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Aretha Franklin’s amazing scene in the Blues Brother’s movie, 1980.
I don’t remember it being so damn fast!
Also, whatever you think of the blues brothers as a concept, this movie contains some absolutely fantastic musical numbers by cab calloway, ray charles, johm lee hooker, (and yes, the blues brothers too). Also it contains Carrie Fisher firing a rocket launcher at Dan Aykroyd, and a bunch of nazis being chased into a pond.


carwood lipton
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Bonding of Souls Part 1: The Voice...

Hello everyone! I had a little idea a few days ago that sort of caught fire into a big story! With not only myself but with the help of @sanspar and @skelespoo this story was made! This is a story based on Nyx, Sanspar and Spoo and their journey through the underground! This is their background story and what brought them close. I am honored that they both let me use their OC’s in this fun crazy ride! So please read and enjoy!!!! (Also this whole story takes place in the Underswap Universe!)


When a set of brothers do everything in their power to survive in the labs….one assistant decides to take matter in her own hands. 

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Forces of Attraction by @khaleesimaka  ❤ FFN | AO3

Art by leslietendo  ❤

HEYYY HERE’S THE RESULT FROM MY FIRST RESBANG :’D I had the most patient and kind partner I could ask for xD!, I was asking her a lot of questions because i had a lot of doubts (and i’m a newbie) but she managed to keep up with me, even when she had to write other two entire fics :’3  ❤, (writing three fics at the same time, that is something to admire >:’0!)  ❤

Go read her fic is REALLY AMAZING AND GOOD, if u like Fake Dating AU, this is your fic ^^ ! it’s really funny and romantic ^3^  ❤ you’ll love it !, hope u like this art pieces i’ve made through these months :’D It was a great experience and thanks to the mods too for doing this event!!  ❤ I’m already excited for the next resbang :D!  ❤