souls not divided equally i see

She sees
all the colours,
the physical world
around her
in fractured light.

I wish she knew
it was because
she –
is a brilliant-cut diamond,
catching light;
making it disperse,
and dividing it equally
the universe.

She truly is
a gift to this world,
her smile alone
can turn grey 
a rainbow of colours.

Alas – 

oblivious she is
to her
heart of gold;
her diamond soul.

She perceives herself
to be
nothing more
than a lump of coal.

When she told me,
I smiled at her,
I wept –
I wept because
I simply couldn’t believe
the existence of someone
so beautiful,
so kindhearted,
so humble.

Right then I knew
I would always love her.

My life-goal would be
to make her see
how she shines,

A brilliant-cut diamond, she - M.A. Tempels © 2015