something done, you have to do it yourself
  • you literally just signed yourself up for like ten, with about half of that ten actually being good, fics in their ao3 tag
  • constantly being asked why you ship them when [insert reason as to why it apparently makes sense to NOT ship them]


  • when ship drama happens in your fandom, at least your ship is safe from it
  • usually the people that actively ship the rare pair are nice
  • literally nothing else
High school AUs based on my junior year

• “‘Be nice to your seat partner. They might just be your future spouse!’ the teacher says, and you turn to me and wink. Are you even real??” au

• “I just sent you the link to the Hamilton soundtrack and it’s the night before our APUSH test but we’re both too busy crying about the musical to care” au

• "You live two houses down from me and I just discovered that today because we’re meeting for a group project” au

• "You’re offering to give me a kiss if I buy your shitty fundraiser popcorn? Well, in that case…” au

• "it’s raining and I offered you my umbrella but you just shrugged and pulled out a tarp from your backpack, and now you’re wearing it like a cape to keep your backpack dry” au

• "I mean I’ve never thought about it, but I guess ‘lugubrious’ sounds like a phallic-shaped word” au

• "I walked past you sleeping on the ground during lunchtime, dude are you okay” au

• "It’s 3 am the night before our project is due and you’re still online, I guess you procrastinated/still are procrastinating on yours too” au

• "I’m usually excellent at debates but you leave me tongue-tied and you don’t have to be so damn smug about it” au

• "I’m scrolling through all the 'does s/he like me’ quizzes that the Internet has to offer, since when did I revert to being a 12-year-old” au

• "We keep telling each other pick up lines and I thought this was a funny game, but it turns out you were serious?? oh” au

• "You’re unfairly good at everything, but I’m strong enough to carry you bride-style and this for some reason renders you speechless” au

me: I’m writing this fic for Myself, because I want to and it’ll make me happy. Psh I don’t care if anybody likes it or not because it ain’t for them.

also me: *times things perfectly to have the highest number of people read it the instant it is posted* *advertises it on tumblr and twitter and various other social media* Come read my fic and shower me with praise so I feel validated in failing two finals and a project because I spent all my study and prep time writing this! Tell me I did good!

also me when the reception is (inevitably) not as warm as expected: As God as my witness, I will never write again. Let my soul float away from this mortal coil, for it is not worthy.  




These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Fanfiction

But the author accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction — 


Thus a masterpiece was born!

Using their ultra super writing powers, the author has dedicated their lives to finishing the story

and to make you hurt in no way you have before