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The cuddling prompts. 9. + 16. + 19. With Poe. Maybe they're roommates and both sick and miserable and don't have anyone else. I envision Poe being the bigger baby when sick. Lmao.

They’re not both sick and miserable in this, and there are Hamlet jokes.  I’m sorry.  (But not really, because I really enjoyed writing this.)

“Baaaaaaaaaabe…”  Poe whined.  The pitiful sound pinged off the tile in the bathroom and drifted down the hall.

You sighed and dropped the magazine you had been reading to the floor before rolling off the couch.  All of last night’s bad decisions had taken their own toll on your head and stomach, but apparently you were made from sturdier stuff than the Best Man.  You grabbed the half-empty bottle of Pepto off the counter before making the umpteenth trip down to the bathroom.

“Did you barf up the coffee told you not to drink?”  You leaned up against the doorframe and quirked an eyebrow at him, the pink bottle dangling in your fingers.

Poe frowned and sulked back against the tub.  “No.”

Your eyes glanced at the still-warm cup of coffee sitting on the floor near him, and then back to him.


“Here, take some of this.”  You unscrewed the cap on the Pepto and shoved it at him.

His nose scrunched up on his face, which if he weren’t such a sad pile of hungover and possible food poisoning, would be kind of cute.  “I don’t like that stuff.”

With a sigh, you rolled your eyes.  “And I don’t like that Pava and I had tickets to Hamlet tonight, but I have to take care of your miserable butt.”  You shoved the medicine in front of him and didn’t move until he took the bottle and took a long swig out of it.  His eyes never left yours as he drank the tonic, whether out of irritation or jealousy that you had won the battle with your digestive system, you weren’t sure.

Poe sighed and grumbled as some of the thick, pink liquid dribbled down his chin and onto shirt and sweats.  “How am I such a mess of a person.  This is the worst.”  Again with the whining.

You couldn’t help but chuckle a little as you grabbed a towel and knelt down next to him.  You cleaned the Pepto off of his chin and tried not to fall into him when he grabbed your hand and again looked into your eyes.  “Why aren’t you a mess right now?”  he asked, his voice soft, losing the childish whimper he’d been working all day.

“I drank water before the reception instead of doing lines of shots with the groomsmen.  I also told you Taco Bell at four a.m. was a bad idea.”

“I’m never eating Taco Bell again,”  he said rather seriously.  “They’re not real tacos.”

A large grin spread over your face and you nodded at his sickroom epiphany.  “We’ll get some real tacos tomorrow, okay?  Come on.”  You helped him up to his feet and motioned to his dirty clothes, now stained with pink droplets.  “I’ll do a load of laundry and then we can watch a movie or something.”

You helped him pull his shirt over his head, but stepped back into the doorway and turned your head when he started pulling off his sweatpants.  Not that sharing this apartment for the past year hadn’t already given both of you some accidental (and not-so-accidental) peeks at each other partially clothed.

“You don’t have to stay here.  Go ahead and see Hamlet with Jess,”  he said after handing you the clothes and stepping up the sink.  He splashed water on his face and then squirted toothpaste onto his toothbrush.  But you just stood there, barely even realizing that you had turned back to look at him and just stopped to admire the view.  He turned and grinned, toothbrush hanging from his lips.  “I hear the lead spends half the play without pants.”

“Uh-huh.”  You shook your head and started walking down the hall.  “Jess already asked Rose to go instead.  You’ll just have to buy me tickets to make up for it.”

After you had dumped the dirty clothes into the wash and started the machine, you found Poe already sprawled out on the couch.  He had brought a pillow and a blanket and left almost no room for you.  You put a box of saltines and a sports drink on the table, then set a bucket on the floor next to the couch, just in case.  When you stood in front of his face, blocking his view of the TV, he finally sat up slightly to let you squeeze onto the couch.

“I hate being sick,”  he confessed and snuggled his head into your lap as the Disney logo and fanfare started playing on the television.

“I couldn’t tell.”  You smirked and brushed your fingers through his hair.  “What are we watching?”

“The Lion King.  It’s basically Hamlet.”  He grinned and turned his head slightly to kiss the top of your leg and then settled in for the movie.  “Simba also doesn’t wear pants.”

You laughed and playfully pushed at him.  “As if I haven’t seen enough sloppy, naked men today.”

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Request: The RFA + Saeran reacting to MC being their soulmate ( w/ the soulmate AU where if you write on yourself it shows up on your soulmate as well) What would they have written back and fourth or doodled on themselves as well?? (thank you in advance I love your blog)

ahhh thank you so much for sending this request it was super fun to write >:3 
and I might try to refrain myself from writing so much for my requests since they take so much time…though I have trouble stopping myself once I get started hahahha…haha…//cries//

so since it’s an AU, basically everyone knows about this phenomenon and all is well and swell


(Update: I removed the cut for the sake of all of our friends on mobile)


  • So it goes like this
  • Yoosung has an important secret meeting with his guild, and he writes the time/date/location on the back of his hand
  • But when the time comes for the meeting to start, there’s an unknown character in their midst
  • Immediately, everyone thinks you’re an enemy spy, but you’re just trying to tell them that all the information just showed up on your hand the other day and you decided to check it out
  • “That’s impossible,” Yoosung began angrily, his whole plan to keep the meeting a secret had gone to waste. “The location can’t just magically appear on –”
  • He stopped himself
  • Wait…wait a second
  • is this…what I think it is? Is it possible???
  • Yoosung starts to get really red in the face, and he asks you exactly what day the message appeared on your hand
  • “I think about two days ago, at around seven pm?”
  • Yoosung’s having a mental breakdown
  • Okay, just a moment.  I need to test it, I need to make sure this is real, he thinks to himself. 
  • But he has to come up with something that you wouldn’t be able to normally guess
  • So he writes a sentence on his hand, and asks you to tell him if it appears on your hand too
  • Yes
  • O-okay…what does it say? Yoosung has trouble breathing
  • “I have a crush on…MC?”
  • Yoosung’s pretty sure something exploded nearby
  • whoops maybe that was just his brain
  • cannot compute
  • the sky is falling, people are screaming
  • actually wait no
  • that’s just Yoosung
  • screaming alone in his room
  • whAT iS HAppEnING W H A T???? 
  • Your character logs out, and an hour passes by, Yoosung having migrated under his covers
  • He reaches out his hand, so that the sunlight illuminated the confession he had written
  • But there’s new writing, one that is not of his own
  • “Haha,” it read, “I have a crush on you too (//>w<//)”
  • Let’s just say Yoosung becomes a mini-whirlwind as he zoomes towards Saeyoung’s house to find out wear you live
  • You bet baby sunshine is a blushing mess when he arrives at your door, but the kiss he plants on your cheek is the most gentle of things
  • You can still feel the delicate shape of his lips lingering on your face hours after he had left


  • While practicing his lines, he wrote a few of them on his arm to he could read them without having to carry around the script everywhere he went
  • The first time poetic verses started blooming across your skin, you just assumed that your soulmate was some sort of ridiculously romantic person 500% true though
  • You never really wrote anything back because what was there to say?
  • Except you had just finished reading Shakespeare for a class at school, and you were feeling more than a little inspired
  • So there Zen is, reciting his lines alone in his room, when words that he had not written appears on his other arm
  • “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” they read
  • Zen freaks out and almost breaks his neck falling out of bed
  • He quickly sends a snapshot of his arms to the group chat
  • “They…they finally wrote back?”
  • The chat blows up right away, and it’s mostly filled with Yoosung’s typos because shit the boy is excited
  • But the only person who doesn’t say anything is you
  • What are you supposed to say?
  • How do you casually announce that you’re his soulmate???
  • Seven asks, “So, Romeo, wherefore art thou?” 
  • Zen sends his home address to the chat
  • You idiot how is that supposed to help your soul mate find you? they say
  • So then Zen writes it on his arm instead, adding an “O Juliet, Juliet, wherefore art thou?” beside it
  • When there’s no answer, Zen becomes a crying blob and everyone on the chat is having a hard time getting him to stop sending dramatic lines
  • “Ah, Juliet, did you abandon me? Or have the Montagues taken you captive? My sweet love, where are you?”
  • “In front of your house,” you finally say in the chat. 
  • They’re all just like  ????????????????????????????
  • and then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yoosung and Seven’s squealing puts high school girls to shame
  • Jaehee is sad but I’m just a fangirl nothing more I’m just worried about his career and Jumin is saying how he’ll present you guys with a cat show for your wedding pictures
  • Zen rushes to the door and faceplants into it he’s so nervous
  • But finally, he pulls it open and sees you, his Juliet, standing right in front of him
  • “You were always so close to me…” he says, reaching out towards you. “But from now on, I’ll keep you even closer.”
  • Zen pulls you into the biggest,  warmest hug
  • Such a tight hug, squeezing you with all his might…
  • very tight…
  • ….it’s probably been five minutes since you’ve been standing in the doorway like this….
  • Was that a squirrel that just entered his house?
  • Hey uhm Zen I can’t really breathe
  • Anyway
  • He keep his word
  • and for the rest of the day, he holds you against him, never letting you go, a hand around your waist, or your shoulders, cradling you against his chest while you listen to his heart beating fast… unless you have to use the washroom then he might consider letting you go but even then you have a hard time convincing him that personal space is an actual thing

Jaehee: (sorry I wrote this one in the case that MC is a girl?)

  • So you know how in her route, two main things go down:
  • First, she doesn’t know she’s gay
  • second, she has a thing for coffee
  • you help her realize both of those things right
  • now  instead of showing her support in the chatroom, you show support while writing small messages on yourself,  with Jaehee scribbling some back in her short breaks from work
  • actually no, she takes breaks from work just so that she can answer you
  • When Jaehee is stressed and lacks sleep so like every day? your words are right there on her arm, telling her that’s it’s okay, that you love her, and to take care of herself because she is an important person to you and to several others
  • It helps her relax 
  • She sleeps more knowing that you’re looking out for her
  • When Jumin has a stick really far up his ass, you’re right there with her, motivating her, everything will be okay, you’ll get through this, I believe in you
  • Since Jaehee doesn’t know she’s kinda gay, she just assumes her soul mate is a dude
  • Then you guys meet for the first time at the RFA party, you greet each other and hold out a hand to shake and-
  • you see the same message on her wrist that’s written on yours
  • “I hope I can see you soon.”
  • Jaehee looks at you in quiet shock
  • A..girl?
  • But then everything comes whooshing back to her, and she’s hit with the realization that it just all makes sense
  • of course you’re her soulmate, how could she not have known before?
  • In a burst of boldness, she cups your face in her hand and presses her lips against yours
  • “It’s nice to meet you,” she breathes, a blush spreading across her face.
  • Saeyoung becomes your number one shipper that night and starts a fanclub dedicated to you two
  • also writes fanfiction
  • when you open up the coffee shop, you guys scribble some ideas for recipes on yourselves
  • after a hard day of work, you look down and smile at the thing that Jaehee had written
  • Recipe for love: MC+Jaehee


  • Jumin was never particularly fond of the the things that would appear on his skin
  • Meaningless dates, appointments, memos, the occasional flower drawing…
  • He never bothered to write anything himself, and so years passed in this manner, until you join the RFA
  • that is when he first decided to write something back
  • It’s after you had covered your thighs in swirls and clouds that he takes up his diamond pen and places the nib on his forearm
  • “Hello,” he says, “Please refrain from creating such large drawings, they are rather bothersome. Thank you.”
  • Nobody knows why you’re in such a foul mood that night in the chat
  • Jumin says he understands how you feel, since his soulmate had been particularly unconventional with their drawings and now both of his legs are completely hidden behind patterns in dark ink
  • You do not reply for a long time
  • while Zen tells Jumin off for being an ‘anti-romantic assbucket‘, you’re glowering at your phone
  • Jumin Han
  • Jumin Han is my soul mate?
  • No it must be a coincidence…but to be safe..I’ll make sure…
  • “Hey Jumin,” you write in the chat.
  • “Yes?”
  • “Did you, by any chance, tell your soul mate  ‘ Please refrain from creating such large drawings, they are rather bothersome. Thank you’?”
  • “Yes, why?”
  • ….
  • ……….
  • “Ah,” he says, after a long pause. “I must apologize to you, MC.”  
  • Zen’s yelling
  • Jaehee’s yelling
  • Saeyoung’s laughing in the distance
  • Yoosung wants to cry because w h a t?
  • Meanwhile Jumin calls you and apologizes over and over again, assuring you that you can draw whatever you want and as much as you want, and he wont complain at all
  • lol then why was it a problem like 5 minutes ago?
  • he learns to appreciate your meaningless memos and occasional doodle, and discovers that doing it himself is a truly therapeutic thing
  • he’s also discovered that he can use his own body to document the life of Elly
  • so now you get an update every 2 minutes about the status of his cat
  • Elly is gazing out the window, she looks so beautiful…but of course, not as beautiful as you
  • Elly is having lunch now…the way she seems crave her food reminds me of how I feel when we’re apart
  • basically using Elly as a means to tell you cheesy pickup lines is his new hobby


  • right so starting off Saeyoung never really doodled on himself
  • I mean do you see this boy he’s covered in clothes oh my how troublesome
  • however, a while ago, he could see the little marking that would appear on his hands when you doodled during a boring class
  • You have no idea how much those drawing helped him get his work done
  • They were like tiny rays of sunlight for him, helping him see the way out of his dark tunnel 
  • look at me being all poetic
  • He would never write back though, always afraid that you would stop drawing if you knew he saw everything you made
  • But after a while, the doodles become less and less frequent, until they disappear altogether
  • Then you join the RFA, though tbh you guys don’t find out about being each other’s soulmate until much later
  • There’s a sleepover at Seven’s house, just you, him and Yoosung. 
  • There’s also an RFA party the next day, and you guys are the only ones crazy enough to pull an all nighter before the event
  • I mean for them it’s a common practice, sleepless nights
  • hey you could make a religion out of this
  • Anyways, it’s not until six am that you finally manage to fall asleep
  • Yoosung is passed out in the kitchen, his butt stuck to the fridge due to circumstances
  • Saeyoung wanders around, unable to sleep, when he sees your peaceful, unprotected face while you sleep on the couch
  • He grabs a sharpie and gets to work, careful not to wake you up
  • Saeyoung does some doodles of his own, and it takes him a few hours to complete because it has to be perfect so are they really doodles at this point?
  • Meanwhile Yoosung wakes up, unsticks his tush from the fridge, and leaves, because he has stuff to do for LOLOL before the party starts
  • You also wake up, groggy, glancing at the clock
  • it’s 4pm
  • the party starts in two hours
  • You bolt out the door, shouting a quick bye to Saeyoung before you return to the apartment as fast as humanely possible
  • Saeyoung doesn’t answer you
  • He’s busy staring at himself in the mirror
  • “No way….” he murmurs, gently touching his face.

  • By the time you get back home, there’s only one hour to spare, due to the heavy traffic on the way back
  • You have just enough time to throw on some nice clothes and brush your teeth before you have to leave again
  • So basically you have no idea how you look overall
  • Lo and behold, you arrive at the party, and Jaehee greets you with a frown on her face
  • “MC…I don’t know if this is some sort of a joke…but that’s hardly appropriate makeup for the occasion,” she says in a stern voice.
  • Huh?
  • The other RFA members arrive to greet you, but they all say the same thing:
  • “MC, what did you do to your face?”
  • Then Saeyoung arrives
  • “Saeyoung, look at –”
  • They freeze
  • Seven has a perfectly drawn-in twirl mustache complete with monocle and angled eyebrows on his face
  • Needless to say, you also have the same thing on yours
  • “Seven??!”
  • He takes a deep breath
  • Dabbing fiercely, he cries out 
  • and then prances away
  • Basically you’re all bewildered, especially after Zen hauls Saeyoung back and has him explain just what the actual fuck is going on
  • Zen: “He found his soulmate by drawing an ungodly mustache on someone’s face? What has the world come to???
  • and you two don’t even attend the party
  • Instead, Seven brings you to a park where you both lie on the ground, counting the stars in the sky as Saeyoung offers you loving words and sweet caresses throughout the night


  •  Edgemaster Mc Edge gets a Mint Eye tattoo on his arm while he’s in the cult
  • You remember that fateful day where a strange drawing appeared on your skin, and didn’t come of no matter how many days had passed
  • So you automatically knew it was a tattoo and had to question your s/m’s tastes a ‘lil but it gradually grew on you
  • Ok but now listen
  • Days come and go, you join the RFA, and you never have anything else appear on your body
  • Side not: once you tried to initiate a conversation with your s/m but all you would get as a reply was “Fuck off” or “You’re creepy stop talking to me”
  • And then the day arrives when Saeran breaks into your apartment
  • You’re in the middle of putting on a hoodie, but you drop it out of shock when a grown ass man casually Tarzans into your house
  • Saeran has got his whole “I’ll take you to paradise and make you happy and we’ll have sex all day” speech ready and you just kinda whisper what the fuck
  • Why does this guy have the same tattoo as me???
  • So you’re staring at his arm, and he’s trailing off because what she’s not scared? 
  • Actually what is she looking at?
  • His gaze is drawn to his own tattoo, then he looks back at you
  • Is a quadruple take a thing?
  • He just slowly points a finger at you, covering his mouth his a loose fist while you mirror his movement
  • “You’re that creepy person!” he declares, eyes wide, while at the same time you say “You’re that anti-social emo kid!” 
  • “That means…that you’re my soulmate???” you guys yell simultaneously. “No way!
  • Y’all are breathing hard
  • neither of you know what the fuck is going on
  • Saeran tries to run away from his sudden bout of feelies but you launch an aerial attack and glomp him before he reaches the window
  • Basically it’s a very confusing evening that ends in late night emotional syndrome and melting ice cream
  • The only time Saeran returns to Mint Eye is to make sure Rika is taken away and her cult dissolved
  • Saeyoung’s a mess, all tears and joy, because not only did he get his brother back, but said brother also managed to find his soul mate
  • Saeran promises to write you nicer answers
  • your favorite one is when he gets a little bit drunk, and he doodles a little sun and some clouds on his forearm, where underneath he writes a simple
  • “Let’s watch the sky together, my soulmate.”
resbang 2016: Forces of Attraction

My third contribution for resbang 2016 is done!

I wanna thank @leslietendo ❤︎ who has been so, so, so patient with me this resbang season as I tackled three fics and was 100% supportive throughout this whole thing. I really enjoyed working with you a lot, and I’m glad you chose my fic for your first resbang ❤︎ The art you did for this fic is phenomenal and fantastic and you’re an absolute sweetheart!! Thank you so much for the time you put into this fic and everything you’ve done. I couldn’t have gotten through this resbang season without you ❤︎❤︎❤︎


Soul and Maka are exes in every sense of the word except on Facebook. 

A memo Soul fails to tell his family when they invite the pair for a week long getaway at their lake house. What’s meant to be a relaxed vacation, grows more complicated as time wanes down. Repressed feelings resurface and Maka wonders if she broke up with Soul for the right reasons. Fake Dating AU. 

Warnings: minor sexual content, mutual pining, embarrassing family members, sweet fluffy goodness

Rating: M

Soul?” she asks a little incredulously.

He opens his mouth to respond, but promptly closes it because he doesn’t have a very good excuse as to why he’s standing on her doorstep. The last of his belongings have been moved from her apartment for a well over a month now. It isn’t his turn to take Blair for the week as per to the custody order they had agreed on when he left. Maybe if he’s forgotten a mug or one of his movies were mixed with hers he’d have a proper reason to be there. Unfortunately, neither of those are the case so her shock over seeing him again is understandable.

Soul doesn’t blame her. He isn’t a fan of seeing his ex-girlfriend of two months ago, either.

Maka was meant to remain in the past, only seen when it’s his turn to take the cat, but, the situation called for this.

“May I come in?” he asks.

“No,” she sharply tells him, a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

She crosses her arms and places her small frame firmly in the doorway to block his path. It doesn’t mean much, though. He can easily push her out of the way and enter considering how tiny and slender she is with absolutely zero intimidation in her features to someone who doesn’t know her. Her legs are probably her most deadly weapon, but he also knows she’s ticklish behind her knees which gives him a slight advantage. So, really, her blocking him is comical at best.

Even knowing this, though, he doesn’t dare consider overpowering her and forcing his way inside because this is still her apartment. His name is long gone from the lease they had signed when they first moved in, and he’s too scared to try her. He’d rather not take his chances and end up in jail because of breaking and entering or knocked out in a hospital bed for a week from one of her punches.

It’s best not to test Maka.

“Whatever you have to say you can say it out here.”

Sighing, Soul relents, “My family doesn’t know we broke up since our Facebook statuses still say we’re together.”

“Then I’ll change it,” she shrugs. “You didn’t have to come out here to tell me that. You could’ve text me or something… If I still had your number, that is.”

Soul refrains from rolling his eyes. He knows perfectly well she does indeed still has his number in her phone. She probably doesn’t have it filed under his name and instead replaced it with a choice word or two, but she definitely still has it.

“Yeah, well, that’s not the only reason I’m here.” She juts her chin asking him to continue. “Since my family still thinks we’re together, they invited you to our lake house for a week because they think I’d have more fun with my girlfriend there.”

Read the rest on FFN or AO3.
Check out Leslie’s art here.

“Amen………Evil From Us Deliver…….” !!!

She screams!!!! Reserve is for cowards. This night we open her door widely and she will know us all. I bless the chalice and hold it to the inviting lips of the High Priestess. She gives thanks and kisses my lips deeply. Her hair is long, flowing raven black. I have called her heart and soul with gentle refrain. She kneels and touches me……………she knows exactly how a touch can bring a crescendo of ecstasy to a wondrous, frenetic pageant of artistry.

She takes me fully and I begin to accelerate in a steady ascent to the pinnacle perch of our Satanic sanctum. Chanting, chanting; “Bread Daily Our Day………” My head is spinning closer and sensitive, building passion, amplifying with every smooth motion. I will soon reward her with the victuals of her diligent labor.“Heaven In Art Who…..” She is taking me to that sublime sphere where all is seen in slowness and in a unity while we allow the deepest to emerge from the depths. Father is unaffected by the young gasp and screams as the wounded animal is symbolically devoured. Hail Satan!!!

I explode as she points me toward a Paten of wafers in her left hand. I discharge the full load onto the contents of the plate. Father yells as loud as thunder and withdraws. The wafers then absorb the claret of her inner thighs… young and tender, she shivers slightly. Our Father, as emerald lightning, departs and to us………HIS blessings linger. The Paten is thrown to the floor and trampled………….my legs are so weak but I deliver the benediction. Our princess is assisted by our priestess to a sitting position. It is complete! She is now “Family” and she will always have someone protecting her and the interests of our “Silent Order”.

“Silentium est Aureum…………………“

Let your mind be a open space filled with; creativity, positivity, love, peace, calm and acceptance. The more freedom you allow your mind the wilder your soul. Refrain from cage yourself in, allow yourself to feel and allow yourself to simply be. Stop letting your mind control you, become peaceful with who you are and what you feel.

Mindful by Amy Kennedy


Mobile Orchestra
“Mobile Orchestra is all about variety,” he asserts. “In the past, I’ve set out to make albums that were designed to be a singular listening experience, flowing from track to track. This time around, the songs are like ten rabbit holes that go off in different directions. I had never approached a record like this. I wanted to clear the slate and forget what I knew in order to create a new experience. I spent two years working on it, and it had the time to grow in between every idea. That’s why there’s so much going on.”

There was no rush for Owl City. These songs got the chance to evolve as he built them and then sought out the right co-conspirators. The first single “Verge” merges his bright, buoyant production and shimmering vocals with a booming soulful refrain from Aloe Blacc. It blurs the lines between electro, alternative, pop, and R&B all at once, while remaining perfect for the dance floor.

“You’re thinking about those moments in life where you’re on the edge,” explains Adam. “It’s like the last day of your life as you know it, and tomorrow everything is going to change. It could be a college graduation. It could be a new career. It could be your wedding day. You’re not sure how it’s going to go, but you’re confident that you’re going to hit the ground running. We reached out to Aloe out of nowhere, and he was so gracious and kind to lend his incredible talent to the track.”

At the same time, the band steps completely outside the box altogether on “Back Home” with country star Jake Owen. “That’s probably my favorite because it was so fresh for me to try something else,” he admits. “I’ve done acoustic tracks before but never like this. I’ve been a big fan of Jake’s for a couple of years. I listened to a lot of his records, and he was a gateway into the country world. We married this pop sensibility with his voice and told a story about how it feels to come home—especially after a long trip or, in our case, tour.”

Then, there’s the love letter to all things nineties with none other than Hanson’s “Unbelievable.” Wanting to capture a nostalgia for the era, Adam reached out to the pop powerhouse, and they cooked up this jovial anthem. “That one is so much fun,” he says. “It goes through everything we love about that era, and Hanson fit perfectly.”

Elsewhere, “Thunderstruck” with UK trance diva Sarah Russell proves utterly propulsive and club-ready. As Adam assembled the music, the entire vision came into focus in late 2014 for Mobile Orchestra. “What each of these collaborators does is so different from what I do,” he continues. “It felt so right and natural to reach outside of my comfort zone and join forces with artists away from my world. That process was awesome. Once these people got on board, it really gave the project steam. The train was finally moving.”


If you have fallen in love with someone, marry them. If you cannot do this, then make Du'a and be patient, hoping for the best. I know it is tempting to do otherwise, especially if your desires are very strong, but when times get hard remember the words of your Lord: “But as for whoever has feared the majesty of his Lord and has refrained his soul from lust, truly the Garden shall be his dwelling place” (79:40-41)

alarmed  look  displaces  his  countenance     .              fuck       —-       if  i  ask  you  to  pretend  to  be  my  girlfriend    ,      will  you  please  do  it  and  not  be  difficult      ?       

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