Daaron Soulscream - A Demon AU

(Closed AU for @thenightsplutoniumshore)

He had lost everything. It started with the car accident. Nothing mattered after that. When hos wife an d son had died, Daaron suffered a mental break that left him crippled and wanting to find a way to get them back.

He read deep into the forbidden texts. Found myriad of work telling of sacrificed to make to Satan, to get his wife and son back. When he finally summoned the dark one, who looked strangely like himself, he was told the deal.

His soul would be forfeit and given to the devil but his family would walk the earth. Daaron figured that was the best deal he could get if he got to see them again. So he sealed it in blood, shaking with the Devil himself.

The sky ripped asunder and the earth shook and Daaron found himself falling through space and time. Hearing the laughter as his very body transformed. Became something sinister and twisted. Seductive and dark.

When he awoke, he was groggy as he looked around. Where was He? He felt fangs in his mouth and his ears were sharper. His senses more attuned. He felt power flowing through him like never before.

But he also knew this was not His Earth. The devil had tricked him and tricked him good. He was still getting to his senses whrn he heard movement.

“Is someone there?”

A reread of Kaylee and Tod brought this on

I wish there was ever such a thing as soul mates, to always feel safe with someone, to know they’ve got your back, to catch you when you fall, to know you truly, maybe even better than yourself. In today’s harsh reality, where everything follows a five minute rule, where breakups and divorces occur so often, will there ever be the One, your soul mate, your forever?

Demonstration - (Closed)

Daaron was busy around the store fixing parts of the aisles and unpacking some more items. His day was just beginning when he heard the door open and the bell ring. He smiled. A customer had come in early today. He went back to the counter and smirked at the girl who wandered in.

“Hello! Welcome to Soulscreams. How can I help you? As rhe sign says, I do do demonstrations of any items you see here in the back room so don’t be shy.”