souls the hustle


On this day in music history: July 12, 1975 - “The Hustle” by Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also topping the Hot 100 on July 26, 1975 for 1 week. Written by Van McCoy, it is the biggest hit for the Washington D.C. born and raised producer, arranger and composer. McCoy composes the instrumental after seeing couple do the dance in a New York disco. Working with famed producers Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore (Sam Cooke, The Stylistics), the track is recorded at Media Sound Studios in New York City. The sessions feature a number of top notch studio musicians performing on the track including Steve Gadd and Rick Marotta (drums), Eric Gale and John Tropea (guitars), Richard Tee (electric piano), Gordon Edwards (bass), and piccolo player Philip Bodner playing the song’s signature melody line. The strings are arranged by famed New York concertmaster Gene Orloff. Released on Hugo & Luigi’s (co-owned with film producer Joseph E. Levine) Avco Records in March of 1975, the song quickly becomes a smash on the dance floor, making its way on to pop and R&B radio. The single wins Van McCoy a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1976. “The Hustle” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


she’s you, you, you

and my most favourite girl to see is her with me

as long as she’s you


Soul Eater Zootopia AU: Hustle

Because this scene was filled with sass and I actually spent time drawing it…. Good lord XD

Also I’m actually thinking of making a comic with this AU as the concept… Like, weapons naturally having back blood and eating souls so they’re kinda feared by meisters :P AAAAAAAAND whaddup idk if someone would actually read it so please tell me if you would :P

merciless // a percival fredrickstein von musel klossowski de rollo iii mix [listen]

i. run boy run - woodkid ii. in the woods somewhere - hozier iii. me and the devil - soap&skin iv. lose your soul - dead man’s bones v. hustle - a night in the box vi. one way or another - until the ribbon breaks vii. who will save you now - les friction viii. black eyes - radical face ix. dust bowl dance - mumford & sons x. shoot it out (acoustic) - 10 years xi. murder - within temptation xii. devil may cry - the weeknd xiii. paint it black - london symphony orchestra

Day 31: All-Time Favourite Pokemon



I remember seeing it when it was first revealed and thinking it looked like a funny rocking chair and it even rocked back and forth in its animation. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, even though it felt like a bonus over Togetic. I never liked Togetic’s design very much. 

ANYWAY I always had bad luck with togepi/togetic/togekiss. I wanted girls, but I either got boys or got girls with Hustle. And that went over my head. I was SO STUPID about natures and abilities and EV-training. NEVER EV-trained in my life, it’s something I want to fix for X/Y. I only saw natures as just.. a thing a Pokemon had. It didn’t affect the way it battled, it just meant I had a “naughty” Pokemon or a “jolly” one, and it was just.. “oh that’s cute my Pokemon is a bit timid, I’ll try to take care of it so it’s not so timid anymore”, I was that dumb. And it extended to abilities. It was just.. a thing that was there I guess. That’s cool! Sometimes they create sandstorms! Cool!!

I assumed Togekiss was a relatively weak Pokemon, but I felt too drawn to it that I wanted to have it in my team. AND I FOUND OUT YEARS LATER THAT IT WAS APPARENTLY A BEAST????? 

I looked at my Soul Silver and finally noticed.. hustle. I remember being traded a girl Togepi once and I was excited and the person was apologetic because she had Hustle and I was like i DON’T CARE IT’S A GIRL TOGEPI I’M SO FREAKEN EXCITED.


I didn’t know! But I realised that I just.. wanted it SO BADLY in my team. I think I have two girl Togekiss, BOTH WITH HUSTLE. FROM DIFFERENT GAMES. 

I want to get a proper serene grace girl Togekiss one of these days >8( 

But augdhgkdfhsd it’s so great. ITS LITTLE CRY. ITS LITTLE EVERYTHING. I drew to like it so much more over time and I CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY. IT STILL SEEMS LIKE A WEIRD ROCKING-CHAIR TO ME. 

but then i saw this




awueshfdskdfhsdkf it’s my favourite

you are sweet rice and stew on a sunday afternoon. you are juju music on a lazy afternoon from the record seller across the street who blasts it without warning. you are street closed for serious owambe. yorubas do not play with parties. you are jumping into buses and having no change. you are “owa!! owa!! na my bus stop be this oh!!” you are the bus conductor who tells the driver not to completely stop after seeing you are not pregnant. you are “make una shift oh! na four people dey siddon there” as you ask yourself why you are crammed in a molue bus. you are third mainland bridge in traffic. you are hawkers on the streets, selling everything. you are muslim neighbors sharing meat after ramadan. you are school closing early on friday for classmates to go to mosque. you are christmas eve mass. you are fireworks and so much laughter. you are dancing in the rain when you are little. you are 4pm, waiting for the television program to start. you are “UP NEPA!” as the screaming turns to “STUPID IDIOTS!” when the electricity gets turned off yet again. you are rushing to grab the iron. you are laughing till it hurts. you are hustling till you see you shine a little. you are sharp mind and no johnny just come movement. you are yoruba mixed with pidgin served with a little slice of igbo. you are sweet pidgin english. you are preachers with bell early in the morning screaming for you to give your life to christ. you are five churches in one street. you are early morning call of prayer from the nearby mosque. you are the neighbor who has three christian wives yet he is a muslim. you are crazy drivers and cursing lips. you are so many languages and so many souls. you are black, hustling, ocean filled souls and historic. you are harmattan. rainy season. sweet mango. agbalumo & seven days rain.


Ijeoma Umebinyuo