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Where the senpai’s would take you on the first date - Headcanon

Ai: Romanitc movie. He would want to explore your emotions and see how you react to different things so he can try to take a shot at your heart.

Akira: Garden/Park. His love for plants and nature influenced his decision. It is also a good way to relax and get some fresh air.

Haruka: Somewhere the two of you never been before. Doing new things is great and safe, considering that he is a nurse.

Hideki: Home cooked meal! After cramming and working on his papers, he won’t have energy to do much. A nice meal at home would serve as a good date, allowing time to chat lightly about several topics and work.

Hinata: His basement. An inclusive area where it would be just you two alone. His eccentric personality would take you to a fair and visit the love tunnel, a mirror house where you play hide and seek. He’d just stand in one place though and watch you run around trying to find him.

Izumi: Aquarium + art museum. This book lover is also in love with the arts! These two dates will enabe the two of you to see what he sees in books. It also makes room for conversation about the view/content.

Jean: A resevered dinner date. Just the two of you, and the workers. He rented the entire place just for you.

Katsuo: Beach + Picnic. He would first urge you to swim around with him (if you cant swim you will be on a ride on assortment, and he will push you around) After an exhausting day, you guys will relax under an umbrella and enjoy a good picnic!

Kei: He would want to just spend time with you, and getting to know what you see as romantic. So that next time he will know exactly what you like.

Kyouya: A stroll at the park + sight seeing. Kyouya wll be interested in getting to your mind and how you think. His goal is to get to know you better in conversation and interaction.

Makoto: Water sports. Being a Pisces, the best two things would be water, and sports. Maybe you guys will be playing volleyball in a pool?

Reiji: Science fair/Musuem. Being a cancer, he would feel uncomfortable being outside of anything he is used to. So a science-date would be the best he could do.

Ren: Star gazing and chill. Ren would feel uncomfortable going anywhere he is not familiar with, but would also like for a way for you to not be bored. Sharing half of his earphones, the two of you will slowly watch all the stars, telling stories to each other, as the two of you fall asleep.

Shun: Game arcades/internet cafe. This boy has a love for all games and does not judge based on pixels. Gaming is a great way for the two of you to get to know each other more, while both witnessing each others competitive side. 

Souh: Guess who is playig princess? You are^^ He will treat you out to a day at the spa. Possibly compete with the workers and help you relax.

Soujiro: Gallery/Showcase. Calligraphy is an art. He would want to get your opinion and inform you on the many things to know about calligraphy.

Souma: Sight seeing at his home town/ places he has been before. You guys will be able to taste different foods. He will bring you to his favorite bakery, favorite park, etc.

Sousuke: Any Night time activity. His aim is for your heart and so, your heart he will try to understand.

Suzuki: Shopping/Classical Concert. He would want to avoid fans AT ALL COST, because he wants to spend the day with just you. Going shopping would be a good idea because he thinks it’s a nice way to buy diguises and for him to spoil you. A classical concert would also be nice because it is very nice and calming, away from fans.

Takahiro: Shopping. It’s a good thing he has plenty jobs^^ The more he is able to spoil you with. Not just clothes shopping, but any kind of shopping you like^^.

Takeru: Yukata/Japanese festival. A festival is full of entertainment, sights, and food! He believes this is the best way to make you relax and have fun. He will secretly take candid pictures of you, and that will be the only time he takes out his phone/camera.

Tokiya: Outdoor movies. Those movies that show at night outdoors. Both romantic and intimate.

Wakatoshi: Fine dining. In attempt to show you a more gentle side, he would take you to a nice diner where the two of you can be catered to. That doesn’t mean though, that if somehing goes wrong he will let it go. He’s ready to throw hands at anytime just for you.

Touya: Art musuem/show case. Somewhere he can socialize and met new people together with you.

Touru: Fencing competition. He woulod like to take you somewhere unusal, and isn’t considered a normal date. 

Tsuyoi/Hajime: Cruising. Initial plan would be to go somewhere fancy, but his festive personality will serve plans useless. You guys will just end up cruising everywhere.

Yamato: Night concert! A scorpio and a lover of music, a night concert is a great way to stay intimate and spend time with the two of his passions. You + Music.

Yuu: Cat Cafe/ Zoo. Yuu loves to stimulate his senses. Any place he can touch something cute is a place he believes will be a good date!

NMS’s senpais as Pokemon Go teams!

Team Instinct: Believing and going with gut!

Yuu, Touya, Souma, Shun, Tokiya, Akira, Suzuki, Ai, Takeru,

Team Mystic: Intelligence and evolution!

Izumi, Ren, Reiji, Soujiro, touru, Hideki, Kyouya, Haruka, Hinata,

Team Valor:  Training and bonding!

Hajime, Wakatoshi, Makoto, Souh, Yamato, Jean, Katsuo, Kei, Sousuke, Takahiro,