Pure perfection

Put a beer in my hand, a pen in the other and a journal sitting atop a pillow on my lap and this song just does things for me. Heck, take that all away and this song does things for me. Ugh, wow, I’m fan-girling.

You know, fan girling. I’d like to note that before my mac actually let me type “fan girling” it insisted I was trying to say “fan grilling” and then “fan girking” but then tried to correct girking to irking…. what is irking? I thought it was urking? You know like “she was urking in the dark night”. More importantly, what the heck is girking?? Hold a moment please. 

After further consultation from our friends at Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia and whomever Google derives their definition from, I have discovered the following information: 

Irking: to irritate or annoy (ex: wow she’s really irking me when she chews with her mouth open like that!)

Girking: any violent woman who attacks the genitalia of unsuspecting men in order to amuse themselves or others. I don’t necessarily think this is the whole definition I’m looking for, but for now, since it is the definition with the most hits on Urban Dictionary, we will deal with it I suppose….I’ll keep you guys updated on this one…

Urking: A word that I, Alli Peters, have been using my entire life as if it is synonymous with the word I truly should have been using, lurking. Yes, lurking, as in “she was lurking in the dark night”. Urking is not actually a word at all, thank you to all those who have never, ever, corrected me. Ha ha ha…

We all know what grilling means right? Don’t need to go over that one. 

And finally, the one we initially came here for - 

fan-girling: The reaction a fangirl has to any mention or sighting of the object of her “affection”. These reactions include: shortness of breath, fainting, high pitched noises, fierce head shaking as if in the midst of a seizure, endless blog posts, etc.

Endless blog posts! Ha ha…Matt Corby, you deserve it. 

Anyways, I’d like to thank Discover by Spotify for bringing this song into my current scope, I feel like I’ve been waiting to hear it before I even knew it existed. And oh yes of course thank you to Matt Corby as well for being a musical genius!